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Project Description

Sasha & Sylvia


SASHA and SYLVIA are 14 week old kittens from different backgrounds, but very lucky to have landed in rescue together and have been raised like sisters. They are both precious little girls who are spayed and have their claws. They are not bonded, and could go home separately, but they are a fun, ready-made pair. SASHA is a petite WHITE DOMESTIC MEDIUM HAIR with a medium-length silky coat and the most radiant light turquoise eyes! Sasha is also DEAF, but doesn’t seem to know or mind one bit! She goes about her day like any other cat. She has the most happy-go-lucky, perky personality ever. She makes friends instantly, even with the resident dogs. She is always a ray of sunshine and exudes it in every step as she trills and chirps while she runs and plays. She is always busy and so much fun to watch. Her foster mom’s favorite thing to do is to find her curled up sleeping and just squeal at the cuteness because Sasha can’t hear her! You will too! NOTE: Sasha would do well in a noisy, busy household, due to her being deaf, but since she does not fear potentially dangerous things that normal cats do, her home would need to be very vigilant in looking out for her safety!

SYLVIA is a SHADED SILVER PERSIAN¬†with lovely green eyes and black eyeliner. She is also a typical busy kitten, but let’s face it, she’s a Persian so she is naturally more mellow than Sasha. ūüôā The two stalk and wrestle all day long, but when the play is over, they both look to their foster mom for snuggles. Sylvia instantly purrs upon being picked up and readily accepts smothering. Her upkeep is way different than Sasha’s. Sylvia has a very cottony coat and will need lots of combing to keep her mat-free or professional grooming. Her eyes also weep and need daily cleaning. She is very good about combing and cleaning. Sylvia is good with other cats but reserved about dogs. She would rather not, but could accept a dog who would totally ignore her and definitely not chase her. Sasha loves dogs and welcomes the attention. Both are wonderful, affectionate companions! Older, respectful children would be fine. ¬†ADOPTION FEE: SASHA $100. SYLVIA $400. FOSTERED IN GREEN BAY, WI.

Quick Info

  • Color: White (Sasha), Silver Shaded (Sylvia)
  • Breed: Domestic Medium Hair (Sasha), Persian (Sylvia)
  • Age: 14 weeks
  • Female
  • Has Claws
  • Special Needs (Sasha)
  • Adoption Fee: $100 (Sasha), $400 (Sylvia)
  • Location: Green Bay, WI
  • Good with Cats

  • Good with Dogs

  • Good with Kids