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Project Description


Colby is a very sweet and lovable, 5 year old, neutered male, RED TABBY AND WHITE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR.  He has white sock feet and has his claws, a white bib and a splash of white on his tummy which makes him even more charming; he’s also quite the tall and lithe cat in structure .  Colby came to SPCR from a Chicago area shelter, where he was given up by his previous owner, most likely due to his medical needs since he was born with eye lashes that grow inside his eye.  Colby likes to hang out with his people and be wherever you are so he will follow you around the house.  He does not mind being picked up for a short snuggle and pet and will really get into it sometimes and purr so hard he drools just a bit, however, he is not really a lap cat.  He is quirky and loves to play with his track ball scratcher toy and the other resident young cat and a Chihuahua; he uses the litter box faithfully.  Colby gets along fine with other cats, with respectful dogs and he would probably be ok with respectful children.  He is listed as special needs because he recently had entropion surgery to repair his in-grown eye lashes on his remaining eye and he will need lubricated eye drops (artificial tears) daily to keep the eye healthy.  He actually handles having the drops administered quite well.  Also, he may need a follow up entropion procedure in the future to roll back his eye lid a bit more, but its too soon to tell. Because he has only the one eye, he’ll also require regular vet visits to ensure the health of his remaining eye.  Colby is a very special cat who is quite the character and he would welcome being part of your family.  Colby is ready for his forever home even though he only has one eye!  There is nothing wrong with his vision and other than a permanent wink he’s not phased one bit.  ADOPTION FEE $25. FOSTERED IN MILWAUKEE, WI.

Quick Info

  • Color: Red Tabby and White
  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Age: 5 years
  • Male
  • Has Claws
  • Special Needs
  • Adoption Fee: $25
  • Location: Milwaukee, WI
  • Good with Cats

  • Good with Dogs

  • Good with Kids