Purebred Adults (1-6 years): $150-$300

Purebred Kittens (under 1 year): $175-$350

Mature (7+ years) and Special Needs: $50-$125

Mixed breed kittens (under 1 year): $50-$150

Mixed breed adults (1-7 years): $50-$125

Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, feline leukemia/FIV testing, distemper vaccination, microchipping, deworming, flea-free, grooming, temperament testing and often full dental cleanings. Older cats may have had blood panels to assure health.

This is a very active rescue and listings can change DAILY.

If a cat is listed on this website it is available for adoption (unless it has “application pending” listed on it, which means we are no longer taking applications on that cat).

2013 ADOPTIONS: 585

2014 ADOPTIONS: 644

2015 ADOPTIONS: 376

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I went home to Grays Lake, Il.!

HIGGINS…is a stunning SHOW QUALITY NATURAL MINK TONKINESE.  He is around 6 years old, neutered and has his claws. He weighs around 8 pounds and has a satiny plush chocolate coat (darker than the photo) and AMAZING pale bluish eyes. Higgins came from a home where he was very loved and well cared for, but the resident dogs were threatening his safety and his owner decided he was better off in a dog-free environment.  He has been an absolute pleasure to foster as he is super sweet, loving and of course amazingly beautiful to look at! :) Higgins starts off shy with new people and new environments and needs time to get used to things. Once he does he is just the NICEST GUY and will certainly be someone’s best friend for sure! He is not talkative, moderately active and excellent with other cats. He would probably be ok with a quiet dog that would ignore him. The best home for him would be quiet, adult and doting. :) DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS RARE BREED! Adoption Fee $250. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.



CALLIE… is an adorable 8-year old AMERICAN BOBTAIL. She is spayed, weighs 8 pounds and has her claws. Callie came to us because her family moved and she couldn’t go. She is a super sweet girl who loves to be petted! And what a looker beautiful Callie is. She wears a stunning coat comprised of black, gold, orange and white swirls, accented by brilliant white whiskers and the most amazing green eyes on the planet! Callie was sad when she first arrived at Wolf Crossing, because she missed her home and family of the past five years, but she has slowly warmed up to her new foster home and family, and she is even enjoying her tiny little Siamese kitten roommate! Callie is a sweet social girl who loves people and would likely do fine with one or two other felines given proper introductions. Callie lived with a six year old child in the past, so respectful children would be fine. Callie is a special girl looking for a special family. She’s a doll! Adoption fee $100. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.



Bijoux 1 (2)

Bijoux 2 (2)


BIJOUX… is a gorgeous BLUE POINT MITTED RAGDOLL.  He is 12 years young, weighs about 11 lbs, is very friendly, neutered and front paw declawed.   He’s had senior blood panels taken and passed with flying colors.  Bijoux loves nothing more than to sit next to his person and get chin scritches.  This poor boy lived with his family of children, dogs and a sibling until a grandchild came along.  Then in February Bijoux and his sibling were given up.  Bijoux went to an elderly women who let him sleep in her lap every night while she slept in her recliner.  She loved him very much during the short time that he was with her but unfortunately, she had major surgery and could no longer care for him.  Bijoux loves to chat with his person and follow them around to see what they are doing.  With proper introductions, he would do well with a dog or cat that would not pick on him. He is listed as Special Needs because he has an ulcer on his right eye, however it does not affect his eye sight. He does need to have eye drops whenever it acts up to help keep it under control.  Bijoux really deserves to have a loving home of his own, he has plenty of love to give!  Special Needs/Mature Adoption Fee $25. THIS LOVING BOY CAN BE SEEN IN PEWAUKEE, WI.


Victoria1 (3)

VICTORIA… is an adorable SEAL POINT HIMALAYAN.  She is 8 years young, front paw declawed and very tiny at just 5 lbs. She was recently spayed and had a dental done. Victoria can be a bit shy but warms up given time. Her ideal home would be a quiet one but can be in with older respectful children. No young children, she seems to be afraid of them. She might be ok with a laid back cat who wouldn’t bother her. Dogs would probably be too much for her. Victoria has a small cyst by her left eye, but she was thoroughly checked out and is fine. It does not bother her or her vision, it is just too close to her eye to be removed. Would you be the one to give her a loving home? Mature Adoption Fee $80. FOSTERED IN JANESVILLE, WI


IMG_20150818_124134339 (2)

IMG_20150818_124151426 (2)


ROBBIE… is a playful LYNX POINT SIAMESE MIX and GROVER… is a delightful BROWN MARBLED TABBY with cool swirl patterns.  They came from an Indiana shelter only days old with their other siblings (adopted) and their momma. The kittens would have been put under, but due to their momma’s extremely friendly nature, they were given a chance and were rescued. Robbie and Grover are good with other cats and they love the family dog.  They love cuddles and of course playtime, and are used to being held and snuggled. They have liked everyone they’ve met and would sit with or on people and “chat” with them. Grover’s personality (and his coat) is very similar to that of a Bengal, so he will need plenty of social interaction as he is very curious and, just like his momma, quite intelligent and athletic. Robbie’s personality is calmer, more like her Siamese background, but is also intelligent, curious and athletic, and as kittens, they are extremely busy. Plenty of mental and physical activities would be expected to keep them happy and healthy. A home with other pets, especially young cats or a cat friendly dog looking for company would be ideal. They DO NOT HAVE TO GO HOME TOGETHER, but would make a wonderful pair as energetic bundles of nonstop entertainment!  Mix Breed Kitten Adoption Fee $100 each or $175 for the pair.  FOSTERED IN WAUKESHA, WI.



Vinny new (2)


VINNY… is a gentle 3 year old CHOCOLATE POINT SIAMESE. He weighs about 9 lbs, is neutered and front declawed. He was brought into rescue from an animal control shelter. Vinny’s eyes may look a little peculiar but isn’t his face endearing! His eyes have been checked several times by the vets and they did not find anything wrong with them. They may not ever be wide open but he sees just fine. He was probably just born that way! :) Vinny is very laid back, good with other cats, and even babies. He would do fine with respectful kids. Vinny would be a great family cat! Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL





WESLEY… is a sweet SHADED SILVER PERSIAN. He is neutered, has his claws, will be 7 years old in December, and weighs about 9 pounds. Wesley’s full name is Wesley Alexander, and he is a registered purebred Persian purchased from a breeder. He has beautiful emerald green eyes and is growing out of a lion cut. He has a thick cottony coat that needs regular brushing to maintain it, or keep it clipped. He does tolerate short periods of brushing. Wesley is a high maintenance kitty. His eyes are drippy and need daily cleaning. He has a very tiny meow that makes him irresistible and he really enjoys being pet. You would think that a purchased, registered, purebred Persian would be cherished forever. Not poor Wesley. Lucky for him, one of our SPCR followers spotted him listed on a Facebook page under “Stuff for Sale” and took action to go get him. She was successful – thank goodness – because he was headed to go live in a barn where he wouldn’t last a day. Wesley has been in three different inappropriate homes since May and his foster momma PROMISED him she would find the PERFECT home for HIM, where he would be cherished and this would be his last move. A home experienced with the maintenance needs of Persians will be preferred. Wesley likes young children, but does not want to live with them. He is laid back and low key and prefers a home like this. He does well with a cat-friendly dog. He does fine with other easy-going cats that would not bully him. He likes catnip and gets a little playful with sparkle balls. He is just a beautiful love and a joy to have around! ADOPTION FEE $100. FOSTERED IN GREEN BAY, WI.




ELEVEN… (yes, that’s his name) is a gorgeous four-year-old male FLAME POINT HIMALAYAN. He weighs 12 ½ pounds, is neutered and front-paw declawed. Wowza, what a sweet boy this handsome one is!! He wears an easy silky cream coat with a hint of pastel orange on his points. And look at those baby blues! Yep, Eleven has it all — good looks and charm. Super sweet and friendly. How does a cat like this end up in rescue? Your guess is as good as ours. He came to us from an Indiana shelter with no history. What we do know: Once you meet this charmer you won’t want to live without him. Eleven would be a welcome fit in most household. His silky coat is easy care but will need occasional combing. And his eyes need daily care to stay their beautiful best. But that’s okay, because he’s super good about having them cleaned. Respectful kids? Eleven would love ‘em! Other nice cats? Purrrrfect! Eleven is a perfect 10! Adoption Fee $200. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.



EDGAR and GOLDIE… are 10 year old PUREBRED WHITE AMERICAN SHORTHAIRS. They came into rescue as an owner/breeder surrender. Edgar (left) is a beautiful retired show cat with stunning eyes.  He is neutered and has his claws. He’s about 13 pounds with a beautiful, soft, pure white coat.  He is shy at first but is very friendly and playful once he gets to know his surroundings and humans.  He taps his foster’s arm when he wants pets and attention and plops on the floor for tummy rubs. Goldie (right), also a retired show cat, is a smaller version of Edgar with huge golden eyes and a pure white coat.  She is very shy but eventually comes out of her hiding spots for some tummy rubs and play time.  She has her claws and is spayed. Goldie and Edgar have been together since they were born in 2005 so I think keeping them together is important, and it’s so cute when they snuggle together.   They would do great together in a quiet home with mild mannered cats and with respectful older children. For more info on AMERICAN SHORTHAIRS, go to Edgar and Goldie are fully vetted and very healthy. These are great cats! Mature Adoption Fee for the pair $75. FOSTERED IN ROCKFORD, IL


Brandy updated (2)


BRANDY… is a gorgeous seven-year-old SEAL POINT HIMALAYAN. She’s spayed and has her claws. A petite girl at six pounds, Brandy was found as a stray and turned in to an Iowa shelter.  Her gorgeous coat is a blend of rich dark chocolate and mocha with ebony points and she has blue-green eyes. She’s currently in a too cute lion cut. Brandy is a sweet, friendly girl who loves to be petted and sit on laps. She would prefer a quiet, adult household and would likely do fine with one or two other cats given proper introductions. Toddlers or dogs who might chase her would be too much for gentle Brandy. She is listed as special needs because Brandy has extremely dry eyes, as you can see in her photo. She needs to have artificial tears and a prescription ointment applied to her eyes 3-4 times a day. It’s possible she will need eye care indefinitely. But she’s very good about having the drops put in her eyes and they make her feel soooo much better! Her gorgeous coat will need regular maintenance or she will need to be kept in a short cut. Her bags are packed and she’s ready to go home.  Mature/Special Needs Adoption Fee $25. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL. 



Joey 2

Joey 3 (4)


JOEY… is a gorgeous BLUE POINT SIAMESE.  He is around 2 years old, neutered and has all his claws.  He weighs about 8 lbs and has a thick, soft coat and big blue eyes.  Joey was surrendered by his owner when they moved to a place where pets weren’t allowed.  Joey did not adjust well to shelter life and after a month of withdrawing and hiding from people, he came to SPCR and his foster family.  Joey has now adjusted to being in a home again and he gets along well with his foster cat roommates.  He seems to have never seen a dog before, so he’s very wary of his foster family’s dog, but would probably do fine with a dog that ignores him.  Joey loves his foster family and enjoys nothing more than to be petted or brushed.  He will also give you good, solid head-butt when he wants attention or will rub back and forth against your legs!  He is a very sweet companion that needs patience with new places, but has no qualms about meeting new people on his turf.  Joey would do best in a quiet home with older children, and as an only pet or with other easy-going pets. Adoption Fee $150.  FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.




SHELIA… is a gorgeous 12 year old PERSIAN. She is spayed and has her claws. She has big green/gold eyes, and a soft gray and white coat that is currently growing out of a lion’s cut. She has a flat doll face with minimal eye drainage and no breathing issues. She just had a dental cleaning and the vet said that she is in great health! Shelia was given to SPCR when her owner developed allergies and could no longer keep her. She was very sad during her first few weeks in rescue… she would always allow herself to be pet and held, but you tell that she was bummed about losing her home. We know that this gentle girl will blossom into an amazing cat after she gets into a home of her own and feels loved and secure again. She needs a quiet home that will give her lots of love and time to adjust at her own pace. Her former owner said that she was a happy girl who would follow him around and liked to be near humans. You can see from her video that she is a friendly girl. But she may be afraid and hide at first so she will need time to adjust. She is fine with other gentle cats. Dogs or kids would be too much for her. We hope there is a kind soul out there who can give this sweet girl a loving forever home. Mature Adoption Fee $50. FOSTERED IN RIVER FOREST, IL.



MUNIE… is a sweet and playful TUXEDO MUNCHKIN/ BURMESE MixShe is around 7 years old,  spayed and has her claws. She is a petite girl who barely looks bigger than a kitten, weighing in at just under 6 lbs. Yes folks, believe it or not a Burmese and a Munchkin got together to make this lovely little girl, and we know it to be true because she came to us from a breeder who was downsizing her collection. Munie has the Burmese personality, coat and intelligence and her Munchkin dad’s coloration (her legs are normal length) so she is quite the mix and match! :) She is a very healthy, active kitty who is sweet natured and loves attention. Munie is also VERY playful and adores toys and interacting with her people. She is very outgoing, inquisitive and loves to get into mischief. She is currently being fostered with several other kitty roommates, including an adult male and a 3 month old kitten, and gets along very well with them. She seems unfazed by dogs. She would be a great fit in ANY HOME! Mature Adoption Fee $80 FOSTERED AT Spring Green Animal Hospital IN SPRING GREEN, WI WHICH GENEROUSLY DONATES SPACE TO SHOW OUR AVAILABLE ANIMALS. MUNIE CAN BE SEEN DURING ANY OPEN HOURS.




OSCAR… is an adorable 2 year old PERSIAN.  He is neutered and has his claws.  He weighs 8 pounds and has a flat face with big orange eyes.  His gray and white coat is currently shaved in a cute lion’s cut.  Oscar was used in a backyard breeding situation and then listed on Craigslist when the breeder fell on hard times.  A concerned and caring person saw the ad and rescued him with the intent of transferring him to SPCR to find a loving forever home.  Oscar is a very affectionate and friendly guy who will provide a lucky adopter with years of love!  He is the total package – he loves to play, loves humans, and will probably be a lap cat after he gets comfortable in his new home.  He is a bit talkative around meal time but is otherwise a quiet and well-mannered guy. He loves feather and string toys.  He gives head butts and rolls around for belly rubs.  He’s just a total cutie who is glad to be done with breeding and on his way to a new life!  Oscar would be fine with kids and would probably be okay with a dog who would ignore him.  He was recently neutered and the female cats in foster care did not like him, perhaps because he was still emitting hormones.  He could perhaps be around other cats in the future when his hormones settle down, but he needs to be an only-cat for the time being.  But he is so loving that you’ll be thrilled with him alone! Oscar does have some brown eye drainage, so he will need to have his face wiped daily.  He can also leave some small brown spots on the floor when he sneezes. Please consider giving this loving little fellow the forever home that he deserves!  Adoption Fee $200. FOSTERED IN RIVER FOREST, IL.




I went home to Chicago!

MIA… is a gorgeous TORTI-POINT HIMALAYAN. She is around 7 years old, spayed, and has her claws.  Mia originally came to SPCR as an owner-surrender after a family member developed allergies. Having spent nearly her entire life in one home, Mia was initially not very happy in rescue and was understandably a bit shy at first. Since that point, Mia has warmed up in her foster home and now seeks out chin scratches and belly rubs. She is an independent gal, and likes to receive attention on her own terms. She is quite playful and LOVES catnip, as well as playing with the cat charmer. Mia has a dense coat that will likely require regular trips to the groomer, as she does not relish brushing and does mat fairly easily. She is currently sporting a lion cut, which is growing out; her full coat is beautiful and can be seen in one of her pictures. Otherwise, she is a pretty easy keeper, needing only her eyes cleaned every few days. Mia recently had a dental and full bloodwork done, which indicated she is in perfect health. Mia would do best in an adult-only, cat-experienced home, as she can be a bit of a diva and needs someone capable of reading her signals and earning her trust. She has lived with other cats, but seems to prefer being alone, so a house with no other pets would be best. Don’t miss out on this beauty! Mature Adoption Fee $80. FOSTERED IN CHICAGO, IL




Magnus 2


MAGNUS… is a handsome CREAM PERSIAN. He is only 4 years old, neutered, has his claws, and weighs about 8 pounds. He has the most gorgeous big gold eyes, and his cute ear tufts make him look a little like Yoda. We don’t have any information on Magnus because he came to us from a shelter where he was picked up off the streets. When he first came into foster care he was badly matted, so he is now sporting a cute lion cut. He was also extremely shy, however, since he has been in foster care he has learned to trust people again, and has come out of his shell. He likes to play with toys, and loves to help you when you are working on your laptop. :) He likes to have the top of his head scratched, under his chin, his belly and his little nose rubbed. He will probably give you kitty kisses on your hand when you scratch his belly. He has been with one other cat in his foster home. The best home for him would be a quiet adult home with no small children or dogs. He tends to bully other cats so needs to be a ONE AND ONLY KITTY IN THE HOUSEHOLD. This sweet, gentle boy is micro-chipped and up-to-date on all his shots, and uses his litter box 100%. Adoption Fee $200. FOSTERED IN MUKWONAGO, WI.


WILLIE… is a handsome BLUE AND WHITE BICOLOR MUNCHKINHe is around 7 years old,  neutered and has his claws. He is a solid 9 pounds with a fluffy, easy, medium-length coat and bright blue eyes.  He has a silky, medium length coat. Willie is a very sweet guy and loves to rubbed and pet. He loves to explore as he scampers around on his short little legs. He is an independent, friendly, low maintenance kitty who would be a great friend. He can be dominant with other male cats but seems to get along with females and kittens great! Willie came to us from a breeder who was downsizing her numbers and Willie came to us with an  untreated ear infection that has left him with a crinkled left ear. His infection is gone and he’s very healthy and happy, but the crinkled ear will have to be cleaned now and then as it could otherwise get infected since there is restricted air flow.  A dog that would ignore him would be ok. He would love respectful children! Mature Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED AT Spring Green Animal Hospital IN SPRING GREEN, WI WHICH GENEROUSLY DONATES SPACE TO SHOW OUR AVAILABLE ANIMALS. WILLIE CAN BE SEEN DURING ANY OPEN HOURS.


Ollie (2)


OLLIE… is a gorgeous 5 year old SNOWSHOE SIAMESE. He is neutered and has his claws.  Ollie is a big guy, coming in at 13 pounds.  He has such big, blue eyes that are stunning against his beautiful coat. Ollie is not a highly energetic cat but does enjoy playing.  However, his preference is for the toys to come to him instead of making the effort to get them.  Ollie’s favorite activity is to sit with his human and receive affection.  He’d rub on his foster mom until he gets her full attention, and that’s when the purring begins.  Ollie’s history with other animals is unknown, but he currently has a feline roommate and they get along fabulously.  Ollie had been shown the family dog and he was very curious.  There didn’t seem to be any fear or aggression.  Kids would be great for Ollie as long as they are respectful to animals.  He will need his new person to monitor his feeding because Ollie doesn’t seem to know when he has had enough. Ollie is a big lover who would do well in most homes. Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED ON DE PERE, WI.


Mercedes and Pixie (3)

Pixie (2)


MERCEDES AND PIXIE… are two-year old RAGDOLL MIX sisters. They are sweet as can be.

MERCEDES (TOP) has slightly longer fur with beautiful cream and torti bicolor coat, and blue eyes. She is spayed and has her claws. Sweet Mercedes loves attention and affection. She enjoys playing a game of string (or feather on a string). Her coat was a little matted when she came in, so she’s sporting a cool summer trim in some areas. Her coat will grow back and be fairly low maintenance as long as she’s brushed (which she’s fine with). Mercedes is a delicate lady. She eats slowly, uses the litterbox quite discretely, and weighs a mere 7.5 pounds. The only risk with Mercedes is loving her too much. She’s a little timid at first, but is quick to warm up.  PIXIE has a slightly shorter fur with a beautiful masked face and blue eyes. She is spayed and has her claws. Pixie is very timid, but very sweet and warm once she’s comfortable. If you give her time she’ll reward you by jumping up on your lap. Pixie is curious, smart, and playful, yet mellow. She loves playing soccer with crinkle balls, and even carries them around the house in her mouth. Pixie is a very well behaved and clean lady, she is thorough when grooming herself.  Her fur is soft and low maintenance, but she’ll let you comb her a bit if she needs it. She was just under 7 pounds when she arrived at SPCR. She’s a healthy eater, and seems to speak English, because she listens when you say “no more.”

Their former owner suggested they both would be ok with dogs and other cats, and they have been around children 5-17 years old. Her foster thinks that could be the case as long as Pixie and Mercedes are given enough time to get acclimated and acquainted to animals and children. The sweet Ragdoll sisters do get along well, but they don’t have to go home together. Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $100 each or $175 for the pair. FOSTERED IN MONONA, WI


toby face2

Tobynew (2)

TOBY… is an 8 year old LILAC POINT SIAMESE, neutered and has his claws.  Toby unfortunately lost his owner when she passed away.  He stayed in the apartment alone for 2 months.  As things were packed up and moved out, Toby became stressed.  When he came into the foster home he was so frazzled and couldn’t take any more.  He was used to being king of his castle and slowly that all crumbled.  When he stopped eating he was taken to the vet, and found to have an ear infection and a horrible mouth of teeth, but could only attribute the lack of appetite to a broken heart.  Nevertheless, the foster family got him back on track, had Toby’s dental completed, and gave lots of time, patience, and love.  Toby now has really come around to being very loving and outgoing!  He rubs on his foster person and enjoys any amount of affection he can get.  He’d roll over on his back because he especially loves belly rubs!  The purring has returned and his eating is completely back to normal.  When Toby is picked up, he’d melt into your arms.  A dog and young children would be too much for him.  If he had a feline companion, he could adapt – he is currently rooming with another kitty and gets along fine.  Toby still has a mindset of royalty, he seems to think he needs servants to pamper him.  Would you be the one?  :D  Mature Adoption Fee $80. FOSTERED IN DE PERE, WI.


Happy1 (2)

HAPPY… is a gorgeous KORAT.  She is a year old, spayed, has her claws, and weighs about 6 pounds. Happy originally came from a breeder in Missouri and ended up coming to rescue when her mom decided she had too many cats. This is an EXTREMELY RARE BREED that we have only seen in this rescue maybe once in 15 years! (for more information about them please go to and click on the breed categories).   Happy has a short silver tipped coat of blue and amber eyes with a greenish cast that should become more green as she matures.  She can be quite shy in new situations but once she settles in, she lives up to her name.  Happy is affectionate, curious and playful.  She is a lap kitty who loves head scratches almost as much as her feather toy which she will chase around for as long as you are willing to keep it moving.  She is good with other cats and would do well with a playmate. She is used to dogs.  Older respectful children would be fine.  Adoption Fee $350. FOSTERED IN MAZOMANIE, WI.


Mochi2 (2)

MOCHI…is a lovely BLUE LYNXPOINT SNOWSHOE SIAMESE. He is around 3 years old, neutered and has his claws. He weighs about 10 pounds. His points are a creamy gray with slightly darker stripes.  He has bright blue eyes and white mittens on all four feet.  Mochi was brought in to a local shelter by someone who supposedly found him.  He was terrified and overwhelmed by the shelter environment.  In foster, he started out scared, but once he warms up, he is very friendly and vocal.  He loves to be pet and to play.  He begs for attention and thoroughly enjoys interactive play.   He is nervous around other cats and would do best as an only kitty in a stable household.  The best home for him would be quiet, adult and cat experienced. Dogs and kids would be too much for him.  He would be a faithful loving companion for anyone willing to give him time to settle in.  Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN MAZOMANIE, WI




mandu2-8-16-15 (2)


MANDU… is a boisterous ebony ORIENTAL SHORTHAIR.  He is neutered, has his claws, weighs about 9 pounds and is 2 years old. He’s got bright green eyes and a handsome, slick ebony coat. WHAT a guy!  Mandu is exactly what one would expect from a regal boy like this.  He is active, curious, affectionate, and all about being the center of attention.  He loves to hang on your lap, stretch out long and lean just so you can admire him, or zoom around like a guy on fire!  Mandu landed in rescue when his previous owner found herself with some very challenging life circumstances.  Broken hearted, she knew Mandu would be safe with SPCR.  These are always sad situations so we want only the best for this special guy.  Mandu would be fine with older kids, is okay with other cats as long as he can be in charge and would have no problem with a respectful dog.  Adoption Fee $200.  FOSTERED IN OSHKOSH, WI.



A Place for “Regular” Cats to Find Good Homes Too!


This part of the website is for domestics that have come into our program because they are part of a pair (one of which was a purebred) or some other reason having to do with our admission process.  Please DO NOT ASK US TO TAKE YOUR DOMESTIC BECAUSE WE CANNOT.  We have very limited space even for purebred cats and have to keep those spaces open for them.


SOX and ALEX … are 12 WEEK OLD KITTENS looking for their furever homes. They’ve each been neutered/spayed, weigh a little less than three pounds and have their claws. These lambs were turned in at an Indiana shelter with their mama when they were just a few days old.

Sox new


I went home with Alex to Bloomington, IL!

SOX is a BLACK AND WHITE TUXEDO DOMESTIC SHORT HAIR with signature white whiskers.  He is a sweet boy who loves to romp and wrestle with his sibling.

Alex new


I went home with Sox to Bloomington, IL!

ALEX is the hunter of the group. A classic CREAM TABBY with an adorable pink nose, he loves to play with toy mice and carry them around in his mouth.

These fun-loving kittens would fit well into any household. They have endless energy and live to jump, run, chase and play. Mixed Breed Kitten Adoption Fee $100 each. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.


Mama Mia (2)

MAMA MIA… is a BLACK DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR looking for a happy ending.  At 7 years old and with five newborn kittens, Mia was abandoned in a Tupperware bin on the side of a gravel country road.  A man out on his morning jog found them and brought them to an SPCR Foster Mom.  Mia had a collar on her that was so tight it was choking her and it needed to be cut off to remove it.  She was skin and bones, not able to eat enough to feed herself and her kittens.  Right away her Foster Mom could tell what a special cat she was.  She purred constantly and seemed genuinely grateful for the help with her kittens.  In foster care she went from a skinny 5 pounds to a healthy 9 pounds, and her coat is getting shinier every day.  Her kittens are now up for adoption through a local shelter.  Mama Mia is now spayed, and despite her past treatment, is a happy, friendly, playful, talkative cat that adores being around people!  Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $50.  FOSTERED IN ROCKFORD, IL.


These are cats that WILL be available for adoption shortly and may or may not already be in foster care. You are welcome to inquire or put in an application on them.



1).  SEAL POINT HIMALAYAN1 to 2 year old neutered male, front declawed. ABSOLUTELY DARLING CAT. Loving, friendly and playful. Weighs 6 to 7 pounds. More information pending. DON’T WAIT ON THIS ONE. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI. APPLICATIONS PENDING

2).  FLAME POINT HIMALAYAN...4 year old neutered male, 4 paw declawed, super friendly, happy guy and WAY HANDSOME. Available the end of August/early Sept. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI. 

3).  SEAL POINT HIMALAYAN…8 year old neutered male…BIG boy, magnificent coat, very friendly…just a great kitty! More information pending. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.




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