Project Description


Huffy is an all-WHITE PERSIAN who loves to play! He is 2 years old, neutered, has all his claws and is great with his litter box.

Staying this handsome does not happen without a little hard work and Huffy is a high-maintenance cat. He has typical persian eye drainage and needs his face cleaned a minimum of 2+ times every day. He has a thick, full coat that is currently growing out of a lion cut and needs daily combing to prevent mats. He takes great pride in his appearance and likes to stay properly groomed “like a gentleman.” He is usually quite cooperative for daily face cleaning and he also tolerates baths and even a blow dry! Keeping his thick, full coat combed is trickier because he thinks the grooming tools are toys and he is protective of his sensitive armpits and tummy, he does not enjoy having those areas combed and he will need someone very gentle and patient to work with him on this long-term. His foster mom recommends regular trips to a professional groomer with daily at home grooming in between.

Huffy can be shy upon meeting new people but once they have earned his trust and friendship, he is a social, happy guy who prefers to have his human companions nearby. He is not demanding of attention but does not enjoy being left alone and would be happiest in a home where his people are home a large percentage of the time. Small children are not a good fit for him, but older, respectful kids or teens are probably okay. Feeling safe is very important to Huffy and he is easily startled so he would not enjoy a loud, chaotic environment. He is a fun-loving guy and he also does not want a home that is overly quiet and still. He loves spending time with his people and would be perfectly content as an only pet. He has not had a lot of experience with other animals, but he seems to be okay with small, calm dogs. He is scared of large and/or energetic dogs. He may also be okay with one or two other easy-going cats with proper introductions as long as he has had time on his own first to become familiar with the territory and so that he can identify escape routes to use if he starts to feel nervous.

Huffy’s favorite activity is playing and he wants his people play with him as much as possible. Although he is two, he still has some crazy kitten energy and he loves to go crazy leaping and jumping. When he is in play mode, do not even think about trying to pet him because he can read your mind and will dart out of reach the second you have an urge to pet his fluffy head! He is obsessed with Da Bird and he is asking for a home that will play Da Bird with him several times a day. He also really loves catnip toys, playing in a tunnel, and paper bags.

Huffy’s second favorite activity is lounging in a cat tree and he is asking for his own cat tree near a window in his new home. His cat tree is also where he prefers to sleep at night. Other activities Huffy loves include making the bed, doing laundry, and watching YouTube. His comfort item from his previous home is a large, vertical scratching post, which he adores and uses every day. Because this is his comfort item, the scratcher must go with him to his new home. It can easily fit in a car but would be difficult to fly with.

Huffy enjoys nose rubs, ear rubs, chin rubs and being pet in general. He knows that his face is irresistably cute and he tolerates kisses on the head and cheeks. He does enjoy snuggling on his own terms and he would like his new person to respect that. Sometimes he likes to jump on the bed early in the morning and cuddle his foster mom and dad before they are fully awake, but once they are awake he wants them to start playing as soon as possible. He tolerates being picked up but does not want to be picked up and carried around all the time against his will. He has gotten progressively cuddlier and better about being held while in foster care, and with the right approach, his foster parents expect that trend will continue in his new home.

Huffy is looking for patient, easy going people that respect him as an independent being with his own boundaries and preferences, and with whom he can form a close, loving relationship. He is very sensitive to different types of human energy and he is most compatible with calm, easy going, happy and relaxed energies. He has a strong aversion to highly focused, goal-oriented energy, which makes him feel uneasy and defensive.

Overall, Huffy is a lovable, energetic guy who is sure to keep you on your feet. He is off to a great start on his path towards becoming a confident, well-socialized cat and his new home should be with people who would find fulfillment in helping to guide and encourage him as he continues that journey. Due to Huffy’s grooming needs, he is asking for a cat-experienced home that has previous experience with the daily grooming needs of extreme-faced cats. ADOPTION FEE $350.  FOSTERED IN ANN ARBOR, MI.

Quick Info

  • Color: White
  • Breed: Persian
  • Age: 2 years
  • Male
  • Has Claws
  • Adoption Fee: $350
  • Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Good with Easy-Going Cats

  • Good with Small, Calm Dogs

  • Good with Older Kids