Purebred Adults (1-6 years): $150-$400

Purebred Kittens (under 1 year): $175-$450

Mature (7+ years) and Special Needs: $50-$125

Mixed breed kittens (under 1 year): $50-$150

Mixed breed adults (1-7 years): $25-$175

Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, feline leukemia/FIV testing, distemper vaccination, microchipping, deworming, flea-free, grooming, temperament testing and often full dental cleanings. Older cats may have had blood panels to assure health.

This is a very active rescue and listings can change DAILY.

If a cat is listed on this website it is available for adoption (unless it has “application pending” listed on it, which means we are no longer taking applications on that cat).

2014 ADOPTIONS: 644

2015 ADOPTIONS: 585

2016 ADOPTIONS: 480

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LINEN is a LILAC POINT BALINESE, who came into SPCR’s care in early July 2016. He’s only 3 yrs old, and can’t breath! Can you imagine, always sitting on the sidelines, watching everyone else play, and never being able to join in the fun, because you just can’t catch a breath? He sounds like an old steam locomotive, because he can only get a small amount of air through his nose, and has to supplement it by also breathing through his mouth. He’s been on several antibiotics, to no avail, and it’s been determined he has nasal polyps or an obstruction, and needs surgery. As we all know, surgery costs money! We’re asking you to please help Linen, so he can breath and enjoy life! No amount is too small-every little bit helps!

UPDATE! Linen had his procedure yesterday at a specialty clinic and there are fortunately no polyps in his nose. He has a great deal of swelling going on in both sides, which makes it hard for him to breathe. He is currently being treated with different medications and anti-virals to bring down the swelling within the next week or two. In addition, the vet took tissue biopsies so we would know for sure what is going on. As you can imagine, this was very expensive, so we GREATLY APPRECIATE ALL THE HELP EVERYONE HAS EXTENDED TO SPCR! :)




LILLU… is a beautiful WHITE PERSIAN. She is 7 years old, spayed, and has her claws. She has a beautiful white coat and big blue eyes. Lillu ended up at SPCR because her family was going through some changes and could no longer keep her. She is a sweet, quiet girl who will bring years of love to a lucky adopter! She enjoys playing, chin scritches and being brushed. She is a cat who likes to be near you, but not on you – she seeks out attention but is also content to do her own thing. She lived with another cat in her prior home and would be fine with one or two other cats who won’t bully her. The best home for her would be a quiet home that is looking for a low-key cat. Her eyes are runny and will need to be wiped daily. She is good about allowing her face to be wiped and even enjoys it. Her coat will require some brushing to remain mat-free. This is a gentle soul of a cat looking for the perfect purrever home – please consider taking a chance on her and giving her a second chance at a happy life. Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.



COLE…is a gorgeous BLUE POINT HIMALAYAN. He is 8 years old, neutered, has his claws and weighs around 8 pounds. He has a perfect flowing, cottony coat in grays and white and lovely blue eyes. Cole came in to SPCR a few months ago when his owner had to surrender him because she was going to be evicted for having him. He had adjusted well to his foster home and was soon adopted to another home that has been taking very good care of him. However he is not fond of the resident cat and wants his person all to himself, so he is looking for another FurEver home where he can have that and be the ONE AND ONLY KITTY. Cole is very healthy and doesn’t mind his daily brushings or his weekly nail trims. He is very laid back, not particularly playful but prefers to sit next to his person and be petted as often as possible. He follows his person around like a little dog and is wonderful company.  He is good around other dogs and older, respectable children.   Mature Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN NORTH AURORA, IL. 




MONGO…is a very sweet SEAL POINT SIAMESE. He is around 2 years old, neutered and has his claws. He weighs around 8 pounds and has an easy, short coat and bright blue eyes. Mongo came to SPCR as a scared stray from a local shelter. He was so timid he didn’t even want to come out of his litter box because he was sure something terrible would happen. Fast forward a few weeks and this handsome boy is now thoroughly at home…even though this is not his home and he REALLY needs his FurEver home! Mongo, as you can see, is great with other cats and actively enjoys their company. He is a quiet, calm guy who is not particularly active and doesn’t get into things despite his younger age. He starts off very shy with new people and situations, but once he is comfortable he is the happy boy you see in the video below. The best home for Mongo would be quiet and adult and cat experienced. Busy kids and loud dogs would be way too much for him, but perhaps an older dog that would ignore him would be fine. Mongo is a loving, friendly boy who eagerly follows his foster mom around looking for pets and attention. He’s just a dear! Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.




TAYLOR…is a handsome LYNXPOINT RAGDOLL MIX. He is around 6 years old, neutered and front declawed and weighs around 7 pounds. This petite boy has a beautiful, medium-length coat in multiple colors, topped with bright blue eyes. Taylor came to us with another cat from a home where the elderly owner passed away and the family did not want the cats. Taylor’s Persian roommate was adopted, but Taylor had  cold so he was left behind to heal for a bit. Now he is doing great and looking for his FurEver home! He is great with other cats, quiet, and gentle. As you can see by his video below he is social and friendly. The best home for Taylor would be experienced with the coat care of long-haired breeds and looking for a gentle companion. He is not particularly demanding but he does enjoy attention and a bit of play time. Older, respectful kids would probably be ok, as would a dog that would ignore him. Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.




MAGGIE … is a stunning six-year-old TORTI POINT HIMALAYAN; she is spayed and has her claws. She is a small girl weighing around six pounds. Talk about a coat of many colors! Have you ever seen anything like it? A wonderful warm mix of chocolate, caramel, latte and pumpkin! All of this and sapphire eyes. What a looker this sweet girl is. Maggie came into rescue with Sammy (below). They lived in a house with many cats, and are adjusting to their new life. They aren’t bonded, but they do comfort each other in new situations, so if you’re looking for an awesome pair of cats who get along, these are the ones you’ve waited for. Maggie is shy, but once she trusts you, she’s a total doll. Her foster family thinks she has lap cat potential. She doesn’t jump up on our laps yet, but she does put her front paws on her legs when we’re sitting down as if to ask us to pet her. Maggie’s coat is on the silky side, but she will still need to be combed to stay mat free. Her eyes have little to no drainage. She’s asking for a quiet, loving family who will allow her to blossom in her own time. Other gentle cats would be fine. ADOPTION FEE $200. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.


SAMANTHA  is a SEAL POINT HIMALAYAN. She is 6 years old, spayed, current with her vaccinations, and front-paw declawed. She  was a stray from the local humane society and did not like the atmosphere at the shelter. After she came into rescue, she became very sick from the stress of the shelter. She has come a long way since then, and is now a beautiful, energetic, fun, little girl. She holds her own with other cats and loves to run and play with the bird on a stick. She would do well with respectful children.  She would do well in a home where she could be cherished and given lots of love. ADOPTION FEE $200.  FOSTERED IN MADISON, WI.



Annie 3 website

Annie 3 tummy



ANNIE 3… is a SEAL POINT SIAMESE with deep blue eyes. Her coat is soft with cool dark shades of chocolate.  Annie is spayed and front declawed.  This lean (8lbs) and lovely 5 year old Siamese would love to make you the most important part of her life, but first would need time to get to know you, as change is hard for her. Loyalty to family is important to her, and her former owner stated that Annie would follow her around like a dog. But after five years the family got a new puppy and rewarded Annie’s devotion by dumping her off at a shelter because she did not get along with the puppy.  She was terrified at losing her home and being in an unfamiliar place.

After several weeks in a foster care Annie is now ready for a new family.  She has shown a desire to be a devoted companion again.  Annie prefers to be close by her person talking about her day, and also loves hearing about theirs.  However Annie can be content to sit in her cat tree and watch the world go by. She often rolls on her back while making air biscuits, but like many cats, she does not permit tummy rubbing.  She does enjoy being brushed and getting chin and back scritches.  Occasionally she would get on her foster mom’s lap.  Always ready to play when you are, and particularly enjoys the red dot chase.

Annie is listed as special needs because she is FIV+ (feline immunodeficiency virus).  More informed attitudes and better understanding of the FIV virus have shown us that positive cats can lead long, happy, healthy lives. It does not easily spread to other cats, and it does not transmit to people.  Although Annie could live with other FIV+ cats, a quiet home as an only cat would be best for her because she doesn’t care too much for other felines (much less a puppy!).  Annie would much prefer to have you all to herself.   However, with proper introductions, Annie would do fine with them, and maybe a mature, calm canine.  If you have a heart for Siamese cats, and are willing to give Annie time to adjust to another change in her life, she will reward you with all the love and devotion she has to give.   Special Needs Adoption Fee $25.  FOSTERED IN MISHAWAKA, IN.




CRYSTAL … is an adorable one-year old TORTI POINT SNOWSHOE SIAMESE. A tiny mite at just six pounds, this girl is spayed and has her claws. Crystal wears an amazing coat of many Fall colors set off by her brilliant sapphire eyes. She has tiny white toe socks on her front feet – just the cutest thing ever! This girl was surrendered by someone unable to care for her; before that, she lived in a house with many cats. She is as sweet as can be, instantly purrs at the touch and loves attention. Crystal gets along great with her furry roomies, so she’d probably prefer a house with other nice kitties she could pal around with. She’s a young cat with lots of life and love to give. Respectful kids who would give Crystal attention and play with her would be great. She’s a doll baby. ADOPTION FEE $150. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL. 





CINDERS … is a 2 year old SEAL POINT SIAMESE who came to Allouez Animal Hospital due to her fear of almost everyone and everything. Once the vets at Allouez met her, they believed she was not without hope and offered to take her on as a “clinic cat”. After about a month of socializing with the team at Allouez and making good progress she was introduced to a 6 week old kitten “Tony” who was found without a mother. The two were bonded immediately! After adopting Tony, Cinders has become more confident and loves to play and cuddle. Because of their bond they will need to be adopted together and to a home that is willing to go slow with Cinders. Once she adjusts to the people and sounds of a household she will become a wonderful forever companion and Tony will never fail to amuse with his antics! ADOPTION FEE $175 for the pair. LOCATED IN GREEN BAY, WI. For more information or to adopt, please contact Allouez Animal Hospital @ 920-337-2266.



FELIX … is a wonderful eight-year old WHITE TURKISH ANGORA; he is neutered and has his claws. And we have to say, he’s just about the nicest cat around. At eight years young, this boy plays like a kitten. He loves cat nip and any kind of toy he can wrestle with. Felix’s silky soft, cloud-white coat is nothing less than stunning, and you can look in those green eyes and see all the way to his soul. His foster mom thinks his sweet pink nose is about the most adorable thing she’s ever seen. Felix loves people and other cats. How perfect is that? He follows his foster family around and rubs his face on anything and everything when he’s being talked to. Felix is a majestic good-sized boy tipping the scales at about eight pounds. He’s a gentle soul, though and his eyes seem wise beyond his cat years. Felix’s coat is on the silky side and doesn’t mat easily; still he will need to be groomed regularly to stay looking and feeling his best. Felix was surrendered by someone who could no longer care for him, but before that, he lived with many cats. He would likely do fine as an only, or given proper introductions, he would likely welcome the company of other gentle fur buddies. Older, respectful kids who could give Felix love and attention would be great. He’s just a wonderful, quiet and sweet cat looking for a home to live out his golden years. Could it be with you? ADOPTION FEE $100. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.



Sasha 1

Sasha 2


SASHA … is a sweet 1 year old BLUE POINT HIMALAYAN FROM EGYPT. She is spayed, has her claws, and weighs about 9 1/2 pounds. Sasha came to SPCR all the way from Cairo, Egypt! Himalayans are popular pets who are sold as kittens in pet shops in Egypt, and they often end up on the street when their owners no longer want them. She was taken in by an animal rescuer in Egypt and was then transported to the U.S. so that SPCR could help her find a forever home. Sasha likes to be held, petted, and cuddled. She gets along with her other fosters, who she has been with since they were in Egypt. She LOVES to sleep on top of her cat tree, and play with wand toys. Sasha has never been around dogs. Himalayans from Egypt are bred with a bit longer noses, which is better for their breathing and results in less eye drainage. She is up-to-date on all her shots and ready to her new forever home! Adoption Fee $250. FOSTERED IN MUKWONAGO, WI.

VANESSA … is a darling TORTI POINT HIMALAYAN.  She is 8 years old, spayed and has her claws. She weighs around 8 pounds, has a nice doll face and has a gorgeous coat in tans, chocolates and hints of orange, and bright blue eyes. Vanessa came to SPCR when her elderly owner passed away and the family left Vanessa at a local shelter. She had been  cared for and loved but was certainly lost in the hubbub of a busy shelter, so she was very happy to find herself in SPCR foster care! Once she settled in we had her rather matted coat shaved down for easy care and she had full blood work and a dental to ensure her health. She is now VERY ready to go to a permanent situation and needs to find her new people! As you can see by her video below, Vanessa is a very sweet little girl who is quiet and gentle but enjoys attention (the video was taken in an unfamiliar room to her so she’s a bit shy).  She’s good about grooming and her face is nice and open so she has no eye drainage. She gets along fine with other cats when slowly introduced to them (remember she was an only pet her entire life).  She’s never been around dogs but would be probably be ok with one that wouldn’t bark or chase her. The best home for Vanessa would be one experienced with the high maintenance coat needs of this breed. Her fur is very cottony and needs to be groomed daily or kept in this neat cut that is almost maintenance-free. She starts off shy in new places but rallies when she feels comfortable. An adult home would be preferred. Mature Adoption Fee $100.FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.





HARLEY … is a sweet three-year old SEAL POINT BALINESE; he is neutered and has his claws. Harley wears a beautiful coat in a blend of mochas and creams with dark chocolate points and brilliant turquoise eyes. He was given up by someone who could no longer care for him, but before that, Harley lived with many cats. This boy’s coat is silky, but he will still need occasional grooming to keep him gorgeous and matt free. Harley is as sweet and gentle on the inside as he is gorgeous on the outside, but he is a timid boy. He’s been in foster care for about two months now and willingly comes out to get food and pets when his foster family comes in the room. But Harley is asking for a home with a patient family who will allow him warm up on his own time. Watch out, though. Once Harley feels comfortable and safe, he is likely to steal your heart away. He’s a gentle, quiet cat who loves being petted and would be fine with older, respectful kids. He’s lived with other cats all his life, so he would likely do fine with other gentle cats who wouldn’t pick on him. Small tykes or bustling households would really be too much for this sweet boy. He’s waiting by the phone. ADOPTION FEE $200. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL. 




PIPER is a wonderful BLUE POINT SNOWSHOE SIAMESE. She is about 3 years old, an athletic 7 pounds, and quite chatty. She loves people and has a monster purr. She will follow us around the foster room looking for attention, and gives lovely head butts to tell us she loves us. Piper loves to play, and is intelligent and curious, so she will do best at a home where she will get plenty of attention. She came to us from a shelter where she had a litter of kittens, so what with raising and weaning her kittens under the stressful conditions at a shelter, traveling to her foster home and settling in, she is more than ready to find a forever home. She does not appreciate other cats in her area, but might be ok with a cat friendly dog, if properly introduced. Her videos shows exactly what she is like, and she will probably take no time to get settled in to her new home, and to let you know how much she appreciates that you are there to share her home. She would be a good family cat, but maybe not for very young children. ADOPTION FEE $150. FOSTERED IN WAUKESHA, WI.






LACEY is a beautiful, 7 year old BLUE POINT BALINESE. She is spayed, has her claws, and weighs 8 pounds.  She has gorgeous blue eyes and a medium-length coat in lovely creams and greys.  She came from a breeder, who could no longer care for her. She is a quiet, gentle little girl, who at first is shy, but if you give her the time to warm up to you, and her new surroundings, you will be rewarded with a very loving best-friend for life. She loves to be brushed, and has quite the “elevator butt” to prove it! She also loves petting, cuddling, sitting on your lap, and playing with feathers. Given proper introductions, she gets along with other mellow kitties. She’s never been with children or dogs, so they would be too much for her. ADOPTION FEE $125. FOSTERED IN CAMPBELLSPORT, WI.


HALLY is a very pretty, rare TORTOISESHELL TURKISH ANGORA. She is 2 years old, spayed, and weighs about 7 lbs. She is 4-paw declawed, and is great about using her litterbox. She has a very soft, medium length, easy care coat, which is splashed with shades of gold, orange, and chocolate. So far, she has not had an easy life, but she is gentle and sweet. She has never had any personal attention, and is shy about approaching people, so her forever family will have to go to her, for petting and ear scritches. In her previous life, she was terrorized by dogs, so a family without dogs, is a must. She can easily be an only cat, or after proper introduction, one other mellow cat. ADOPTION FEE $200.  FOSTERED IN CAMPBELLSPORT, WI.

Nu Nu 2

Nu Nu 3

NU NU… is a loving 1 year old TORTOISESHELL PERSIAN FROM EGYPT. She is spayed, has her claws, and weighs about 9 pounds. Nu Nu came to SPCR all the way from Cairo, Egypt! Persians are popular pets who are sold as kittens in pet shops in Egypt, and they often end up on the street when their owners no longer want them. She was taken in by an animal rescuer in Egypt and was then transported to the U.S. so that SPCR could help her find a forever home. Nu Nu likes to be held, and she likes to sit on her foster mom’s lap and help her type on her computer, or watch TV with her. Nu Nu tolerates her other fosters, who she has been with since they were in Egypt. However, she does want to be the first when it comes to feeding time and receiving attention from her foster mom. Nu Nu has never been around dogs. Persians from Egypt are bred with a bit longer noses, which is better for their breathing and results in less eye drainage. She is up-to-date on all her shots and ready to go home with you! Adoption Fee $250. FOSTERED IN MUKWONAGO, WI.



BERNADETTE is a sweet, shy GREY TABBY (coloration) EXOTIC SHORTHAIR. She is one year old, front declawed, and spayed.  Bernadatte found herself in rescue along with her brother Sheldon when their family added a child and no longer wanted to care for cats. They both have plush soft coats and beautiful amber eyes that require daily cleaning. They are not bonded and would be fine in separate homes. She is very gentle, friendly and gets along well with other cats. ADOPTION FEE $300.  FOSTERED IN MANITOWOC, WI.



PETRA is an adorable CALICO RAGDOLL MIX KITTEN.  She is 7 months old, spayed and has her claws.  Petra has lovely blue eyes set in a gorgeous facial mask of orange and dark brown over a creamy body that has hints of brown and orange.  She weighs approximately 5 pounds. Petra came to SPCR from an overcrowded open door shelter in Indiana and we don’t know anything about her history.  Petra loves people and is very friendly.  She is moderately active and very good with kids.  Petra is good with other cats and would be fine with a calm dog that ignored her.  KITTEN ADOPTION FEE $150.  FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.



CORKY ... is an active SEAL POINT SNOWSHOE.  He is 16 months old, neutered and has his claws.  Corky was surrendered to a local Chicago shelter because someone in his family became pregnant.  The shelter was too much for him and he obviously was not eating as he arrived in foster care extremely thin.  He is a good boy, but it would appear that Corky has not been properly socialized with other animals.  While, with very slow and careful introductions, Corky could live with another self-confident and energetic cat or a cat-friendly dog, he would also be fine as an only pet.  Corky loves to play with balls and wand toys.  Corky enjoys greeting people at the door, following his foster family around the room, receiving pets, giving kisses and hanging out nearby.  He likes to talk and has a cute little meow. He also enjoys jumping and high places.  Corky was improperly socialized with children.  While he is friendly and very sweet with the foster family’s 10 year old daughter, he can be mouthy when he gets excited or upset.  For this reason, Corky should go to a home with children who are either very cat-experienced, older teenagers or no children at all.  ADOPTION FEE $150.  FOSTERED IN OAK PARK, IL.


TWINKIE … is a SEAL POINT RAGDOLL.  He is approximately 3 years old, neutered and has his claws.  He was found wandering the streets of Chicago.  He was covered in fleas and very matted.  He was also very thin and has spent several weeks in foster care putting on weight.  Twinkie now weighs a healthy 8 pounds. He is very sweet and loves to lay next to you.  He is also a purr monster. He is very busy and loves his toys! He is good with kids and plays well with them, but does not like to be held.  He is fine with the foster family dog who ignores him. He is not fond of other cats but with very slow introductions should be okay with another laid-back cat. He enjoys laying in the window and eating wet food! He is not at all phased by the loud noises of a busy house and just all around enjoys life! He would do well with an active family with both young and older children.  ADOPTION FEE $200. FOSTERED IN MILWAUKEE, WI.


AXLE (top) is a striking two-year old SEAL POINT SNOWSHOE, and his “brother” MADDOX (bottom) is a gorgeous two-year old SEAL POINT SIAMESE. They are both neutered and front-paw declawed. These boys are just a wonderful pair of young cats, so playful and affectionate. Axle is a bit more outgoing than Maddox, although Maddox warms up pretty quickly. We don’t know why they were surrendered, but they will make some lucky family very happy. These boys would fit in most any household; respectful kids who would shower them with attention would be a dream come true. They each sport easy-care coats in blends of mocha and dark chocolate. Since they’ve been together, we’d like to see them stay together. ADOPTION FEE for the Pair $275. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL. 





ARIA … is a 6 year old RED SELKIRK REX. She is spayed and has her claws.  She was left dirty, obese and with an ear infection at a shelter.  Thankfully, the shelter staff contacted SPCR for help. She has been treated for her ear infection and, now clean, has the softest curly coat imaginable.  In fact, she feels like a bunny.  Despite her poor treatment,  Aria has shown nothing but love for everyone she meets. She is not shy and prefers to spend her free time in the tallest softest spot in her foster room overseeing the other cats and humans. She adores people and has fallen off furniture while rolling over to get pets.   While Aria is still on the heavy side, she is slowly losing weight in foster care and getting her figure back.  Her forever family must be committed to helping her continue to lose weight.  She is healthy, vibrant and ready to begin the next chapter in her life. ADOPTION FEE $200.  FOSTERED IN MANITOWOC, WI.



DARBY  is a stunning five-year-old WHITE, DOLL-FACED PERSIAN. He’s neutered and front paw declawed. Wow oh wow. To say this guy is gorgeous is an understatement. Darby wears a magnificently brilliant white coat and has enchanting green-gold eyes. Have you see a cuter pink nose anywhere? From the time he was a tiny kitten, Darby lived with a lady who loved him very much, but she recently moved to a senior living community where she couldn’t take Darby. Losing the only home he has ever known has been very hard on this sweet boy, but he’s finally bonded with his foster mom over brushing sessions. What’s that? Yes, Darby LOVES to be brushed and combed, and boy does his coat ever show it; he gratefully responds with purrs and kisses. A good-sized boy at more than ten pounds, Darby is asking for a quiet home with a family who will be patient as he adjusts to his new world. Darby’s new family must be committed to daily combing and eye cleaning sessions. He’s such a doll and deserving of a wonderful home where he will once again be the apple of someone’s eye. Older, respectful kids would be fine, but young ones would be too much for him. Darby hasn’t lived with other cats before, so we’d really like him to be the only household pet. He’s eagerly awaiting for the next chapter in his life. Could it be with you? ADOPTION FEE $250. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.





PIPER 2 is a LYNX POINT SIAMESE.  He is 2 years old, neutered and has his claws.  He weighs a solid 10 pounds.  Piper is very friendly, sweet and loves everyone he comes into contact with.  He loves to be pet, groomed and to play with his toys.  He is eager to explore everything.  Piper does well with kids and is eager to get to know other foster cats.  He is ready to find his forever home and would be a perfect addition to any household. ADOPTION FEE $150.  FOSTERED IN WHITEFISH BAY, WI.




OLIVIA is an endearing four-year-old TORTIE POINT SIAMESE; she’s spayed and has her claws. Olivia is certainly a girl with a story to tell, though we don’t know the details. Apparently this sweetheart showed up at a farm house, pregnant and with a bad eye. After her kittens were born, the family had Olivia spayed and her bad eye removed. (She since has gone blind in the eye she has left.) The rest of the story is that the family moved away and left Olivia to fend for herself in the rural countryside. Luckily, a caring, kind-hearted neighbor stepped in and got this girl into rescue. We suspect that Olivia had some sort of accident that affected her eyes, one of her ears and caused her head to tilt to one side. Now it’s true that cherubic Olivia may not be the prettiest girl at the ball, but pretty is as pretty does – and she is one of the sweetest cats ever. Her foster mom thinks that Olivia is one of the most affectionate cats she’s fostered; Olivia effortlessly charms everyone she meets. This doll wears an easy-care coat in autumn shades of brown and rust. And her eye is a brilliant turquoise. Olivia is currently rooming with another cat in foster care, so given proper introductions, she’d likely be fine with one or two furry roommates who would ignore her. Older, respectful kids would be wonderful. She’s looking for a godmother to give her story a fairy tale ending. Are you the one? SPECIAL NEEDS ADOPTION FEE $25.  FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.





LUNA is a sweet, gentle 9 year old SEAL POINT BALINESE. She weighs 6 pounds, is spayed and has her claws.  She just had a dental and a complete blood panel which shows that her kidneys are aging. At this time, Luna is still doing well, but she drinks a lot more water than a younger cat.  She is not on medication and uses her litter box 100%.  However, her kidneys will need to be monitored and she should eat a kidney-beneficial prescription food such as Hill’s K/D.  Her fur is soft and easy to care for.  She loves gentle caring pets, brushing and lap time. A quiet home would be her best option.  SPECIAL NEEDS ADOPTION FEE $25.  FOSTERED IN MANITOWOC, WI.


SWEETY… is a loving LILAC POINT SIAMESE.  She is 1 year old, spayed, and weighs about 8lbs.  Sweety is a confident, easy going little girl who loves to give hugs and cuddles. She throws herself into play with great abandon and the only thing she loves more is a good snuggle.  She would be good with respectful children.   She should do fine with a dog.   Adoption Fee $175. FOSTERED IN MAZOMANIE, WI.



FLURRY… is a playful BROWN TABBY (coloration) MAINE COON MIX.  He is 1 years old, neutered, and weighs about 10lbs.  Flurry is a gorgeous brown tabby boy with a medium length satiny coat.  Flurry is friendly, affectionate and playful.  He does well with other playful cats and can be a little too intense for shy kitties.   Sometimes this little boy seems so full of affection and play that he can’t decide what he wants more: to be snuggled or to play and it is fun to watch him try to do both.  He would be good with older children or a respectful dog.   MIXED BREED ADOPTION FEE $125. FOSTERED IN MAZOMANIE, WI.



SUGAR… is a beautiful WHITE PERSIAN.  He is 6 years old, neutered, and front declawed. He has a beautiful white coat and big blue eyes. Sugar came to us after his people retired and became frequent travelers.  Being left alone for long week-ends and periodic weekday trips was just too stressful for him.  He is looking for a stable home where he came be loved upon every day.   Sugar can be a little shy at first but once he gets to know you, he loves attention.   He has a thick beautiful coat that needs daily comb-thrus. His eyes are a bit runny and need to be wiped daily.   He could adapt to a mellow cat that would leave him alone or to a respectful dog.  Sugar would do best in an adult household.   ADOPTION FEE $200. FOSTERED IN MANITOWOC, WI.



OLIVER is an approximately 3 year old BROWN TABBY (coloration) MAINE COON MIX with a heart of gold. He came to SPCR from a local shelter without any history. He is neutered and fully vetted. Oliver is a really sweet and social boy. He has a gorgeous, shiny coat and huge eyes in the most pleasing color of green. Oliver is friendly and playful with other cats and has demonstrated a pretty good comfort level with respectful dogs as well. Oliver would do well in a house with at least one other cat, especially if the cat is active and playful like him. One of the best things about Oliver is that he is playful and active yet he knows how to chill out and be a couch potato, too. Oliver’s favorite things are: wrestling with his fellow foster cats, eating treats, getting ear scratches and belly rubs, playing games of chase, lounging, getting served fresh bowls of food, stretching out really long right in the middle of a room, and cuddling with humans. He’s basically perfect – I mean, look at him. He’s looking for the perfect forever family to play with him and care for him for the rest of his days. Could that be you? MIXED BREED ADOPTION FEE $100. FOSTERED IN CHICAGO, IL.




MICKEY… is an endearing WHITE & BLACK CORNISH REX.  He is 9 years old, neutered, and front declawed.  Mickey is everything we expect a Cornish Rex to be:  soft like a little lamb, affectionate, snuggly and friends with everyone he meets.   Mickey’s senior bloodwork shows him to be quite healthy and he just had a full dental.   Mickey is good with other cats and would tolerate a respectful dog.  He would be great with respectful children.     Senior Adoption Fee $125. FOSTERED IN MAZOMANIE, WI.




SAMMY, top, … is a 6 yr old SEAL LYNX POINT BALINESE, neutered and has his clawsTALULAH (“LOUIE”), bottom, … is a 7 yr old LILAC LYNX POINT BALINESE, spayed, and has her claws.  They came to SPCR from a breeder who could no longer care for them.  Sadly, Sammy and Louie spent a large portion of their life caged and had little socialization.  In the last 3 months, they have learned to play and are learning to trust humans. They are comfortable with humans in their space, eat well and are quite food motivated. Both are 100% with the litterbox.  Both Sammy and Louie are sweet and gentle and have never been aggressive. They have insatiable curiosity as they experience the world. The “butterfly” toy is one of the favorites. They get along with other cats well but have never been around dogs or children.  Currently both are still shy about petting and will need a home patient and understanding as they continue their journey in trusting again.  A cat experienced home will be preferred.  ADOPTION FEE $100 for the Pair. FOSTERED IN DUBUQUE, IA.





LIONEL ... is a lovable BLACK SMOKE LONG-HAIRED SELKIRK MIX. He is 4 years old, neutered, has his claws and weighs around 8 pounds. He has a beautiful Persian doll face, gorgeous silky and wavy-curly medium length fur and captivating golden eyes. Also notable are his adorable white ear tufts. Lionel is a true beauty inside and out! He came to SPCR from a local animal control where sadly, no one was looking for him, so we do not have any history on him. He must have been loved by someone, because he is one awesome guy. If you are looking for your soulmate, then look no further. Lionel loves his people and is a wonderful little companion. Three words to describe Lionel are affectionate, mellow, and gentle. He spends half of his day lounging belly-up and loves to rub his face on his foster mom’s face. He is not a lap kitty, but is never far away. He purrs if you look at him and is a perfect user of the litter box. What more could you ask for in a kitty! He does not react to a visiting test kitty, so he should be ok with other non-dominant kitties, but slow, proper introductions are always necessary. He would be ok with a gentle dog that left him alone and did not chase him. Little ones may be too much for him, but older, respectful kids would be great. Don’t miss out on this beautiful boy!  Adoption fee $200. FOSTERED IN GREEN BAY, WI.



SOPHIE … is a five-year old PERSIAN MIX.  She is spayed and has her claws. A small-boned girl at seven pounds, Sophie has a beautiful easy-care brown and white ticked coat with the sweetest rose-colored nose leather and paw pads. And what about those gorgeous baby blues? We don’t know much about this adorable girl’s history except that she came to us from a shelter in Indiana, and she was very sick with an upper respiratory infection when she arrived. A round of strong antibiotics fixed her right up, though, and she’s now ready for her furever home. What can we say about this purr bug? She is simply as sweet as they come. Sophie loves to be petted and absolutely lives for tummy rubs, neck scratches and full body massages. Her Persian heritage shows in those sweet eyes, which need daily cleaning. This girl is the definition of calm, and she spends her days just quietly resting on soft blankets. She would do best in a quiet house where she could watch birds out a window between naps and where she would have an occasional lap to sleep on. She’s low-energy submissive and gets along well with other cats; she’d likely do fine with a gentle dog who would ignore her. Older, respectful kids would be fine as long as the house isn’t too noisy or rowdy. Whoever adopts this baby will be so lucky in love! Apply for her today. MIXED BREED ADOPTION FEE $100. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.





DOLLY … is a lovely SEAL POINT SIAMESE. She is around 1 year old, spayed and has her claws. She weighs around 7 pounds and has a beautiful chocolate coat and bright blue eyes. Dolly came to us from a local shelter as a stray so we don’t know much about her, but she sure is a nice girl! She is very affectionate and friendly and not particularly talkative. As you can see by her video below, Dolly is a nice girl. She gets along well with other cats when properly introduced and would do well in most homes without small kids or active, loud dogs. Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN MILWAUKEE, WI.




A Place for “Regular” Cats to Find Good Homes Too!


This part of the website is for domestics that have come into our program because they are part of a pair (one of which was a purebred) or some other reason having to do with our admission process.  Please DO NOT ASK US TO TAKE YOUR DOMESTIC BECAUSE WE CANNOT.  We have very limited space even for purebred cats and have to keep those spaces open for them.



LITTLES…is a darling WHITE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR. She is around 2 years old, spayed and has her claws. She weighs about 7 pounds and has a gorgeous pure white coat and bright gold eyes. We really don’t know much about this sweetheart’s background other than she came into an Indiana shelter, licked herself nearly naked from stress and then somehow found her way to a local Wisconsin shelter where her current foster mom saw her and couldn’t leave her there. Fast forward a few months in foster care and this wonderful kitty has a full coat and a wonderful personality to boot! :)  She starts off very shy with new people and situations (we suspect she has been abused) but once she feels comfortable she is the darling girl you see in the video below. Littles is great with other cats (even cranky ones) and would fit easily into a multi-cat environment or as a single kitty. The best home for her would be quiet, adult and cat=experienced and would let her be herself at her own pace. She certainly deserves a fabulous FurEver home after all she has been through! Adoption Fee $50. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.




MARY JAN is a darling BROWN TABBY AND WHITE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTEN. She is 9 months old, spayed, has her claws and weighs a petite 5 pounds. She has a short, easy coat in tans and white, and lovely green eyes. MJ came from an overcrowded private shelter where she lived in pretty awful conditions before she came to SPCR.  However that certainly didn’t dampen her spirits and she has been delighting her foster mom ever since she arrived. MJ was born with a spinal deformity that gives her a stub tail like a bunny and she kinda walks like one too (see her video below). It does not hurt or affect her in any way and she should have a perfectly normal, pain-free lifespan. She uses the litterbox 100%, gets around everywhere the other cats do and runs and plays just fine. If anything she’s a bit of a conversation piece…”say, was that a cat or a rabbit that just ran by?” :) Mary Jane is super friendly and gets along great with other cats that don’t dominate or overwhelm her. She enjoys gentle play, loves attention and would be a wonderful, loving family cat. She is in a home with cat-friendly dogs and gets along fine with them. Respectful kids would be no problem.  This special little girl could really use a great home of her own! Mary Jane is Beyoncé’s sister and while they do not need to go home together, they do get along very well.  Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $25. FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.




BEYONCÉ  is a darling BROWN TABBY AND WHITE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTEN. She is 9 months old, spayed, has her claws and weighs a petite 5 pounds.  She is Mary Jane’s sister.  Beyoncé has both of her back legs bent from a birth defect, so she literally walks on her knees.  She loves people and enjoys sleeping with her foster family at night, but she is not a lap cat.  She is good with calm cats once she knows them and easy-going dogs.  She is great at entertaining herself.  She spents a lot of time playing with and chasing balls. She will even walk around carrying them in her mouth.  If she goes to a home with more than one floor, she will need carpeted stairs, but otherwise she gets around very well.  Beyoncé never jumps on tables or counters. Beyoncé does not need to go home with Mary Jane, but they get along very well.  Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $25. FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.



LUCY is a RED FEMALE TABBY DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTEN. LIZZY is a solid BLUE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTEN.  They are five months old, weigh about 4.5 pounds, are spayed, and have their claws.  Both girls were rescued as orphans at only 3 weeks old. They have been lovingly raised in foster care since. These girls are curious, playful, and affectionate. They especially love mink mice toys, wands, and the famous “butterfly toy”. They are sweet and snuggly, sleeping with their foster mom every night. They get along well with other cats and have made friends with several of the resident kitties. While good friends, Lucy and Lizzy do not have to go home together. However kittens are always great in pairs. MIXED BREED ADOPTION FEE $75 each or $125 for the pair. FOSTERED IN DUBUQUE, IOWA.





ALLIE … is a darling 15 week old BLACK AND WHITE TUXEDO DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTEN. Allie is a very sweet, loving kitten. She loves to play, be petted, and very much enjoys a good game of wrestle and chase and then a cuddle with her foster brothers and sisters. She’s spayed and has her claws. Allie has a gentle expression, and although a little shy, she’s learning that sitting on a lap, or next to a lap is pretty cozy. Allie would enjoy another cat or kitten to play with. Please consider her with her sister Sophie.  She is fine with gentle dogs, and older, respectful children.  MIXED BREED KITTEN ADOPTION FEE $­75. FOSTERED IN SHEBOYGAN, WI.




SOPHIE is an energetic 15 week old BLACK DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTEN. She’s spayed and has her claws. She has golden eyes, a beautiful silky black coat with a little white stripe on her chest, and a white spot on her tummy. She has grown into a loving, VERY SWEET young lady with a delightful purrsonality. Sophie loves to play, and to be near her people and keep them company. She likes chasing toys, watching bugs, birds, and chipmunks out of the window, and just hanging out! She would enjoy either being with other cats, or being your only companion. Sophie does fine with gentle dogs. Please consider adopting Sophie with her sister Allie. MIXED BREED KITTEN ADOPTION FEE $­75. FOSTERED IN SHEBOYGAN, WI.




ZIGGY is a wonderful GRAY TABBY AND WHITE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR. He is around 8 years old, neutered, front declawed and weighs around 11 solid pounds.  He has an easy gray and white coat and amazing emerald green eyes.  Ziggy is a survivor, as you can tell by his ragged (and adorable) ears.  Life has only started being good for this happy boy and now all he needs is to find that purrfect FurrEver home where he will be loved the way he always should have been.  Ziggy came to the attention of SPCR when a volunteer saw him sitting in a shelter with a coat lousy from malnutrition and a face naked from environmental allergies.  She could tell what a great personality he had and knew he wouldn’t have a good chance of being adopted there so she brought Ziggy to our attention and he was whisked up to foster care.  Fast forward a few months and lots of quality cat food and daily allergy medication and Ziggy’s face is fully furred and he is no longer endlessly itchy and uncomfortable.  He just received a perfect bill of health and is ready for a loving home!  Ziggy is an easy-going, friendly, happy guy who gets along great with everyone and LOVES to play sparkle ball soccer!  He’s a bit shy with new cats (probably due to his being a stray before) but with proper introductions does just fine.  He could be an excellent family cat for respectful kids and would adapt quickly to loving people.  Ziggy’s daily oral (liquid) allergy medication is only $50/month.  He needs a loving family willing to commit to keeping him on his medication. Special Needs Adoption Fee $25. FOSTERED IN MADISON, WI. AT EAST TOWNE PET CLINIC (, WHICH GENEROUSLY DONATES SPACE FOR OUR CATS. ZIGGY CAN BE SEEN AT EAST TOWNE DURING ANY OPEN HOURS. Those interested must fill out an adoption application form like any of our other rescue cats.

BITSY is a 13 week old BLUE AND WHITE BICOLOR DOMESTIC SHORT HAIR KITTEN. She is spayed, has her claws, and weighs around 3 pounds. Bitsy came from a shelter and is a happy, healthy and spunky little kitten. She is very lean with long legs and unique gray patches on her back. She is great with respectful children, other cats and small dogs. She doesn’t mind being held and loves to cuddle when she is tired. She would be best with another kitten or young cat to play with as she is fostered with a 6 week old kitten and they keep each other entertained very well. She is micro-chipped, up-to-date on all her shots, and ready to go to her new home. Kitten Adoption Fee $75. FOSTERED IN WAUKEGAN, IL.



ROGER is a friendly, social RED AND WHITE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR.  He is neutered and just under a year old with all his claws.  We don’t know much about his history other than he came to an SPCR vet with a broken leg and no home.  The SPCR vet donated her services to repair his leg and he’s been recuperating at an SPCR foster home.  This guy is easy-going, loving, playful and has recovered perfectly from his broken leg.  He gets along great with his other siblings and his foster family’s dog.  Roger loves to play with cat toys, wrestle with his foster siblings, chase a laser pointer and talk.  He has been the perfect house guest by using his litter box, purring as soon as you start talking to him and cuddling with his foster family.  Roger would do well in a family that’s ready for someone who is still a kitten and wants to play.  He would be enjoy a house with other pets or children, but would be fine in a quieter house, so long as there are people or toys to play with. ADOPTION FEE $75.  FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.



PUMPKIN  is a wonderful one-year-old RED POLYDACTYL DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR; he’s neutered and has his claws. A slender boy at more than 12 pounds, Pumpkin could stand to gain a couple of pounds. He has a short, easy-care coat and watches the world through brilliant gold eyes. Pumpkin was found as a stray, hanging out at a local firehouse. A super-nice lady (who used to work for an SPCR foster mom’s vet) saw him and got him safely into rescue. He’s pretty much a bomb-proof cat with not many cares in the world. He loves people and neck rubs, and he gets along well with other cats. Respectful kids who would shower Pumpkin with attention would be fantastic. He so appreciates regular meals and a flea-free bed, and he offers purrs and sweet snuggles in return. He’s asking for a home where he can live worry-free forever. Could it be yours? ADOPTION FEE $100.  FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.




These are cats that WILL be available for adoption shortly and may or may not already be in foster care. You are welcome to inquire or put in an application on them.   BE SURE TO CHECK OUR FACEBOOK PAGE WHERE WE PREVIEW MANY CATS AS WELL!

1). TORTI POINT HIMALAYAN…8 year old spayed female. Very pretty, sweet. More information pending. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.






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