Purebred Adults (1-6 years): $150-$400

Purebred Kittens (under 1 year): $175-$450

Mature (7+ years) and Special Needs: $50-$125

Mixed breed kittens (under 1 year): $50-$150

Mixed breed adults (1-7 years): $25-$175

Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, feline leukemia/FIV testing, distemper vaccination, microchipping, deworming, flea-free, grooming, temperament testing and often full dental cleanings. Older cats may have had blood panels to assure health.

This is a very active rescue and listings can change DAILY.

If a cat is listed on this website it is available for adoption (unless it has “application pending” listed on it, which means we are no longer taking applications on that cat).

2015 ADOPTIONS: 585

2016 ADOPTIONS: 664

2017 ADOPTIONS: 40

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SAMMY is a 6 year old SEAL LYNX POINT BALINESE and TALULAH (LOUIE) is a 7 year old LILAC LYNX POINT BALINESE. They are spayed/neutered and have their claws. These two are best friends and would like to stay together. Sammy and Louie came from a breeder where they had little socialization. They have been in foster care for nearly six months now and have made remarkable progress. They are quiet gentle souls. Curious, intelligent, they love laser toys, the butterfly toy, and wand toys a lot. Both LOVE treats and are food motivated, even eating out of your hand. Sammy and Louie will start out shy with new people and new situations, but I am convinced they will be loving cats. A home on the quieter side would be best, although both interact well with respectful children. They get along with other cats but have never been around dogs before.  ADOPTION FEE $100 for the Pair. FOSTERED IN DUBUQUE, IA.





I went home to Minneapolis, Minn!


SIMBA…is a gorgeous WHITE PERSIAN FROM EGYPT. He is around 2 years old, neutered and has his claws and weighs around 8 pounds. He is currently in a spiffy short lion cut and his amazing, easy-care greenish gold eyes are highlighted by an oh-so-pink nose! Simba came to us with his friend SUSHI (see below) from our partnering rescue organization in Egypt (see They had been homeless but were taken in by one of their foster homes and cared for well before being sent to the us. Simba is a gentle, sweet-natured boy who gets along well with other cats and warms quickly to new people and new situations. He is not particularly active and loves watching the very different birds in the very different country where he now lives. The best home for him would be experienced with the maintenance care of what will be his very thick, long Persian coat. He is used to a quiet adult home with no dogs or small kids and would probably do best in the same. If you are looking for a ready pair, his friend Sushi would be an excellent choice, but they do not have to go out together as they really are not hanging on each other here. Adoption Fee $250. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.



SUSHI…is a lovely TORTI PERSIAN FROM EGYPT. She is around 2 years old, spayed, has her claws and weighs around 8 pounds. Her thick, multicolored coat is in a short, easy lion cut and her gorgeous open face sports lively goldish green eyes. Sushi came in with SIMBA (see above) from our partnering organization in Egypt ( They were found abandoned and given to the organization who placed them in foster care. Both cats have been extremely well cared for and are now looking for loving permanent homes in their new country. As you can see by her video below, Sushi is a very sweet, gentle, loving little cat who loves attention and always seems to be purring. She is a bit timid in new environments and with new people but warms up beautifully and is a super nice kitty. She is not particularly active but really adores being by her people.  If you are looking for a ready pair, she and Simba would make a good one, but they are not hanging around together in foster care so they don’t have to go home together either. She came from a quiet adult home and would do best in the same environment. She is great with other cats but would not enjoy dogs or small kids. Adoption Fee $250 (which is how much SPCR had to pay to in shipping for her). FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.



SULTAN….is a gorgeous CREAM PERSIAN FROM EGYPT. He is around 1 year old, neutered and has his claws. His coat is really pretty…a white base with rivers of pale peach/gold/apricot running though it…much prettier than this photos shows! He has lively gold eyes in a clean, open face with little to no drainage. And how about that super pink nose? 🙂 Sultan came to us from our partnering rescue organization in Egypt ( and boy is he the busy kitten! He always seems to be on the move…checking things out, his pink little nose into EVERYTHING. Forget about your typical couch-potato Persian, this guy is intelligent, friendly, fun and always up for a game of something! He would be an excellent choice for another young active cat…probably too busy for a placid or elderly cat. He is good about combing and brushing and he must be pretty easy-going because he was stuck in a carrier with another cat from Egypt who HATED him for 15 hours and took it pretty well! 🙂  Sultan is a very fun little guy looking for a home that wants an active young cat. He would probably be fine with cat-friendly dogs and older respectful children. Adoption Fee $250 (which is how much SPCR had to pay in shipping for him). FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.





GINGERBOY  is a gorgeous MAINE COON MIX. He is around 3 years old, neutered and has his claws. He weighs a solid 8 pounds and has as stunning medium-care coat in black, cream, and caramel, and riveting green eyes. WHAT A HANDSOME BOY! Ginger came to us from a Chicago shelter with no history other than he had been bounced around and nobody wanted him. He was terrified when he came into foster care but soon settled in and now tries to get his foster mom’s attention whenever he can. He’s a bright, sensitive, active boy who is going to absolutely blossom in the right home and environment. He reaches up to be picked up and chirps and nuzzles in with affection. Ginger would be his best in a home with NO OTHER CATS. He is extremely defensive around other cats (probably been attacked by them) and really prefers people all the way around. A cat-friendly dog would be fine! He starts off cautious at first with new people, but as you can see by his video below, once he knows you he is just a GREAT CAT. The best home for him would be adult, cat experienced and willing to give him lots of love and attention! Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN GREENFIELD,  WI.



WINSTON…is a dashing FLAME POINT HIMALAYAN.   He is neutered, front declawed, weighs almost 9 pounds, is around 8 years old.  He is full of personality and spunk and a social little man.  He has a very thick coat and vibrant, burnt orange point colors.  Currently, showing off a lion’s cut, he will likely need regular coat maintenance as his coat grows out.  His eyes are a pretty baby blue and need to be cleaned daily.  His flat face and indented nose give him a chiseled appearance but do not adversely affect his breathing. His first time through SPCR 5 years ago,  Winston came from a humane society that saved him from who-knows-what!  An observing reader found an ad on Craig’s list that said, “Himalayan not coming in the house anymore.  We threw him out in the backyard.  If you want him, come in through the alley.”  Nice, huh?  Well it seems, that Winston was being harrassed by a toddler and with no claws to protect himself, stood his ground and nipped the child.  He then paid the price for the child’s behavior.  Well, Winston won’t be bullied anymore.  He’s a pretty cool cat.  He loves to play, will scold for his food, snuggle up next to you or on you.  He is a very affectionate boy who loves his people. He was adopted and found a very good home for 5 years, but due to a death in the family, Winston found himself yet again with nowhere to go but back to SPCR. 🙁  A little older, more mellow and really hoping to find his real Furever Home this time! With slow introductions he would be ok with another mellow cat and he has lived with dogs before. Older children who will respect him, would be fine too.  Someone familiar with the grooming needs of the breed is REQUIRED due to his cottony coat and his eyes. Mature Adoption fee $100.  FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.




NINJIis a handsome SEAL POINT RAGDOLL He is 10 years old,  neutered and front declawed.  Ninji weighs 11lbs and has a gorgeous long silky coat and bright blue eyes.   He is a healthy boy who is listed as special needs because he needs very special people.   Ninji is steel plated marshmallow.   At his core, Ninji is a sweet fluffy confection. He loves wet food and being pet while snuggling up next to his human.   He likes to sleep people and enjoys occasional playtime with a feather toy. On the outside, he is a curmudgeon who hisses and grumbles at everything that does not match his expectations.  He needs a stable adult household with loving, patient and brave humans who will give him the time and needs to transition into a new environment without being upset by his hissy grumbliness.   With proper introductions, Ninji is fine with mellow easy going cats who won’t try to push him around.  With many complaints, he could probably adjust to a very respectful dog.  Adults preferred.  Respectful older children will be considered on a case by case basis.  Mature Adoption Fee $80. FOSTERED IN MAZOMANIE, WI.




CASHMERE … is a lovely CREAM PERSIAN MIX. She is 9 years young, weighs 8 pounds, is declawed and spayed. She has a soft low maintenance coat of muted cream colors, has blue eyes and is current with vaccinations. Cashmere was an owner surrender to a local humane society where her family could no longer take care of her. She had matting and her hair has been trimmed, but hair grows back! She loves to be combined and brushed. She has been to the vet and was given a clean bill of health. She is a quiet girl looking for a patient family who is willing to let her adapt at her own pace. Since being in foster care she has been using her litter pan 100%. Given proper introductions, she would be fine with another non-dominant cat. Dogs would be too much and she would like a quiet forever home. ADOPTION FEE $125. FOSTERED IN BROOKLYN, WI.



RINGO  is a gorgeous CREAM PERSIAN from EGYPT.  He is 2-3 years old, neutered and has his claws. Ringo has a beautiful full cream coat that is relatively easy to maintain with a comb through every couple days and his cute little doll face means that he has no eye drainage.  Ringo is very people oriented and cries when his people get out of sight.   He would do best in a household where someone is home most of the time.  He is tolerant of other cats who do not pick on him.   He is good with children.  He does not do well with dogs.   Once comfortable, Ringo is moderately playful.   Most of all, he likes hanging out next to his people and relaxing into a good snuggle.   He is not super comfortable being picked up or sitting on laps, but he loves sharing a chair or a couch so he can curl up next to his person.   Ringo truly is a rock star who deserves to be home for the holidays.   ADOPTION FEE $250.  FOSTERED IN JANESVILLE, WI.



LANA is a playful CREAM PERSIAN. She is around 1-2 years old, spayed and has her claws. She weighs around 7 pounds and has a medium-length coat in creams and apricots with brilliant copper eyes. She has a nice open nose, but Lana has a LOT of dark eye drainage that needs frequent wiping and extra vigilant care. Lana came to us from a local animal control as an unclaimed, very underweight and unspayed stray, but she’s all fixed up now and this girl is nothing short of awesome. She has gained a few needed pounds in foster care. She is the perfect combination of confident and social, without being dominant. She seeks out attention, but is not clingy. She is mostly quiet, but has a tiny meow when greeting us. She gets along well with everything furry and human, cat-friendly dogs included. She’s sweet and laid-back. She loves to lounge on the couch when she’s not plotting her next playful ambush. Lana loves people and animals and rolls over for belly rubs as well. We can’t say enough about this wonderful girl and are looking for an equally wonderful home where she will have another compatible furry playmate but that will not bully Lana or crush her upbeat spirit. You must also be willing to take great care of Lana’s weepy eyes. Eye Envy makes an excellent product to do this with. Respectful, older children would make good playmates as well. ADOPTION FEE $250. FOSTERED IN GREEN BAY, WI.



SPARKLE is a very gentle, sweet LYNX POINT SIAMESE MIX.  He is 10-12 years old, front paw declawed and neutered. Sparkle was matted to the skin when he came in to a Chicago shelter and needed to be shaved.  He is now growing out a lion cut. He is not a climber or jumper. He does not go on tables or countertops. He prefers to sleep in a bed on the floor. Sparkle is very good with other gentle cats. He does not cause any problems. He is just looking for a home where he can hang out and live out his life.  Sparkle is listed as special needs because he is hyperthyroid. His condition is under control with a mere half a pill once a day.  The approximate cost is $15 a month.  It is also possible that be switched to a prescription diet but the rescue has him on the half a pill a day.  Otherwise, he is fully vetted and does not have any other problems.  Please consider giving this sweet and loving gentleman a home.  SPECIAL NEEDS ADOPTION FEE $25.  FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.




ROXY is the sweetest, most mild-mannered MARBLED BENGAL in existence. Roxy is spayed and has her claws.  She is about three years old with chartreuse eyes and a shiny, marbled coat. She is currently sharing a foster room with three other cats, two of whom are kittens, and is very at ease spending time with other cats. She’s a quiet girl and doesn’t demand a lot of attention but is always very excited to spend time with humans, batting around feather toys are getting head rubs. Roxy is a bit of a snorty cat.  At this time we believe the cause of her piglet noises is likely chronic rhinitis. She’s been treated with three different antibiotics to rule out upper respiratory infection and her throat has been investigated under sedation for potential polyps. She is a sweet but serious cat with a playful side that comes out when she feels safe and comfortable.

Roxy would be good in a home with respectful children – she is very gentle but can be somewhat shy when startled. She has interacted with the resident dogs in her foster home without incident, so a home with a cat-savvy dog may also be a good fit. What Roxy really wants is a loving forever home for the new year. As mentioned, she’s great with other cats when given adequate time to warm up to them. She loves curling up on her heated bed and watching the goings-on in the foster room, but she’s really hoping for a change of scenery in 2017. If you don’t mind a cat who snorts while she eats and makes a bit of racket when she breaths from time to time, contact SPCR and ask for Roxy the Bengal! ADOPTION FEE $200.  FOSTERED IN CHICAGO, IL.



COOKIE AND BISCUIT … are a sweet female and male SEAL POINT SIAMESE bonded pair who were surrendered to an Indiana shelter together as strays. They are spayed/neutered and have their claws. These gentle souls are around four years old and are likely litter mates. Each wears a classic seal point coat in varying degrees of chocolate and mocha and each has brilliant robin egg-blue eyes. Cookie’s coat is lighter than Biscuit’s, but they are equally gorgeous. Cookie is a petite girl at six pounds and Biscuit is a perfectly big brother-sized at ten pounds. We don’t know anything about this pair’s background, but they came into rescue extremely shy. We guess they might have lived with an older person and didn’t have much interaction with anyone else. Cookie is the more outgoing of the two and has learned to enjoy petting and gentle playing. Biscuit is still quite shy, but very sweet and he purrs when petted; he will even occasionally play with the catnip banana with his foster dad, but he was very shy for the camera. This duo is asking for a quiet, cat-experienced home who will be patient with them as they blossom in their own time. We think, given proper introductions, they would likely be fine with other gentle cats, but dogs and small kids would be too much for them. They just had dentals and are ready for their furever home. If you have patience, kindness and a lot of love to give, these two will reward you with a lifetime of sweet feline friendship. ADOPTION FEE FOR THE PAIR $200. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.



PERCY is a sweet doll-faced WHITE PERSIAN; he weighs ten pounds, is nine years-old, neutered and has his claws. Percy wears a magnificent snow-white coat, has gorgeous copper eyes and the sweetest pink nose around. We don’t know anything about Percy’s past other than he was surrendered by his owner to a shelter in Illinois. We wonder if Percy may have lived with an older person who could no longer care for him because his coat was in good shape and he seems well-cared for. Percy is a bit on the shy side, but is a sweet, sweet boy who warms up quickly. He’s a doll who enjoys being petted and responds by purring away. Percy’s coat is on the silky side and he has a MAGNIFICENT tail. He will need regular grooming to stay mat-free, and his eyes need daily care. This gentle boy is rooming with another nice Persian in foster care, so he would do fine with other laid-back fur buddies who wouldn’t pick on him. A gentle dog would likely be fine as would respectful, older kids. Small tykes would be too much for him. This wonderful boy is looking for a quiet home where he can live out his golden years in love and security. He’s asking for soft blankets, regular meals, perhaps a window view, but most of all, someone who will love him furever. MATURE ADOPTION FEE $100. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.



ADDISON AND ALICE … are a male/female bonded pair of 2-year-old litter mates; they are neutered/spayed and have their claws. Addison is a drop-dead gorgeous FLAME POINT BALINESE who weighs 12 pounds. Alice is a classic SEAL POINT SIAMESE and weighs nine pounds. Addison wears a bunny-soft, medium-length orange creamsicle coat and has brilliant sapphire eyes. Alice wears a traditional easy-care seal point coat in dark mocha; her eyes are robin-egg blue. This couple was surrendered to a shelter by their owner who could no longer care for them. We think they must not have been exposed to many people where they lived because they are very shy. Their foster family has worked with them to gain their trust, and they are warming up. As you can see from the video, Addison has really blossomed in foster care. He loves to make biscuits on his foster dad’s lap and give nose kisses. Addison’s coat will need regular grooming to stay mat free, but he’s good about being combed. Alice is still quite shy, although she’s making slow progress. She’s a sweet kitty and not at all aggressive, just fearful. This pair needs a quiet, adult, cat-experienced home who understands how to build trust and confidence. These two lambs have come so far and are really sweet, gentle souls who need a patient furever home. In return, they’ll give you a lifetime of love. ADOPTION FEE FOR THE PAIR $200. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL. 



MAX is a VERY lovable, talkative and laid back 9 year old SAVANNAH.  He is currently a quite lean 9 pounds, neutered and is 4-paw declawed.  Max came to us because his previous family had a cat that did not like Max and bullied him.  Max became stressed and needed to find a new home.  After going though a shelter Max wasn’t feeling too well and lost some weight.  He has now bounced back and is perfectly healthy.  He loves his food and is putting weight back on.  In his foster home, Max gets along reasonably well with his foster siblings but doesn’t care much for their resident 60 lb hound dog.  Most evenings Max is happiest when curled up on his foster parent’s lap and during the day he enjoys watching his siblings play and even participates some times.  Max would do best in house either as an only cat or with a non-dominant cat given proper introduction.  He could also be with a respectful dog but will maintain his distance. MATURE ADOPTION FEE $100.  FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.



HUMPHREY … is a LYNX POINT SIAMESE MIX.  He is 5 years old, weighs 8 pounds, neutered and has his claws.  He also recently had a dental.  Humphrey came to SPCR when a shelter in central Indiana closed. Through no fault of his own, Humphrey had spent his entire life at the shelter. There are many cats and few cat adoptions in that  area of the state. Hopefully, Humphrey will finally have a chance of getting a home of his own now that he is with SPCR. Humphrey is a very friendly cat. He loves attention and is very playful for his age. He enjoys other cats but can play very roughly at times. He likes to chase around and likes to roll and tackle at others.mHumphrey never jumps on counters or your table. He climbs but only on items which are low to the ground.  Humphrey is also good with low-key dogs that leave him alone.  Please consider giving Humphrey his first real home.  ADOPTION FEE $100.  FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.

EMMA PHOTO 01.18.17

EMMA… an adorable TORTIE POINT HIMALAYAN FROM EGYPT. This lovely cutie came from our partner organization, The Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals ( From time to time we take their kitties who have little to no chance of having homes in their country and they find wonderful homes in ours! Emma is two years old, weighs 8.5 pounds, is spayed and has her claws. She has a beautiful coat of cream and tortie points. She is currently growing out from a lion cut and regular brushings and combings will keep her soft coat looking beautiful. Potential adopters should have knowledge on the care of this breed. She has been to the vet, current with vaccinations and received a clean bill of health. She is a sweet girl looking for a quiet home. Emma will do best as an only cat, dogs would be too much and she would do fine with older respectful children. ADOPTION FEE $250. FOSTERED IN BROOKLYN, WI.



MAX AND DEX….are a sweet male pair of bonded SEAL POINT SIAMESE who were surrendered to SPCR together. They are neutered and 4-paw declawed. Max is 11 years old and Dex is 10. Each wear a classic seal point coat in varying degrees of chocolate and mocha, and each have brilliant robin’s egg blue eyes. Dex’s coat is lighter than Max’s, but they are equally gorgeous. Both are around 12 pounds. They have been fully vetted and are in excellent shape. Since this breed routinely lives over 20 years, they have a lot more love to give! 😊

These gentle souls have been deeply loved and cared for by their person since they were kittens. A new person to the household was cat-intolerant, and after tearful goodbyes, now reside in an SPCR foster home.  Typical of Siamese, they are very close with each other, and do everything together – sleep, eat, cuddle, and play. Yes, play! At their age it seems unlikely, but both find a feather wand mesmerizing, and chase after balls.

Max immediately introduced himself to his foster family. Dex prefers to hang back, but only for a couple of hours. Max and Dex now enthusiastically greet their foster parent at the door. They love to be rubbed and pet everywhere. They head-bump each other, head-bump their foster and show bellies for rubbing. This duo would be happy in a home just the two of them, or with one other non-aggressive cat. Low-energy lap dogs would also be ok.  Fostered in a home with young, respectful, and cat-centric children, Max and Dex have been happy to interact with and look for lovin’ cuddles from the kids. Max and Dex are all-around great cats…happy, gentle, curious, friendly, smart, playful. Really just lovely kitties. A Siamese dream!  ADOPTION FEE FOR THE PAIR $75. FOSTERED IN LAKE BARRINGTON, IL.


A Place for “Regular” Cats to Find Good Homes Too!


This part of the website is for domestics that have come into our program because they are part of a pair (one of which was a purebred) or some other reason having to do with our admission process.  Please DO NOT ASK US TO TAKE YOUR DOMESTIC BECAUSE WE CANNOT.  We have very limited space even for purebred cats and have to keep those spaces open for them.

LUCILLE…is a vivacious BLUE AND WHITE DOMESTIC MEDIUM HAIR. She is around 1 year old, spayed and has her claws and weighs between 7 and 8 pounds. She has an easy, silky medium length coat in dark gray and white, darling gray nose and bright light gold eyes.  Lucille came to our attention sitting in a tiny floor cage of a local shelter with a cone on her head due to the itchiness and pain of a major skin infection that had left her 80% naked. It probably started with a flea bite allergy and had grown from there. The SPCR volunteer, there to pick up another cat, could not leave Lucille and whisked her home for some proper meds and antibiotics. Within 24 hours her skin looked 100% better and she healed very rapidly and now has a full coat of healthy, beautiful fur! Lucille now needs to GO HOME in the worst way! As you can see by her video below she is a very active, loving,  social girl who likes attention and play time and has a strong personality. She is good with other cats as long as they are easy-going and will let her be The Boss.  She is a bit chatty  and seems to be purring all the time. The best home for her would be cat-experienced and familiar with the personalities of female cats :). She would probably be fine with respectful older kids, though she can be overstimulated and might be nippy with little ones. She would certainly put a dog in its place! 🙂 She really needs a happy ending after all she has been through! Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $50. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.



JONATHON … is a handsome BLACK AND WHITE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR.  He is 4 years old, weighs 9 pounds, has his claws and is neutered.  He has an easy coat in black and white and has gold eyes.  Jonathon came to us from an Indiana shelter, so we don’t know much about his past.  He is tall, long and lean and quite gentleman.  His favorite hobby is sitting on the window sill and watching birds.  Jonathon uses his littler box 100% of the time, is current with vaccinations and would be the perfect  addition to a a quiet home.   He is a mild mannered guy who currently resides with another foster and would be fine with another  non-dominant cat given proper introductions.  Dogs would be too much for him and would do best in a quiet home with respectful children.  MIXED  BREED ADOPTION FEE IS $50.  FOSTERED IN BROOKLYN, WI.


TAYLOR  is a sweet BLACK AND WHITE TUXEDO DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR.  She to came to SPCR from a local shelter with her Siamese babies who have already been adopted.  Taylor has been waiting quite a while to find her fur-ever home.   She is lithe, very playful, about 2 years old, and has her claws.  She loves to be petted, held, get head scratches, and did I mention PLAY???  She would be great in an active  home.  Respectful children who would wiggle a wand toy would be her definition of nirvana and she could get used to other cats and gentle dogs with proper introductions.  On a side note, Taylor only has about 1/3 of her tail.   When she came into the shelter with her babies, her tail had been somehow broken off at that point.   Shelter staff amputated another 1/2 inch of it, cleaned and cauterized it, and stitched the top up.  Her hair has completely grown back in, it looks like a perfectly normal….very short!… tail and it doesn’t phase her at all!  She jumps and is quite agile! Now she just needs a family! MIXED BREED ADOPTION FEE $50.  FOSTERED IN ROSCOE, IL.



JOY is an approximately 5 month old CALICO DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTEN. She is spayed and has her claws.  She is from a local Chicago shelter.  Joy is very busy as kittens tend to be. She loves to play. She is great with other cats and dogs. She just loves attention and follows her foster mom all around the house. Her best friend is Prada the Bengal. Joy has an equal amount of energy as Prada. Joy would be too much for young children. She is a great kitten for some one looking for a busy yet loving calico kitten. MIXED BREED KITTEN ADOPTION FEE $100.  FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.



GINGERBREAD is a unique TORTOISESHELL TABBY DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTEN.  She is 3 months old, spayed, has her claws and weighs 3 pounds.  Her picture does not do her justice.  She is a very unique shade of ginger with darker tabby stripes.  Gingerbread is great with other cats and calm dogs.  She is only moderately playful. She likes to sleep with a person at night and lay beside her foster family when they are sitting down.  Active kids or  an active household would overwhelm her. Gingerbread is mildly chatty.  MIXED BREED KITTEN ADOPTION FEE $100.  FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.



LADYBUG … is a four-month old BLUE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTEN with light grey eyes. She is spayed and has her claws.  She came to SPCR as an orphan bottle baby and was raised with a small group of other orphan kittens. She’s extremely cat-friendly, but continues to be quite shy around humans. Ladybug is a sweet and adorable cat who will need a patient and gentle human to help her build her confidence. The ideal home would be one with one or more young cats and no small children. She needs a quiet home without the stressors that a busy household can present. Ladybug loves to eat and loves to play with wand toys of all kinds. As a shy cat, Ladybug will need someone who understands her need to hide sometimes. If you’re looking for a cuddly lap cat, this is not the cat for you. She’ll need time and the support of a friendly cat or two to show her the ropes and keep her active and social. She’s a work in progress – but she’s looking for someone to give her a chance. MIXED BREED KITTEN ADOPTION FEE $100. FOSTERED IN CHICAGO, IL.




DORIAN is a 4-month old BLUE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTEN with an extraordinarily persistant purr and a penchant for cuddling around the clock. He is neutered and has all his claws. He has stunning amber eyes and a very soft, silky coat.  Dorian is affectionate and playful. He warms up to people very quickly. He is confident in new situations and has met dogs of differing sizes and appears to enjoy their company. He’s been co-habitating in foster care with Ladybug (see above). They get along famously and would be good to go home as a pair. Dorian would also do well in a home with another young cat or two. A family with young, respectful children may also be a good fit for this spirited and outgoing little man. If you’d like to open your home to a very social cuddlebug, this guy is for you. MIXED BREED KITTEN ADOPTION FEE $100.  FOSTERED IN CHICAGO, IL.



These are cats that WILL be available for adoption shortly and may or may not already be in foster care. You are welcome to inquire or put in an application on them.   BE SURE TO CHECK OUR FACEBOOK PAGE WHERE WE PREVIEW MANY CATS AS WELL!

  1. WHITE PERSIAN…tiny white spayed female, gold eyes, has her claws. Needs quiet, loving adult home experienced with Persian maintenance. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.







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