Purebred Adults (1-6 years): $150-$400

Purebred Kittens (under 1 year): $175-$450

Mature (7+ years) and Special Needs: $50-$125

Mixed breed kittens (under 1 year): $50-$150

Mixed breed adults (1-7 years): $25-$175

Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, feline leukemia/FIV testing, distemper vaccination, microchipping, deworming, flea-free, grooming, temperament testing and often full dental cleanings. Older cats may have had blood panels to assure health.

This is a very active rescue and listings can change DAILY.

If a cat is listed on this website it is available for adoption (unless it has “application pending” listed on it, which means we are no longer taking applications on that cat).

2014 ADOPTIONS: 644

2015 ADOPTIONS: 585

2016 ADOPTIONS: 411

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LILLU… is a beautiful WHITE PERSIAN. She is 7 years old, spayed, and has her claws. She has a beautiful white coat and big blue eyes. Lillu ended up at SPCR because her family was going through some changes and could no longer keep her. She is a sweet, quiet girl who will bring years of love to a lucky adopter! She enjoys playing, chin scritches and being brushed. She is a cat who likes to be near you, but not on you – she seeks out attention but is also content to do her own thing. She lived with another cat in her prior home and would be fine with one or two other cats who won’t bully her. The best home for her would be a quiet home that is looking for a low-key cat. Her eyes are runny and will need to be wiped daily. She is good about allowing her face to be wiped and even enjoys it. Her coat will require some brushing to remain mat-free. This is a gentle soul of a cat looking for the perfect purrever home – please consider taking a chance on her and giving her a second chance at a happy life. Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN RIVER FOREST, IL.



TAYLOR…is a handsome LYNXPOINT RAGDOLL. He is around 6 years old, neutered and front declawed. and weighs around 10 pounds. He has an easy, medium-length coat and bright blue eyes. Taylor and TUXEDO (see below) came in together to SPCR when their owner died suddenly and was not found for a week. It was extremely traumatizing to have the only home they had ever known invaded by strangers in scary HAZMAT suits while they were starving and thirsty. But things got cleaned up and stabilized and they were whisked into foster care as their home was closed up. Taylor is used to a quiet adult home and would truly do best in that same type of environment. He is fine with other cats and, though he starts off very shy with new people and new environments, does warm to be a nice guy if given his own time. He is good about combing and brushing and is an affectionate loving boy. The best home for him would be without kids or dogs and one that would understand what he has been through and provide him with a stable, loving home. He does NOT have to go home with Tuxedo but if someone is looking for a ready pair, these guys are sure nice! Adoption Fee $200. For the pair,$375.  FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.

TUXEDO…is a lovely BLACK AND WHITE PERSIAN. He is 4 years old, neutered and front declawed. He has an easy, doll face and easy silky coat too, all topped off by nice clean gold eyes! Tux came in with TAYLOR (see above) so they have had a pretty tough time given all they have been through. He starts off very shy with new people and situations and would do best in an adult, quiet, cat-experienced home with someone willing to give him plenty of time to get used to new things. He is very gentle, loving and sweet and gets along fine with other cats that would not bully or try to dominate him. He is good about combing and brushing and really is pretty low maintenance.  He does NOT have to go home with Taylor, but if someone is looking for a ready pair, these guys are sure nice! Adoption Fee $200. For the pair,$375. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI. 




MICKEY (right) AND GIZMO…  are two handsome FLAME POINT SIAMESE BROTHERS. They are  9 years old, neutered, and have their claws.  They are solid boys, with Gizmo weighing in at 12 pounds and Mickey at 14.  They have short cream and gold coats and bright blue eyes. They came from a home where they were well cared for and loved but another cat in the household was very dominant and bullying and they were constantly terrorized. The boys are both friendly and loving, though Gizmo tends to be a bit more shy and need time to get used to novel situations.  Their foster mom says, ” They are GREAT cats. They sit on my lap, love being cuddled and dotted on, and are moderately playful for their age.” Both do best on a high quality, grain free diet and are extremely healthy. Siamese are the longest lived of the breeds so 20+ years is not unusual. These guys are just getting started! :). Mickey and Gizmo have always been together from birth and are very attached to each other. They need to go home as a pair. Small children would be too much for them but older children would be fine. A respectful dog would be ok, as would other cats that would not bully them. Mature Adoption Fee for the Pair $100. FOSTERED IN DEPERE, WI. 





I went home to Waukesha, WI!

IZZIE … is a precious BLUE ORIENTAL SHORTHAIR.  She is spayed, has her claws and weighs less than 5 pounds!  Such a tiny tike!  Izzie is 2 years old, has a silky blue coat and lovely bright green eyes.  She is petite in stature but that doesn’t stop her personality.  At just 2 years old, she is spunky and large-and-in-charge!  Izzie came to us from a breeder who was no longer able to care for all of the cats.  She is Butch’s mom (also posted) and definitely shows her mothering instincts grooming him and snuggling him while he sleeps.  She is a lap girl and sometimes just can’t seem to press enough of herself into your lap and chest, sometimes reaching the tiny paw up to pat your chin.  She is quick witted and bright.  She is fine with other cats especially when she is in charge.  (She has sometimes picked on more shy females but she does great with the boys.) She would likely do fine with a respectful dog and older children.  ADOPTION FEE $250.  FOSTERED IN OSHKOSH, WI.


PUFF…is a busy ODD EYED WHITE PERSIAN.  He is 1 year old, neutered and has his claws. He weighs about 8 pounds. He has an easy, silky coat and one bright blue and one bright gold.  Puff came to us from a rescue group in Qatar and is now looking for a place to call his own in a new country! Puff may be a year old but he is every bit the BOUNCY KITTEN (just take a look at his video below!). He is always on the move, always looking to play with stuff and run himself ragged. Other than being a quiet guy, just think of him as a young Siamese in a Persian body! :) He’s lots of fun and extremely self-confident, but gets along well with other cats and would love to have another young cat to romp with. Puff came in with a mild eye infection that left some staining on his face that his foster mom is working to clear up. His infection is gone but getting that eye fur 100% white is going to take some time. :) The best home for Puff would be gentle and CAT EXPERIENCED. Think of a busy, adolescent puppy (without the house training and taking outside of course!)…the energy, the learning of the ropes, etc. He is good with combing and brushing and a gentle, experienced hand can keep his eyes clean quite easily. His coat will probably poop out and get long in this northern climate. He would NOT be appropriate for small kids at all as he is easily overstimulated and could get mouthy. He would probably be fine with cat-experienced dogs. This is a fun, happy, intelligent guy looking for someone who will understand and appreciate where he’s been and what he will be! Adoption Fee $250. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.




SASHA is a darling SEAL POINT RAGDOLL. She is spayed, four-paw declawed and is ten years old. Sasha came into rescue as the result of a divorce. She also came in with her fur cut, but just imagine how beautiful she will be when her long coat grows back in. She has a very cottony undercoat, so her new home will have to be committed to keeping her groomed and she’s very good about that. Sasha came in very shy, but was quick to adjust and is really enjoying the peacefulness of her foster room. She’s full of chirps and purrs for her foster mom and even chatty at times. She’s quick to curl over on her back when she is spoken to. She loves to sit with her foster mom and nuzzle her face into her clothing or knead on her stomach. She’s a very sweet girl that gets along well with other docile cats that wouldn’t bully her. Sasha is in great health and her recent blood work confirmed that. She came in with an infected mouth, but a necessary dental fixed all of that and she is a happy girl waiting to be someone’s priority. Sasha would be fine with a gentle dog. She would do best in a home that is more on the quiet side. Little children would be too much for Sasha. MATURE ADOPTION FEE $50. FOSTERED IN GREEN BAY, WI.


GEORDIE 08.19.16

GEORDIE is a sweet four year old SEAL POINT RAGDOLL with a harlequin pattern of black, brown and white. He is neutered, has his vaccinations, stunning blue eyes, and has his claws. He was an owner surrender and had a partial lion cut coming into foster.  He has no litter box issues and has a cat’s meow that would charm anyone. He was shy coming into foster, but has come out of his shell, is more confident and has discovered the enjoyment of toys!   He currently resides with another foster kitty and given proper introductions, would do fine with another cat who wouldn’t pick on him. Geordie is ONE-OF-A-KIND GORGEOUS!   Adoption Fee $200. FOSTERED IN BROOKLYN, WI.

DOLLY TWO … is a sweet SEAL POINT SIAMESE. She is around 1 year old, spayed and has her claws. She is a petite 7 pounds and has an easy, short coat and bright blue eyes (she has extra pigmenting on her right eye, but the vet said she was born with that and it just looks different). Dolly was originally found as a stray and brought to our local shelter and then on to SPCR. Good thing too because she was way in heat and we don’t need any more kittens! :) Now, spayed and happy, Dolly is looking for a home to call her own where she will not be left outside to wander. As you can see by her video below, Dolly is a very social, active, sweet girl. She would probably fit in immediately to just about any home because she LOVES attention and wants to be where ever her people are. With slow, proper introductions she would be fine with other pets and respectful kids would be fine as well. She is playful, active and just a really nice cat! She’s a bit talkative too! :)  Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.




CASTOR…is a handsome LYNXPOINT HIMALAYAN. He is around 8 years old, neutered and has his claws. He weighs about 9 pounds and has a flowing, medium care coat and no-care bright blue eyes. Castor came into rescue a few months ago as a stray from a local animal control. No story at all but it was evident that this gorgeous boy had obviously been abused, specifically hit in the face and head, and expected to continue to be so. He was defensive and growly with his foster mom until she figured out that petting along the back was preferable, and not standing over him while trying to pet was even better. Castor has come a long way in the past few months and is listed as Special Needs only because he needs a special person who is going to continue with getting him to trust. He follows his foster mom around like a little dog and likes attention (offer him a can of soft food and he will love you for life :)  . He has started flopping on his side for pets  and has even been known to play with toys when he thinks nobody is looking. :)  Castor gets along well with other cats of all personalities and is really a nice guy once you get past his gruff exterior. He is very self confident but is good about combing and brushing and has his nails trimmed without incident. He is quiet, calm and not particularly active. He uses flat and tall scratching posts well and his litter box 100%.    The best home for Castor would be CAT EXPERIENCED, calm, patient and loving, willing to understand the abuse he has endured and not be put off by and occasional swat or hiss if he gets overstimulated. Working with this guy has been very rewarding for his foster mom and she would like to see him progress in just the right home. Kids would not be appropriate. A gentle dog that would ignore him would be fine. Special Needs Adoption Fee $50. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.


PADDY is a silly, LILAC POINT BALINESE.  He is neutered (and spayed), has his claws and weighs just about 6 pounds.  Yes, we did say “neutered (and spayed)”.  Paddy was born a hermaphrodite.  He is a genetic anomaly born with both male and female organs.  By appearance and personality, he carries himself as a male so his foster mom refers to Paddy as a “he”. Regardless of how you see him, Paddy is a clown. Paddy is just a year old, and has the medium length, plush Balinese coat and pretty blue eyes.  He is vocal, loves to explore, plays like a kitten and is just an all-around goof.  He does start out a little shy but overcomes those tendencies with a bit of time. Paddy came to us from a breeder who was no longer able to care for all of the cats.  He does well with other cats, loves to rough-house a little bit and eagerly explores high and low. He would likely be fine with a dog who would ignore him and should be fine with older, respectful children. ADOPTION FEE $200.  FOSTERED IN OSHKOSH, WI.


ANNIE TOO …is a lovely CHOCOLATE POINT SIAMESE. She is 6 year old, spayed and front declawed.  Annie was listed on a local Craigslist ad as a “breedable Ragdoll” which would have automatically meant a pretty grim future for her (not to mention the fact she’s not even a Ragdoll!), but fortunately one of our kind volunteers made sure she made it to SPCR and was immediately spayed and vetted. She is a slim 8 pounds and has a beautiful short coat in chocolate and cream and dramatic blue eyes. Her foster home says Annie’s absolute favorite thing in this world is to be close to her humans. She thrives on human contact, rolling and purring constantly. She will jump and sit on an available shoulder to be as close as possible. Annie has been in a living environment with other animals, both cats and dogs. While she has been in foster care, she prefers not to have other animals in her living space but with proper introductions she should be fine. She is a confident, assertive girl who will compete for her humans. She may do well with a passive cat or dog, but the introductions would need to be a slow process. Older kids would be very appropriate for Annie, but young children may be overwhelmed by her desire for contact. Annie needs a home where she will receive the affection and love she so deserves. Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN DEPERE, WI.



ZOLA…is a lovely SEAL POINT RAGDOLL. She is around 5 years old, spayed and has her claws. She weighs a solid 11 pounds and her chocolate and cream coat is growing back from a short lion cut. Zola came to us from a local shelter and was in very poor condition upon admission. She was thin, matted to the skin and had obviously been abused. In foster care her mats disappeared, her weight came back and she has learned to trust with her loving caregivers. As you can see by her video below, Zola is basically a very sweet girl who is a lap cat who loves  to be pet and adored. However this love needs to be earned by her new people due to her previous poor care. She can be quite sassy and easily overstimulated at first and requires a calm, cat-experienced person who will understand her past, her present and her future. The best home for her would be calm, quiet and adult with no children or dogs. She can get used to other cats that will not dominate or get in her face. This poor girl has been through so much…she needs that Special Someone for her FurEver home. Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.




MASON is a sweet, lovable FLAME POINT SIAMESE.  He is 4 years old, neutered and has all his claws.  He’s a stocky guy that likes to be petted, rubbed on his belly and cuddled.  Mason was surrendered to a shelter when his family couldn’t care for him any longer. Mason was treated for an ear infection which was caused by the presence of small cysts in his ears.  These cysts are benign and do not require additional medical treatment, but the vet feels that they need to be carefully monitored which is why Mason is listed as Special Needs.  It took some time for him to adjust to his SPCR foster family. He’s leery of new situations and you will need to be patient with him while he gets adjusted. He does well with other cats, and quickly learned where he fit in with his foster siblings.  Mason craves attention and wants to be near his people — rubbing their legs, sitting next to you or cuddled with you while taking a nap.  He also likes to play — and we’ve found he’s got “quick hands” and is very athletic!  He doesn’t like to be picked as he prefers his feet to be on something solid, so he would do best a home with older children, with other respectful animals or as an only cat. SPECIAL NEEDS ADOPTION FEE $50. FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.



MAGGIE … is a stunning six-year-old TORTI POINT HIMALAYAN; she is spayed and has her claws. She is a small girl weighing around six pounds. Talk about a coat of many colors! Have you ever seen anything like it? A wonderful warm mix of chocolate, caramel, latte and pumpkin! All of this and sapphire eyes. What a looker this sweet girl is. Maggie came into rescue with Sammy (below). They lived in a house with many cats, and are adjusting to their new life. They aren’t bonded, but they do comfort each other in new situations, so if you’re looking for an awesome pair of cats who get along, these are the ones you’ve waited for. Maggie is shy, but once she trusts you, she’s a total doll. Her foster family thinks she has lap cat potential. She doesn’t jump up on our laps yet, but she does put her front paws on her legs when we’re sitting down as if to ask us to pet her. Maggie’s coat is on the silky side, but she will still need to be combed to stay mat free. Her eyes have little to no drainage. She’s asking for a quiet, loving family who will allow her to blossom in her own time. Other gentle cats would be fine. ADOPTION FEE $200. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.





We went home to Beloit, WI!

NICK and NORA … are a darling pair of LYNXPOINT SIAMESE.   NORA is a delicate 1 year old LYNX POINT SNOWSHOE SIAMESE.  She is spayed, has her claws and weighs 8 pounds.  Nora also has the cutest white mitted paws.  NICK is a stunning 2 year old LYNX POINT SIAMESE with vivid blue eyes.  He is neutered, has his claws and weighs 9 pounds. Nick and Nora are very sweet and affectionate cats who love to be petted and enjoy greeting people at the door. They are very active cats that love toys and jumping, are inquisitive and love to explore. They have not been around dogs or children yet, but at their young age they should be fine with gentle, respectful older children, gentle, cat-friendly dogs and other non-aggressive cats. This pair loves each other very much and need to find a forever home together.  ADOPTION FEE for the pair $175.  FOSTERED IN NORTHWEST INDIANA.


CASSIDY is a gentle LILAC ORIENTAL LONGHAIR.  He is neutered, has his claws and weighs almost 6 pounds.  He has a velvety, wispy lilac coat that seems to flutter in the breeze. He will gaze at you with his soulful green eyes.  He is angular and elegant and just so darn soft.  At only one year old, he is ready to play and has lots of energy.  Cassidy came to SPCR from a breeder who could no longer care for all of the cats. He is a quiet guy and is a bit on the shy side.  Once he is comfortable, he loves to be pet, loves to play and wouldn’t hurt a flea!  Cassidy does fine with other cats (although he could be bullied).  He would probably be okay with a dog who would ignore him. He would do best in an adult home.  ADOPTION FEE $250.  FOSTERED IN OSHKOSH, WI.

SAMANTHA  is a SEAL POINT HIMALAYAN. She is 6 years old, spayed, current with her vaccinations, and front-paw declawed. She  was a stray from the local humane society and did not like the atmosphere at the shelter. After she came into rescue, she became very sick from the stress of the shelter. She has come a long way since then, and is now a beautiful, energetic, fun, little girl. She holds her own with other cats and loves to run and play with the bird on a stick. She would do well with respectful children.  She would do well in a home where she could be cherished and given lots of love. ADOPTION FEE $200.  FOSTERED IN MADISON, WI.







PRINCESS (top) AND SKIPPY (bottom) … are a beautiful pair of SEAL POINT HIMALAYANS. They are sister and brother and must go home together.  They are 11 years old, spayed and neutered and front declawed. They recently had full senior blood panels, dental cleanings and are perfectly healthy. They have gorgeous long hair coats that need regular brushing. These two came into rescue as the result of a divorce and are a bonded pair. They get along great with kids but dogs would be overwhelming for them. They are on a prescription diet, urinary S/O, which costs a bit less than a standard premium diet. MATURE ADOPTION FEE for the pair $100. FOSTERED IN MADISON, WI.



BAILEY is a gorgeous  SEAL POINT BALINESE.  He is 4 years old, neutered and has his claws.  He LOVES to talk to you and thrives on attention.  If you pick him up, his purr motor starts going and doesn’t stop!!! His coat is a silky soft medium length.   Top it off with his baby blue eyes and you are in love the minute you meet him.   He enjoys being brushed and held.  He is extremely laid back and calm.  Could you ask for a better baby? ADOPTION FEE $150. FOSTERED IN ROSCOE, IL.



VIOLET … is an eight month old SEAL POINT SNOWSHOE SIAMESE KITTEN.  She is spayed and has her claws.  She came into rescue as a kitten being sold on Craigslist. Violet started off as a very shy cat, but she has come out of her shell in the last month. She enjoys playing with the other cats in her foster home, enjoys being groomed by the other cats and sees nothing wrong with sticking her face right into another cat’s bowl to eat communally even though she always gets her own bowl! Violet would do well in a quiet, peaceful home. Her new family will need patience to help her develop confidence in her new surroundings. She has all her claws and uses scratching posts with great enthusiasm. Violet is looking for a loving home where she can feel safe and loved. She would do well in a home with other friendly cats. Kitten Adoption Fee $200. FOSTERED IN CHICAGO, IL.



COLLIN … is a FLAME POINT RAGDOLL with flame point markings on his ears, face, legs and tail. He is four years old, neutered, current with vaccinations, no litter pan issues and has his claws with a very soft touch. He was an owner surrender and coming into rescue he required minor shaving. Hair grows back! His foster mom has groomed him and he now has a bunny soft coat. They don’t come any softer than this gentleman. He loves being groomed, has a foofie tail, is talkative, constantly purring and is a total snuggle of a lap cat. Collin has one beautiful blue eye. The vet said he was “born this way”. He will need daily wiping with a warm cloth. Having one eye doesn’t affect the amount of love and cuteness this guy has to offer! Collin’s hobbies include hanging out on the cat tree, telling you about his day, spending time with his humans, making biscuits and watching tv. He is a joy to have around and a sweet cat with a sweet personality. He currently resides with one other cat and would do fine with another cat given proper introductions. If it’s a sweet loving cat you are wanting to add to your family, this is your guy! Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN BROOKLYN, WI.



2016-06-19 20.23.40

2016-06-19 20.20.41

BELINDAis a beautiful PIXIE BOB. She is about 6 years old, spayed and has all her claws. She came as an owner surrender because there was no longer any room in the home for her.  She has had a dental and all of her vaccines are up to date.  She loves pets and talks to you wanting attention. She likes the bird on the stick and treats! Her foster mom says, “I have fostered a Pixie Bob before and she has the same wonderful characteristics, the cuddly, compact body, the same little “bleat”, and the characteristic of a dog in a cat’s body. She is a loyal little thing and follows me around the house.” Belinda will do well in a home that can give her the love and the affection she deserves.  ADOPTION FEE $100. FOSTERED IN MADISON, WI.



DOLLY is a wonderful SEAL POINT RAGDOLL. She weighs seven pounds, is just one-and-a-half years old, spayed and 4-paw declawed. Dolly wears a bunny-soft cream coat with striking chocolate points and has jeweled sapphire eyes. This girl was surrendered to a shelter when her owner could no longer care for her. Dolly is a nice girl who knows what she wants, and what she doesn’t. She’s a bit of a talker who loves to tell you about her day. Dolly’s coat is on the silky side, but she will still need regular grooming to stay mat free. Dolly would do best in an adult, cat-experienced home where she would be allowed to be her independent self. Small kids wouldn’t really be appropriate room mates for her. She gets along good with other cats in her foster room, so she’d likely be fine with other furry roomies given proper introductions. She’s an affectionate girl who loves to be petted, but when she’s done, she’s done. And why not? A girl as gorgeous as Dolly can afford to have a mind of her own once in awhile. This stunning girl is waiting by the phone. ADOPTION FEE $250.  FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.



Annie 3 website

Annie 3 tummy


ANNIE 3… is a SEAL POINT SIAMESE with deep blue eyes. Her coat is soft with cool dark shades of chocolate.  Annie is spayed and front declawed.  Do you believe that relationships should be complex, permanent exciting, with just a hint of mystery? Then look no further, because SPCR has just the cat for you. This lean (8lbs) and lovely 5 year old Siamese is a lady with a bit of a past, but she would love to make you the most important part of her future.  Annie prefers to be with people and wants to be at their side, talking about her day, and listening to all they have to say. Loyalty to family is important to her, and her former owner stated that Annie would follow her around like a dog. But the family got a new puppy and rewarded Annie’s devotion by dumping her off at a shelter because she did not get along with the new puppy.   She was terrified at losing her home and being in an unfamiliar place.

After several weeks in a foster home, Annie is ready for a new home and family.  Her foster mom reports that she has shown a desire to be a devoted companion again, is playful, and an excellent student. Annie was taught the hand signals for “play” and “treats.”  She often rolls on her back while making air biscuits, but really does not like to be touched on her tummy. We don’t know why she fears tummy touches. It’s her mysterious side showing.  Though she would prefer to be close by her foster mom, Annie can be content to sit in her cat tree and watch the world go by.

Annie is listed as special needs because she is FIV+.  More informed attitudes and better understanding of the FIV virus have shown us that positive cats can lead long, happy, healthy lives. So sweet Annie is looking for a home as an only cat, one with a respectful, mature canine friend, or with an adult family which already has FIV+ cats.   If you have a heart for Siamese cats, and are willing to give Annie a little time to adjust to another change in her life, she will reward you with all the love and devotion she has to give.   Special Needs Adoption Fee $25.  FOSTERED IN MISHAWAKA, IN. 





TIBERIUS is an awesome eight-year-old SILVER SHADED PERSIAN; he’s neutered and four-paw declawed. This handsome guy wears a traditional silver shaded coat with black tipping, and he has striking emerald eyes encased with breed-standard black eyeliner and brick red nose leather. What a looker! Tiberius, whose grumpy-looking eyes belie the sweet boy that he is, was surrendered to a shelter when his owner could no longer care for him. He’s a super-confident cat who gets along well with others. He loves people and to be petted, yet, he doesn’t mind complaining (grumbling) if something doesn’t suit his fancy. All in all, he’s just a little curmudgeonly on occasion, but watch out, because this guy will steal your heart in the wink of an eye. Tiberius has an easy-care face with little to no eye drainage. He’s currently in a neat lion cut, but as his coat grows out, he will need to be combed regularly to stay mat free. Ti would prefer a Persian experienced, quiet adult home. He gets along great with other cats, and gentle dogs would likely be fine. Silver shadeds don’t come along that often, so seize this chance. Apply for Tiberius today! MATURE ADOPTION FEE $125.  FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.




ROMEO is a wonderful eight-year old SEAL POINT SIAMESE; he’s neutered and front-paw declawed. Romeo, who is aptly named, wears a traditional seal point coat in dark mochas with rich ebony points and looks at the world through sparkling turquoise eyes. This guy is as sweet as he is handsome. What a lover! He’s a champion cuddler who trills with a vocabulary all his own. He rooms well with other fosters, so would likely do fine with one or two other furry roommates given proper introductions. Romeo’s foster mom loves the seal point Siamese boys because they are among the sweetest cats around, and Romeo sure lives up to the tradition. This bomb-proof guy would fit well in most any household. Respectful kids who would shower him with affection would be a dream come true. He’s watching out the window for you. Apply for him today. MATURE ADOPTION FEE $80.  FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.



Itty Bitty 1

DOLLY S (top) and ITTY BITTY (bottom) … are a gorgeous pair of BROWN SPOTTED SAVANNAHS.   They are 3 years old, spayed and have their claws.  The girls are small for their breed: Dolly only weighs about 9 lbs, while Itty Bitty is only 7lbs.  Both girls are very smart, energetic and curious. They love playtime, especially interactive play.    Both girls are a little on the reserved side with strangers, but if you give them a chance to get to know you they are loving and vocal and enjoy being pet.  The girls came in with a third sister, Zoey, who was very dominant and was constantly stirring up trouble with her antics.  Now that Zoey has gone home, Dolly and Itty Bitty are less reserved and much more easy going.  They have learned to get along but are not best friends and would be just as happy if not happier to rule separate fiefdoms.   With proper introductions, either girl would accept a respectful canine or a mellow feline companion.  Respectful children or anyone who can allow them to come around at their own speed while still wielding a fishing pole toy would be a welcome companion.  People experienced with active breeds such as Abyssinians and Bengals will be given preference.  ADOPTION FEE $250 each.  FOSTERED IN MAZOMANIE, WI.






RHI RHI … is a 3 month old TORTI POINT RAGDOLL MIX KITTEN. She is spayed, has her claws and up to date on age appropriate vaccinations. Despite how gorgeous and wonderful she is, Rhi Rhi found herself in an animal control facility as a stray. While waiting for an owner that never came, another special kitten, Scotty (see below) came in and was living next door to her. They decided since they were both young and wild, they would make perfect roommates! But the double sided cage didn’t have a lot of room for activities, so they moved to a bigger place at their foster mom’s house, where there was more room to wrestle and play! Rhi Rhi has a big personality, although she has been a bit overshadowed by Scotty who is even louder! But Rhi Rhi is the winner of “loudest purr” and doesn’t hesitate to start purring as soon as she is petted. She is a bit surprised by new adult cats and hasn’t been around dogs yet, but she is young, bold and impressionable, so she’d likely be fine with with proper introductions. In fact, she isn’t totally set on being roommates with Scotty forever, but she would like another kitten or friendly young cat to wrestle with. Rhi Rhi believes she would be a great addition to a household and how could you resist her beautiful face?! ADOPTION FEE $150.  FOSTERED IN MILWAUKEE, WI.




SCOTTY … is a 6 month old SEAL POINT SNOWSHOE SIAMESE KITTEN. He is neutered, has his claws, and is up to date on age appropriate vaccinations. As with Rhi Rhi (posted above), Scotty was also a stray kitten at an animal control facility that was never claimed. Scotty and Rhi Rhi are good roommates, but Scotty is definitely the life of the party! Despite being a Snowshoe, he is all Siamese when it comes to personality! He’s the type of guy that always needs to be the center of attention. He’s already around 6 pounds, but he’s still all kitten! He likes to wrestle with Rhi Rhi, get into EVERYTHING, and is a good jumper. But don’t let him fool you, he can be a real lover too! Scotty likes to be held on occasion and gives kisses. He would probably do best with a younger playmate of the animal variety, but is not submissive if there is someone already at the top of the totem pole at your house! If you’re looking for some energy to brighten your home, Scotty’s your guy! ADOPTION FEE $200.  FOSTERED IN MILWAUKEE, WI.



ELOISE … is a two year old, 7.5 lb, spayed, blue-eyed WHITE PERSIAN with her claws who’s owner could no longer care for her. She has an easy doll face with no drainage. She enjoys having her hair brushed on your lap a little bit at a time. Some had to be shaved to remove mats, but her amazingly fluffy tail is all there. She will require daily brushing. She loves head scratches and gentle play time. She gets along fine with her other mellow cat roommates. A gentle loving forever home is what this almost kitten is looking for. ADOPTION FEE $250. FOSTERED IN MANITOWOC,  WI.


KIKI is a sweet 7 year old SEAL POINT SIAMESE.  She is spayed, fully vetted, and has her claws.  She was an owner surrender due to family allergies.  She is playful, full of affection and loves tummy pets and will snuggle up anytime for a nap.  She also like being groomed and is loving/loyal to her friend, Boy (see below) who is also up for adoption and coming from the same home.  She is great with older kids and would do fine with respectful cats and a low key respectful dog.  Kiki is also excellent with the litter box. She is truly a sweet and loving cat and would be a great addition to a loving home. MATURE ADOPTION FEE $100.  FOSTERED IN WHITEFISH BAY, WI.



BOY is a 7 year old SEAL POINT SIAMESE.  He is neutered and is front paw declawed.  He is an owner surrender due to family allergies from the same residence as Kiki (see above).  He is handsome, regal and somewhat reserved at first.  However, he warms up quickly and is sweet and lovable. He enjoys being groomed and loves tummy and neck scratches. Boy is also excellent with the litter box.  While he has done well with older children, other respectful cats and a low-key dog, Boy would prefer a low-key environment.  His foster home is very busy and it has given him a some mild anxiety.  He would be a great addition to a calm, loving home. MATURE ADOPTION FEE $100.  FOSTERED IN WHITEFISH BAY, WI.


JOSE … is an adorable ~2 year old 7 pound BLUE POINT SIAMESE boy. He is neutered and has his claws.  He is very gentle, curious and easygoing, gets along well with other animals, and is a real snuggler. He loves people; he will chat with you in greeting, and he has a purr that won’t quit. He has a lot of energy, and would do best in a household that will provide him with attention and stimulation as he is very sad being alone in the foster room, and sometimes sings us sad songs when he is alone too long. He would love to have another young cat friend that wants to play, or a family that will play with him a lot, or a dog that will be his friend. He would be great with kids, but maybe not really young kids. This is a super sweet kitty who is just longing for a family that will love him! ADOPTION FEE $150. FOSTERED ON WAUKESHA, WI.


Honey 2


HONEY … is a lovely FLAME POINT PERSIAN MIX. She is 4 years old, spayed, has her claws and weighs about eight pounds. Honey is an easy going, affectionate snuggle bunny.  She has a beautiful, plush coat in shades of pumpkin and cream with HUGE blue eyes.  Honey came from a multi-cat household whose owners were overwhelmed after a death in the family.  She has always lived with other cats in a fairly busy home.  She is very good with other cats and is looking for a home with at least one other non-dominant cat.   She is dog tolerant and would do very well older children who would cuddle with her and offer the occasional play session.  ADOPTION FEE $100.  FOSTERED IN SPRING GREEN, WI.  at Spring Green Animal Hospital (, which generously donates space for our cats.  Honey can be seen at Spring Green Animal Hospital during any open hours.  Those interested must fill out an adoption application form like any of our other rescue cats.



TITAN (GREY TABBY MAINE COON MIX, top) and VOLTRON (LYNX POINT MAINE COON MIX, bottom) are 8 year old brothers.  They are neutered and have their claws.  They were literally left on a church doorstep as kittens and lived with the same family for 8 years. They have been well cared for and are in good health, with good teeth, but, due to changing circumstances, they are in need of a loving home. Titan is 15+ pounds with slight apricot touches here and there, and pretty green eyes. He could probably stand to lose a little weight, but he is a very comfortable confident couch potato cat. He puts up with his brother, with the dog coming into the room, and with other cats, but is also just fine on his own. He likes people, enjoys being pet, but is not extremely demanding of attention.  He will let you know if you ignore him too much, and will ask for pets as his due. He likes to be up high looking over his domain, and he sleeps on the feet of his foster people. Voltron is an 11 pound beauty with vibrant blue eyes, striking lynx point markings, and a fluffy, fluffy tail. He is a very sweet kitty, and he really enjoys attention, and will ask for pets and affection. He will chat with you, and he really likes following us around and just hanging out with us. Fine with kids and other cast, he would be fine with a cat friendly dog given a proper introduction. His brother, who has the weight advantage, doesn’t let him sleep on the bed, but he might enjoy being more of a snuggler if allowed to.These boys are brothers and they get along okay. Though Titan periodically puts Voltron in his place, they also periodically groom each other.  They are not strongly bonded, so although they could go to a single home, they would be fine to separate, as well. MATURE ADOPTION FEE $80 each or $100 for the pair. FOSTERED IN WAUKESHA, WI.







CINDERS … is a 2 year old SEAL POINT SIAMESE who came to Allouez Animal Hospital due to her fear of almost everyone and everything. Once the vets at Allouez met her, they believed she was not without hope and offered to take her on as a “clinic cat”. After about a month of socializing with the team at Allouez and making good progress she was introduced to a 6 week old kitten “Tony” who was found without a mother. The two were bonded immediately! After adopting Tony, Cinders has become more confident and loves to play and cuddle. Because of their bond they will need to be adopted together and to a home that is willing to go slow with Cinders. Once she adjusts to the people and sounds of a household she will become a wonderful forever companion and Tony will never fail to amuse with his antics! ADOPTION FEE $175 for the pair. LOCATED IN GREEN BAY, WI. For more information or to adopt, please contact Allouez Animal Hospital @ 920-337-2266.



A Place for “Regular” Cats to Find Good Homes Too!


This part of the website is for domestics that have come into our program because they are part of a pair (one of which was a purebred) or some other reason having to do with our admission process.  Please DO NOT ASK US TO TAKE YOUR DOMESTIC BECAUSE WE CANNOT.  We have very limited space even for purebred cats and have to keep those spaces open for them.


NELSON… is a beautiful  WHITE DOMESTIC SHORT HAIRED cat. He’s about 1 year old, neutered, has gorgeous blue eyes (he hears just fine!), a silky coat, and has his claws. Nelson is a super sweet boy who loves to play, and be petted and loved – and he will return your love with purrs, head butts, and cuddles. He gets along with everyone – including gentle dogs and cats. Nelson came from a very stressful situation with an aggressive dog, and soon after coming into rescue, he developed urinary blockage. He is special needs because he needs to have a medication (1/2 pill per day, put in his food), and special food for urinary care. He does use his litter box 100% and is thriving in foster care.  Special Needs Adoption fee $25. FOSTERED IN SHEBOYGAN, Wi




MARY JANE…is a darling BROWN TABBY AND WHITE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTEN. She is 9 months old, spayed, has her claws and weighs around 6 petite pounds. She has a short, easy coat in tans and white, and lovely green eyes. MJ came from an overcrowded private shelter where she lived in pretty awful conditions before she came to SPCR.  However that certainly didn’t dampen her spirits and she has been delighting her foster mom ever since she arrived. MJ was born with a spinal deformity that gives her a stub tail like a bunny and she kinda walks like one too (see her video below). It does not hurt or affect her in any way and she should have a perfectly normal, pain-free lifespan. She uses the litterbox 100%, gets around everywhere the other cats do and runs and plays just fine. If anything she’s a bit of a conversation piece…”say, was that a cat or a rabbit that just ran by?” :) Mary Jane is super friendly and gets along great with other cats that don’t dominate or overwhelm her. She enjoys gentle play, loves attention and would be a wonderful, loving family cat. She is in a home with cat-friendly dogs and gets along fine with them. Respectful kids would be no problem.  This special little girl could really use a great home of her own! Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $25. FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.




LUCY is a 14 week old RED FEMALE TABBY DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTEN (yes, an red girl!). Only 20% of red kitties are female. She is spayed, has her claws, and weighs 3.5 lbs. LIZZY is a solid BLUE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTEN.  She is 14 weeks old female with gorgeous copper eyes. She is spayed, has her claws, and weighs 3.5 lbs. Both girls were rescued as orphans at only 3wks old. They have been lovingly raised in foster care since. Both are playful, rambunctious kittens who also have a softer side. They are great at being held and cuddled. The girls do not have to go home together but get along really well if you’re looking for a ready pair. Kittens are always better in pairs. MIXED BREED ADOPTION FEE $75 each or $125 for the pair. FOSTERED IN DUBUQUE, IOWA.



MIKEY … is a BROWN TICKED TABBY DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR. He is two years old, neutered and has his claws. He weighs seven pounds.  Mikey was rescued by a good Samaritan from a house with too many cats and found his way to SPCR. He lost one eye due to infection and has very limited vision in his other eye, but it does not slow him down at all.   He is very playful and active, like any other young cat.  Mikey is very good with adult cats but he does not like kittens.  He would be fine with or without other kitty buddies as he is people-oriented.  He will follow his foster mom around and requires a furever home which will give him a lot of love and attention. ADOPTION FEE $25.  FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.  




MASON is a BROWN TABBY DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR.  He is 6 years old, neutered and has his claws. This handsome, super nice cat came into another rescue with severely infected, rupturing eyes that both had to be removed. Mason was moved to us when the other rescue called it quits and this guy had nowhere to go.  He is a very friendly and easy-going cat.  His lack of vision does not stop him and he can go anywhere the other foster cats travel.  In fact, he is great with other cats.  However, he does have to learn his environment and it cannot constantly change with toys scattered about.  For this reason, a home with young children would not be suitable for him. ADOPTION FEE $25.  FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.  




WILLIE (top) and NELSON (bottom) … are 4 month old BLACK AND WHITE TUXEDO DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTENS. They are neutered and have their claws.  Willie and Nelson are awesome kittens: super busy, social, playful. At 4 months old, they are BUSY! They have awesome markings, and purr all the time. Willie  has a condition that causes his penis to stick out just a tiny little bit. This is improving as he grows, and the vet feels that it will probably continue to improve and not be an issue at all. If it does not change, Willie might be more prone to urinary tract infections, so his development should be monitored. However, he has not had any issues thus far.  Nelson has more white on his face, and loves to snuggle in laps, on his back, with his feet up in the air. These kids do not have to go together, but they absolutely MUST have a playmate to keep them busy, and they are a perfect pair! KITTEN ADOPTION FEE $75 each or $125 for the pair.  FOSTERED IN MILWAUKEE, WI.


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ZIGGY is a wonderful GRAY TABBY AND WHITE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR. He is around 8 years old, neutered, front declawed and weighs around 11 solid pounds.  He has an easy gray and white coat and amazing emerald green eyes.  Ziggy is a survivor, as you can tell by his ragged (and adorable) ears.  Life has only started being good for this happy boy and now all he needs is to find that purrfect FurrEver home where he will be loved the way he always should have been.  Ziggy came to the attention of SPCR when a volunteer saw him sitting in a shelter with a coat lousy from malnutrition and a face naked from environmental allergies.  She could tell what a great personality he had and knew he wouldn’t have a good chance of being adopted there so she brought Ziggy to our attention and he was whisked up to foster care.  Fast forward a few months and lots of quality cat food and daily allergy medication and Ziggy’s face is fully furred and he is no longer endlessly itchy and uncomfortable.  He just received a perfect bill of health and is ready for a loving home!  Ziggy is an easy-going, friendly, happy guy who gets along great with everyone and LOVES to play sparkle ball soccer!  He’s a bit shy with new cats (probably due to his being a stray before) but with proper introductions does just fine.  He could be an excellent family cat for respectful kids and would adapt quickly to loving people.  He just needs his daily oral (liquid) allergy medication and people who care about him! Special Needs Adoption Fee $25. FOSTERED IN MADISON, WI. AT EAST TOWNE PET CLINIC (, WHICH GENEROUSLY DONATES SPACE FOR OUR CATS. ZIGGY CAN BE SEEN AT EAST TOWNE DURING ANY OPEN HOURS. Those interested must fill out an adoption application form like any of our other rescue cats.



BITSY is a 13 week old BLUE AND WHITE BICOLOR DOMESTIC SHORT HAIR KITTEN. She is spayed, has her claws, and weighs around 3 pounds. Bitsy came from a shelter and is a happy, healthy and spunky little kitten. She is very lean with long legs and unique gray patches on her back. She is great with respectful children, other cats and small dogs. She doesn’t mind being held and loves to cuddle when she is tired. She would be best with another kitten or young cat to play with as she is fostered with a 6 week old kitten and they keep each other entertained very well. She is micro-chipped, up-to-date on all her shots, and ready to go to her new home. Kitten Adoption Fee $75. FOSTERED IN WAUKEGAN, IL.



BENJAMIN is an outgoing BLACK AND WHITE BICOLOR DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTEN.  He is 14 weeks old, neutered and has his claws.  He is all white except for his darling, solid black tail.  Benjamin showed up at a Chicago animal shelter with a broken leg.  While we don’t know how he broke his leg, we do know that he as received the best foster care with SPCR.  He has spent several weeks in a cast and is almost completely healed.  He still has the remains of a limp but it does not slow him down. He plays hard, like any other kitten, and is very energetic.  He is very friendly and gets along very well with other cats but, given his high energy levels, he would be too much for an older, sedate feline who would find him a very pesky youngster.  He is also fine with dogs that do not bother him.  Benjamin is a great little boy who would do well in many families.  Please consider giving him a forever home.  MIXED BREED KITTEN ADOPTION FEE $50.  FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.


ABNER  is a super cute RED TABBY AND WHITE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR KITTEN. He is about 12 weeks old, is neutered and has his claws. He has all age-appropriate vaccinations and is microchippped.  He currently weighs just over 3 pounds and growing. He has gorgeous deep golden eyes and a silky soft coat. He also has a fun white tip on his right ear. Abner came to SPCR from a sad situation where all of his litter mates had passed. Luckily SPCR was there to rescue other cats and rescued Abner as well. After a good bath and some healthy food he turned into this beautiful healthy kitten. Abner is confident, curious, friendly, affectionate, playful and great with kids, cats and dogs. He is confident enough to try to make friends with other cats, but learns quickly which cats he can be friends with and which ones to leave alone. He is respectful of the more dominant cats in his foster home. Abner is already great at sharpening his claws only on the cat tree or the cardboard cat scratcher. Abner is quiet except for his very loud purr. He likes to sleep on the bed with his foster mom and nudges her nose and hand when she wakes up and he is ready for attention. He loves to have his nose and belly rubbed. Abner would do well in any home situation. As he is still a kitten and is very playful, families with small children should be cautious for accidental nips or scratches while playing. MIXED BREED KITTEN ADOPTION FEE $75. FOSTERED IN ANTIOCH, IL.


These are cats that WILL be available for adoption shortly and may or may not already be in foster care. You are welcome to inquire or put in an application on them.   BE SURE TO CHECK OUR FACEBOOK PAGE WHERE WE PREVIEW MANY CATS AS WELL!






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