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Project Description


RILEY is a spectacular CALICO EXOTIC SHORTHAIR.  He is neutered, approximately 1 year old and has his claws.   Riley is like a living, purring plushy toy.  He loves to be held, doted upon and snuggled, when you are not playing with him.   He is a very rare calico male with rich, thick, bunny-soft coat and big bright gold eyes.   He has just a little bit of nose that keeps his eyes from being runny.   He is very good about being brushed and having his nails trimmed.  Riley is a calm confident male who does well with cats that do not try to bully him.   He would be great with most children and should do fine with a respectful or even moderately playful dog.  In other words, Riley is the perfect pet kitty in all but one regard.   He prefers pee-pads in his litter box to litter.   In his previous home, where he arrived as a young impressionable kitten, the resident Bengal kitty enjoyed bullying him.   We believe that when Riley was covering his business in the box, the sound of litter-scratching caused his tormentor to come running.   As a result, Riley does not like litter.   He is 100% with a pee-pad lined litter box.   He currently has run of two foster rooms that he shares with other cats and he has had no accidents or missteps in his litterbox use.  His foster mom is working on gradually adding very small amounts of litter on top of the pee pad to help him transition over to litter filled box and has confidence that he will be able to make the transition.   He is such a darling loving boy, however, that we do not want to hold up his chance at going home with his forever family.  If you are willing to keep working with him or even to simply accept his preference for pee-pads, do not miss out on this sweetheart.   ADOPTION FEE $200.  FOSTERED IN MAZOMANIE, WI.



Quick Info

  • Color: Calico
  • Breed: Exotic Shorthair
  • Age: 1 year
  • Male
  • Has Claws
  • Adoption Fee: $200
  • Location: Mazomanie, WI


  • Good with Cats

  • Good with Dogs

  • Good with Kids