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Project Description


SASHA is a 1 year old SNOW BENGAL. She sports a beautiful coat of grays and creams and has a faint marble pattern on her sides.  She has recently been spayed and has her claws.  Sasha starts out very shy in new places, and is more active at night. Her foster mom bonded with her by turning out the lights in the evening and letting Sasha explore and come to her. Sasha loves a variety of toys and to climb up the top of the tall cat tree. She would love to have a whole house to explore and run though. Sasha is in need of a Bengal experienced home that will give her time to get used to her new people and surroundings. She uses her litter box and scratch post/boxes well. She can be hand shy so giving her time to come to you and being gentle with petting is best. Because of this, a home with young children is not recommended. Sasha would do best as an only cat, others will be considered on a case by case basis. Sasha loves wet food and will be your friend forever if you have her favorite treat…freeze dried minnows! Adoption Fee $250. Fostered in Dubuque, IA.

Quick Info

  • Color: Snow
  • Breed: Bengal
  • Age: 1 year
  • Female
  • Has Claws
  • Adoption Fee: $250
  • Location: Dubuque, IA
  • Older Kids Maybe

  • No Other Cats