Michiko is an oriental shorthair who is between 2 and 3 years old. She was pulled out of a shelter where she was slated to be euthanized. She was not adapting well, was emaciated and would not eat. She has been in foster care since late April. We are continuing to work on resolving her issues and we are at a turning point. Michi was only 4 pounds then, she was not eating, had underlying infection and was extremely anemic when she came to SPCR. She was a breathing skeleton. With a lot of investigation, medical care and experimentation, we have found one food that she will eat. She is now 6 pounds–yes, a near 50% weight gain. Her anemia and infections are resolved but she continues to have underlying digestive issues. She continues to cry in pain. She has physical cramping and collapses.

Vetting has been costly and will only climb higher. Our next step to determine best plan for care is to do surgical biopsies. It is really the only way to determine what is going on and how we can manage or treat her condition. Her care costs are mounting and continue to escalate. Would you consider donating to her care? Maybe the cost of a Starbucks? Maybe $5, $50 or whatever you can. She deserves to feel well and deserves a special home.

9/19/2017 – Michiko has been adopted by her foster home and continue to receive all the care that she needs.