4 month old Domestic Shorthair

Little Riva is an injured stray that was brought in to Chicago Animal Care and Control by a field officer. She has a severe bite wound to her shoulder and the leg bone going to her shoulder is broken. To complicate the matter, poor Riva’s wound is also infected. The good news is that her leg can be surgically repaired and her wound will heal with proper treatment. However, the surgery is quite costly and in many shelters and animal control facilities, there are not resources available to treat injuries this severe. Thankfully many animal controls reach out to rescues to help in these circumstances and CACC contacted us asking if we could help.

With the help of our kind friends at BluePearl Animal Hospital in Northfield, Illinois, we were get Riva’s surgery right away. The procedure involved having her leg wired and pinned, and three drains inserted to help relieve the infection. The surgery went well and Riva is now recovering in foster care with one of our experienced SPCR volunteers. Due to her injury, this little girl is not feeling like herself just quite yet and spends most of her time laying down, but her foster mom says she is very sweet, friendly and loves attention. Her medical costs were quite high and will be ongoing until she is fully recovered, so we are asking for your generous help with our mission to restore Riva to health and happiness. Please donate today to help baby Riva!


May 22, 2017 – The huge bite wound under her bandages has healed and surgery has been performed on her broken shoulder.  Riva will be going back to the vet on Thursday to determine if the pin holding her shoulder together will need to be removed.  This little girl can now get around, albeit with a limp.

July 22, 2017 – Riva has been adopted and found her forever home.

In addition to our mission to save purebred cats in need of rescue, SPCR also prioritizes providing assistance to cats with special needs or substantial injuries, such as Riva. These cats frequently require lengthy, complex, and expensive medical care, and thus frequently have few options available to them. We are proud to be able to support kitties such as Riva in their paths to recovery.

Rescue. It’s not just a verb, it’s a promise.