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We are a 501c3 not for profit organization dedicated to the rescue and placement of purebred cats in the Midwest.


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I recently adopted Richie. He is a lynx ragdoll mix with one eye and was labeled special needs. Within the first 24 hours he was walking around the house occasionally letting us get a pat or 2. Its been less than 2 weeks and he is doing amazing! Wakes with us in the morning for all the pets and cuddles he can get. He and the boys (Bruce Bombay cat and Onion Turkish angora) love to play and chase each other around the house. They love to cuddle and sleep together. Seeing how happy we were able to make himself makes me extremely appreciative of this rescue. He was a perfect sweet affectionate addition to our family.

Madison Lopez

I adopted 8 year old Callie the American Bobtail around a month and a half ago, and working with SPCR was beyond amazing. Everything was super organized, and the foster parents I worked with were so passionate and amazing to work with. I’m a first time cat owner and foster mom was super sweet in telling me all about Callie and her needs so I could have everything prepped for her when she moved in. Everything was super organized, had all the papers, the entire process was great–no complaints whatsoever. I’ve been referring people I know looking to adopt cats to SPCR because of the close knit community we have and how great everyone is to work with and the amount of support we all give each other.  And Callie has settled in so well….she’s my little princess  and knows it…she acts like royalty!  I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!!

Jaclyn Salmon

We adopted a 6 year old Maine Coon female. The foster ‘mom’ was amazing at taking the time to talk to me about whether this cat was a good fit for our home, which I appreciated. When we got our new cat home she hid in the basement to 2 weeks until she finally warmed up to us and our other can (also female and 6 years old). Our existing cat, Sophia is not normally fond of new people or animals in general. But within and month the two are good friends!! The Maine Coon was named Sissy and we have sense renamed her Stella and she knows her new name! I highly recommend the originization to anyone as it was recommended to me by someone who has adopted from them who works at our Vet.

Michelle Moeller-Thomet

I couldn’t help but think about you guys as I’m looking at my beautiful cat who has his claws. I had declawed all of my cats my whole life ( who are no longer living). Then I started following your Facebook and how it says has their claws or declawed. I did a ton of research in making this decision with Taber and learned how cruel it is. So my little angel has his claws and is happily cleaning them right now, which is what made me think of you. Thank you for teaching me not to butcher my cat. Every single day I feel like a better cat mom because I made that decision to keep him in intact. And all because of you.

Mary Beth Cooper