Project Description


Sophie is a BROWN TABBY MUNCHKIN. She is spayed, has her claws and is around 9 years old. Sophie is low key cat who would love a tall cat tree to perch upon and lots of lap time and pets. She is peacefully sharing the foster room with kittens and has done well. She starts off with other cats a little hissy, but warms up pretty quickly. No cats that will bully her as she will hide and shut down. She comes and lays on the kids’ laps that come in the foster room to hang out with her, so should do fine with repectful kids. She enjoys her people and can be vocal at times. She is a super low rider and is very delightful to watch her quickly whizz past you. She is a sweet kitty that will make someone an amazing pet! MATURE ADOPTION FEE $150. FOSTERED IN GREENFIELD, WI.

Quick Info

  • Color: Brown Tabby
  • Breed: Munchkin
  • Age: 9 years
  • Female
  • Has Claws
  • Adoption Fee: $150
  • Location: Greenfield, WI
  • Good with Laid-back Cats

  • Good with Calm Dogs

  • Good with Older Kids