Project Description


PRISCILLA LYNN is a gorgeous CREAM POINT RAGDOLL with piercing blue eyes. She is between one and two years old, spayed, has her claws and weighs a mere seven and a half pounds. Priscilla has THE MOST PLUSH fur coat that begs to be touched and Priscilla is very agreeable to that. She totally enjoys her petting. Her fur is bunny soft and very easy to maintain. Her eyes are bright and clean and do not require any special attention. They can sometimes look crossed and her foster mom thinks that adds to her adorableness! And did you notice her cute freckles on her nose? Priscilla Lynn came to us from one of our rescue partners who does TNR, which is why Priscilla‚Äôs left ear is tipped. Somehow Priscilla found herself living outside with a colony of cats, but it was easy to see that this delicate little flower was not cutout for outdoor life! Priscilla is a sweet, gentle, submissive little soul. As you can see by her video below, Priscilla is a very friendly, happy girl who welcomes attention and is wonderful with other cats. In fact another easy-going friendly cat would be a blessing for Priscilla because she starts off fearful with new people and situations. The kitty you see in the video is the one who will emerge after she is secure and comfortable with her new surroundings. Priscilla has made tremendous progress in foster care and is longing for a family to call her own. If you have a gentle approach, you will quickly win over her heart! She prefers not to be picked up and held, as that makes her very nervous, but that may change with a little practice. ūüėČ Priscilla uses a horizontal scratcher like a champ and has excellent litter box habits. Once she gets comfortable, her silly side comes out and she is just a doll to watch play! The ideal home for Priscilla Lynn is one that is calm and quiet for the most part, cat experienced, patient and willing to let her take all the time she needs to feel ok. With proper introductions, she would love another gentle kitty to play and snuggle with. Young children and active dogs would be too much for her, but she adores her 14-year-old human foster girl! We know the right home is out there, is it yours? ADOPTION FEE $350. FOSTERED IN GREEN BAY, WI.

Quick Info

  • Color: Cream Point
  • Breed: Ragdoll
  • Age: 1-2 years
  • Female
  • Has Claws
  • Adoption Fee: $350
  • Location: Green Bay, WI
  • Good with Cats

  • Good with Older Kids

  • No Dogs