Adults (1-6 years): $150-$300

Kittens (under 1 year): $200-$350

Mature (7+ years) and Special Needs: $50-$125

Mixed breed kittens (under 1 year) $100-$150

Mixed breed adults (1-7 years): $50-$125

Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, feline leukemia/FIV testing, distemper vaccination, microchipping, deworming, flea-free, grooming, temperament testing and often full dental cleanings. Older cats may have had blood panels to assure health.

This is a very active rescue and listings can change DAILY.

If a cat is listed on this website it is available for adoption (unless it has “application pending” listed on it, which means we are no longer taking applications on that cat).

2012 ADOPTIONS: 520

2013 ADOPTIONS: 584

2014 ADOPTIONS: 374

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LEFTY is a gorgeous little Red Persian.  He is about 2 yrs old and weighs around 7lbs.  He is neutered and front declawed.  When he came in, his fur was quite matted and much of it was encrusted with fecal matter, especially his tail.  The entire front of his face was black, completely encrusted from eye drainage.   His head was turned almost 3 quarters around and, he looked like an owl.  The tilt was so severe that he could barely walk and certainly couldn’t walk straight.    Of course, he was loaded with ear mites and fleas.  In addition to the mites, he had both a yeast and nasty bacterial infection  in his ears.  Imagine being covered in fleas and not having enough balance to be able to scratch properly!  He was just so filthy that his foster mom really didn’t want to touch him, but he was so friendly and affectionate and obviously in need that she couldn’t help herself.   Her groomer was busy for the next couple weeks,  so she had to shave him herself and there was so much fecal matter stuck to the entire length of his tail,  that she couldn’t even save a puff at the end.  Lefty sat still for the having all the mats removed, but once the mats were gone he was such a happy little wiggle worm! He was treated for fleas and ear mites.  The external ear infection is gone.  He has also been treated for a middle ear infection.  The head tilt is much better:  he can play and tear around the foster room, playing hide and seek with the other cats in the tunnels and cubes.  Sadly, his balance is not all it should be and he still falls over and sometimes he still walks sideways.  He definitely has polyps and he his appointment with a surgeon for a consult and exam indicated that he needs surgery.  Polyp removal is pretty major surgery, but if done right the polyps will not return and his head tilt should resolve so that he can lead a happy healthy life.  Ear polyps are typically associated with long term untreated ear infections.  Lefty has one polyp growing into his external ear.  The other ear, the one causing the tilt, does not have a visible polyp and that is part of what is being assessed. One thing, however, is certain, If the polyps are not removed, Lefty’s head tilt will continue and he will need to have his ears constantly monitored and he will be prone to frequent infections. To have anything remotely like a normal life this poor little guy needs a surgery that will cost us $2000-$3000, not including the care he’s already had and followup afterwards. This is very expensive for us and is coming during a time of year when cats are flooding into rescue and everything and everyone is spread very thin. Would you like to sponsor this little guy and help defray his significant costs? Your name and/or your pet’s name(s) will be listed here, it is all tax deductible and of course we will provide follow ups as he progresses! Whether it’s $1 or $10,000, every tiny bit is greatly appreciated and goes SOLELY to the care and vet bills of this little kitty! Donations can be made on this website on our donations page, or via Snail Mail to SPCR, P.O. BOX 132, SOMERS, WI. 53171. Please indicate whether you need a receipt and who you would like listed under Lefty’s listing. THANK YOU!!



: Lefty came through surgery well. The doctor kept him over night so that they could monitor for swelling. I will pick him up tonight at 4:30. He will be on severe restriction for the next two weeks as any activity that could increase his blood pressure could cause swelling in the tissues around his neck and ear which must be avoided. He will also be sporting a soft e-collar to prevent scratching. He will be residing in a large wire kennel in living room for the next 2 weeks, with only supervised out time for pets and snuggles.
The doctor also said that Lefty very likely has almost no hearing. The damage that he found within Lefty’s ears indicate that his hearing was probably quite dulled on the right side and may have been reduced to detecting vibrations on the left. The polyps had completely blown through his ear drums and their removal may have temporarily impeded his hearing even more, but the doctor expects that he will recover at least as much hearing as he had before the surgery.
But Lefty is such a happy easy fun little boy that we can’t wait to see what kind of mischief he will get into once he is healed up and no longer has a head tilt and poor balance holding him back.!


SPONSORED BY: The Memory of Mr. Whiskers; Love, Autumn, Mika & Diane Treptow; From Rudy, Gus & Louie, fellow persians;  in honor Boots who now lives in Minnesota; Leia and Lucy; in memory of beloved Bandit, Pookie, Lovie, Abbykins and Claire; Oink;  papa bear and family; LISA AND THE 6 PERSIAN GANG; the  memory of  precious Loki; the memory of Petie; Timmy and Lacey; Gable and Linda Sliwicka; Maui, Kauai, Lahaina, and Kona Miller; Jai Nissenbaum; Sophie Warren; In honor of our Nikki; Kathy Smith and Bocha Smith.; Quincy Belmont; the memory of Hunibear; Red Kukula; Peanut Matulionis; Gabriel and Singley Schrank; Jackie and Peter Campagnolo; Chloe; in honor of Daisy; Peaches the beautiful Himalayan; Bandit and Murphy Munoz; in loving memory of Oscar, my sweet little red boy; the memory of Loki Golner; the memory of Petie; the Persians Timmy and Lacey;  Maggie Mae Bendery, the calico angel; In celebration of Greta the Hun, Carli, Loki and Ingvar; Momo; Buttercup; the memory of Snoopy and Boo Boo; Red the Persian; in loving memory of Harley and Carmen;in loving memory of our precious Leo, a beautiful Red Persian that lost his battle with cancer 2 years ago. Thank you for 15 wonderful years Leo. In memory of Guinivere; the memory of Coco Chanel; the memory of Angel G; the memory of Patches; the memory of Oliver; in honor of Momo; memory of Sebastian and Vanilla Bear; from Denise Weldon in memory of Sweetie Pie;In memory of my sweet Chloe; the memory of Otis; on behalf of Zeus, for Lefty! may you roar;from Bruce, Linda and “Harry T Top Cat” Balthazor ;  in memory of Otis; the memory of Cleo and George, two beautiful Persians;In memory of Omar, my big red boy;  in memory of Randy and Brandy; In loving memory of King Sammie and Miss Abbs…Dennis & Carol Gammon; in Memory of Winnie; from 2 SPCR kitties Gibson and Madison (formerly Timmy the Himmy and Chaz, fostered in Oshkosh and Madison); the Moffatt family; the memory of Princess and Ginger Nowak; the memory of my 6 Ms; 





OLIVE… is a beautiful TORTI POINT BALINESE.  She is around 3 years old, spayed, and has her claws. She has gorgeous blue eyes and a dark cream coat with torti color points on her face, paws and tail. Olive ended up in an Illinois shelter after a backyard breeder dumped her (along with Finn) and skipped town. She is just the most charming little cat! She is a very friendly and social girl who is always rolling around and seeking out attention. She thinks the cat condo is just the coolest thing and loves to roll around on all of the perches. When she’s tired of that she’ll sprawl out on the couch and go to sleep or make happy feet in a cat bed. Olive is fine with other cats and would probably be fine with a dog and kids. She’s got years of love to give and will make someone very happy!  Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN RIVER FOREST, IL.





COBBLER….is an adorable  BLUE AND WHITE ORIENTAL LONGHAIR.  He is neutered, has his claws and is almost 1 year old.   He has a slim,  petite body currently weighing a bit over 5 pounds,  wonderful blue and white pattern with brilliant green eyes accented by that blue ‘stache beneath his nose. Of course you can’t miss those huge ears.  His coat is considered long but really is more of a medium length–light and silky. He may be small in body but this guy is huge in personality.  He is very social and just wants to be all over his people–on their lap, on their shoulders, under their feet, anywhere that is close. He is a busy-busy-busy boy!  Cobbler came from a breeder who is downsizing.  Good for him because now he can have his own people and get all the attention he craves.  Cobbler is fine with other cats, likely would be okay with dogs and respectful kids too.  He will want to be the top cat for attention–he knows how to worm in between you and any other kitty so if your current household has a territorial feline, he could cause a problem.  This is a RARE BREED we almost NEVER SEE…especially not this young!  If you want some of this adorable-ness for your very own, don’t wait!  Adoption Fee $250. FOSTERED IN OSHKOSH, WI.




LADY BELL… is a darling BLUE POINT RAGDOLL MIX. She is  16 weeks old,  spayed,  has her claws and has a medium length gray and white coat and bright blue eyes. She came from a local shelter as a tiny kitten and has been in foster care being raised by one of of our best kitten volunteers, so she is well socialized! :) Her foster mom reports, “She’s a sweet girl who enjoys being with you.  Good with cats and dogs but should have a quiet home. It will take her a couple of weeks to adjust to her new home. She is a quiet, very good kitten, you would hardly know she was around. Doesn’t get into anything she shouldn’t, needs a home that will give her a little time.” The best home for Lady Bell would not have small kids or a noisy environment.  She’s a bit too timid for that. Watch her video below for more info! Mixed Breed Kitten Adoption Fee  $150. FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL. 





TOMMY is a stunning BLUE AND WHITE MAINE COON. He is around 8 years young, neutered and has his claws. He weighs around 16 solid pounds and has a gorgeous coat in gray and white with magnificent ear tufts and bright  greenish/gold eyes.  Tommy originally came to our rescue about a year ago when his owner was moving and could no longer keep him.  He was adopted into a good home with another young cat but the younger cat was too much for Tommy so he had to come back to rescue.  In foster care he was initially very timid and will probably be that way in his next FurEver home, but once he settles in his foster mom reports that he is “very affectionate and loving and craves attention.”  Tommy has a grand champion pedigree and is a really amazing cat to see in Purrson. He has a quiet, calm and good mannered  personality and gets along fine with other cats that would not bully or dominate him. The best home for this handsome boy would be quiet, patient and adult, with no small kids or dogs to upset him.  Mature Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN RACINE, WI.





ELSA…is a lovely LYXN POINT BALINESE MIX. She is around 1 year old, spayed and has her claws. She is a gorgeous kitty at around 7 pounds and has a very silky, multi-colored medium-length coat and bright blue eyes. Elsa came in as an “unwanted”  cat to a large urban shelter. She had 4 young kittens with her but they soon perished due to the colds they picked up by having been in a shelter. Fortunately she is doing fine and has impressed her foster mom with her personality and beauty. She reports, “Elsa is an absolute doll and will be a great addition to anyone’s household.  Her motor starts going when you’re near by.  She loves being pet, doesn’t mind being picked up.  She would do ok in a house with another cat (so long as the other cat is welcoming).  Would probably be find with a dog that would leave her alone.  Well behaved kids should be fine as well.   If my female ragdoll would approve of another female (she won’t), I would definitely keep her.  Someone is going to get a great cat here!” Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN MILWAUKEE.




APPLICATION PENDING a gentle FLAME POINT SIAMESE MIX KITTEN.  He’s neutered, has his claws and is about 6 pounds and just 6 months old.  He has really pretty blue eyes and lovely flame markings on his ears and tail and in tabby detail on his face.  This little guy was in a bad place…neglected and abused by a not-so-nice man.  Thankfully his girlfriend recognized that this was no life for a kitten (or anyone or anything) and contacted us.  It’s a hard time of the year because shelters and rescues are full everywhere just like us.  How could we say “no” to such a gentle, sweet, loving little man knowing his fate hung in the balance. (and how could we say “no” to those EYES!) He starts out just a little shy and nervous but in no time becomes a playful, happy little man. He loves running around his foster room and scaling the cat tree. He loves other kitties and causes absolutely no fuss.  He would probably be fine with a respectful dog too.  Kids or a chaotic household would likely be too scary for him right now. A calm, cat-experienced adult household that can give him a lot of love would be purrfect!  Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $100.  FOSTERED IN OSHKOSH, WI.

 a handsome SEAL POINT RAGDOLL.   He is neutered, has his claws, is around 6 years old weighs about 10 pounds and has bright blue eyes.  He has a full, silky, medium-length coat in primarily white with seal markings on his ears and tail. He recently had a full dental and blood work.  Neeko came from a shelter with no real history. He adapted quickly to foster care and has been ruling the roost there waiting to go home! His foster mom reports that Neeko is very friendly and social and loves to be out and about with his people. He would be good with respectful kids as he just ADORES ATTENTION! Neeko is moderately active and would probably be a lap cat in the right home. He is ok with other cats but does have a dominant personality so no shy or timid cats please. A cat-friendly dog would be fine. Adoption Fee $200. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.



ANNA …is a lovely POLYDACTILE SNOWSHOE SIAMESE.  She is around 1 year old,   spayed and has her claws. She is a petite 6 pounds and has gorgeous markings in light tan and and cream with splashes of white on her face and paws. With extra toes to make her that much more special plus deep blue eyes….what a find!  Anna was brought to an urban shelter by a young man in tears because he had been hiding her and her kitten in his room and his parents told him that he needed to put them outside.  He did the right thing and brought them somewhere safe. One of our volunteers happened to be at the facility when this happened and took the pair before they had to be exposed to any shelter viruses. Anna’s foster mom says, “She’s a very nice cat, but she’s on the timid side.  I would recommend a very quiet adult household for her.  She will come out and when it’s just me, but she is very afraid of my young daughter.   She met my other foster cat and started off with a few hisses, but now they’re fine, so she could live with another calm cat that won’t bully her.” Anna slept in bed with her previous owner and would probably turn out to be an excellent quiet little lap cat. She is affectionate, needs time to get used to new people and situations, and will make someone very happy! Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN MILWAUKEE.




GASPAR … is a beautiful SEAL POINT HIMALAYAN.  He’s 3-years old, neutered, has his claws and weighs in at 7 pounds. He has an amazing medium length silky coat in shades of carmel and brown and a sweet, easy-care doll face featuring pale green-blue eyes. Although Gaspar’s coat is on the silky side, it will still need regular grooming to stay beautiful and matt-free. Gaspar was surrendered by his owner who loved him very much and took excellent care of him, but recently found herself in a situation where she could no longer care for him. Gaspar is a sweet gentle soul who starts out a bit shy, but he loves people and thrives in a calm environment. Gaspar’s best home will be a quiet one where he can laze on the couch, look out the window and daydream. Older, respectful kids would be okay, but small tykes, noisy dogs and extremely busy households would be too much for him. He lived with another cat in his previous life, so one or two non-bullying cats would probably be okay given proper introductions. Adoption Fee $175. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.




PRINCESS is a stunning WHITE PERSIAN WITH BLUE EYES. She is 4 years old, spayed and front declawed.   She weighs around 7 pounds and has a full, medium-care brilliant white coat and AMAZING blue eyes. She is NOT DEAF. Princess came to SPCR as an owner surrender to a Chicago shelter due to her being “too much maintenance.”  She was understandably shocked at first being in a novel situation away from her family, and Princess was shy at first, but she turned into a really loving girl! Her foster mom says, “She will want to sleep in your arms most nights. She tolerates other cats with ease but can be a little frightened with little dogs. She loves to sleep in cat trees and play with catnip treats. This is a beautiful cat with many years of love to give!”  Princess would do best in a home familiar with the maintenance of a long haired pet. She has a nice “doll” face but her eyes do need to be kept clean from time to time. Princess is being fostered at SPRING GREEN ANIMAL HOSPITAL IN SPRING GREEN, WI. WHICH GENEROUSLY OFFERS SPACE TO SHOW OUR CATS. PRINCESS CAN BE SEEN THERE DURING ANY OPEN HOURS. Adoption Fee $200.





ZEKI…is a beautiful SEAL POINT RAGDOLL. He is 9 years young, neutered and has his claws. He weighs a solid 12 pounds and has a gorgeous chocolate and white coat and bright blue eyes.  Zeki was well taken care of and loved by his previous person but wound up in rescue due to his owner’s passing away. He was VERY upset and depressed to find himself without his person or home but his loving foster mom did her best to make him feel secure and calm and loved and, as you can see by his second photo, he has relaxed into his personality again. :) His foster mom reports, “He likes to jump up and lie down on your lap for short periods of time. He likes to have his head scratched, but he LOVES to be scratched under his chin.  He jumps in bed and sleeps with us for a little while each night, and then jumps down but stays close in the room. He’s not crazy about being picked up, but he tolerates it for short periods of time, and seems to be getting better the more you do it.”  This handsome boy is vet checked and very healthy and could easily have another decade of love to give! The best home for him would be quiet and adult with no small kids or dogs. He would probably be fine with other cats that would leave him alone and not bully or dominate him. Mature Adoption Fee $80  FOSTERED IN MUKWONAGO, WI.



SIMMI SU. is a lovely SEAL POINT SIAMESE.   She is 9 years old,  spayed and has her claws. She weighs around 7 pounds with a lean body and gorgeous blue eyes. She has had a full senior panel to assure health and is in GREAT SHAPE!  Simmi, along with Tristan, came to us after her owner died.  She too was devastated at the loss of mom and home.  She is ready now to accept and love a new family.   She is shy with new people and environments, but once she settles in, she is very playful and sweet. She loves high perches and is fun to watch as she chases balls and toy mice.  Simmi Su is a gentle quiet kitty.  She is good with other cats, having lived in a multi-cat household her whole life.  She could learn to live with a respectful dog, but would prefer not to.  The best home for this kitty would be adult, quiet and experienced with Siamese/Abys and/or Orientals. Mature Adoption Fee $80. FOSTERED IN MAZOMANIE,  WI.







BURT…is a sweet BLUE POINT HIMALAYAN.   He is around 9 to 10 years YOUNG, neutered and 4 paw declawed.  He has a full, cottony coat in grays and white and loving blue eyes. He has had a full senior panel and dental and is in great shape to go home! Burt was found wandering outside as a stray in a northern Illinois suburb. Nobody came to get him so he wound up in rescue. He is a typical himmy male…VERY Sweet, calm, quiet and loving. His favorite occupation is sitting in a sunny window or on your lap getting attention. Burt gets along fine with other cats and is just sort of a “live and let live” kind of guy. He adapts easily into new situations and with people and would be fine in most households experienced with the grooming needs of Persians/Himalayans. Small kids and loud dogs might be too much for him. He’s a healthy kitty who could easily have another decade of love to give! Mature Adoption Fee $80. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.

 a charming SEAL POINT SIAMESE. She is around 6 years old,  spayed and front declawed.  She weighs around 7 pounds and has a beautiful short, easy coat in cream and chocolate and bright blue eyes. Tawny was found as a stray in Kentucky and came to SPCR in pretty rough shape. She was fixed up by her loving foster mom and adopted out to someone who took great care of her. He lost his apartment and could no longer keep her so she is back with SPCR looking for her ONE and ONLY FurrEver home! Tawny is a gentle, quiet kitty who is very sad to be back in rescue. She is loving and thrives on attention, bonding closely to her person. The best home for her would be adult and quiet. She is fine with other cats who will not bully her. Dogs and small kids would be too much. Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN GURNEE,IL. 






  GABRIEL is a beautiful SEAL POINT HIMALAYAN who weighs in at 9 pounds.  His brother XAVIER is a gorgeous BLUE POINT HIMALAYAN weighing in at 10 pounds.  They are both 2-years old, neutered, have their claws and are solid, sturdy boys. They have easy, silky coats and bright blue eyes.  These boys came to us from owners who were moving and could no longer keep them. Gabriel and Xavier have been together all of their lives, so it is our fervent hope to keep them together.  They were both very shy at first, but have slowly been coming out of their shells.  They are both VERY SMART!  In less than 24 hours they figured out how to open the doors of the vanity to be able to climb inside and sleep in a warm, dark, cuddly safe place!  They aren’t really lap kitties, but Gabriel has tried it a couple of times and we think there  is definitely potential there! :)  Gabriel has also recently discovered that hugs and kisses from his Foster Mom really aren’t such a bad thing – even if she is a girl! ;-)   They both need their eyes cleaned daily and are very good about having it done, especially since they know when it’s over, they will get treats for being such good little boys!  Xavier likes having his eyes cleaned so much, he even does a soft little moan while they are being cleaned!  Xavier also LOVES to have his cute little nose rubbed!  Since they are a bit on the shy side, their best home would be a quiet and calm one where they can lay on the couch, gaze out of the window or sleep in the bathroom sink (how cute is that? :)  Dogs or small children would be too much for these sweeties.  Older, respectful kids might be fine.  Can you find room in your home and your heart for these two brothers?  Adoption Fee for the Pair $350.  FOSTERED IN MUKWONAGO, WI.





KINSEY is a darling SEAL POINT SNOWSHOE  SIAMESE.  She’s around one year old, is spayed and has her claws. Kinsey, who weighs around 6 pounds, has a beautiful mocha coat with dark brown points and wears darling white socks on all four feet. She is a sweet cat who absolutely adores people and being petted—she simply cannot get enough petting! When you talk to her, this little one rolls around on your feet just begging for you to reach down and love her! We don’t know much about her past except that Kinsey was found as a stray and turned into a Illinois shelter. Kinsey would prefer to be an only cat, and certainly does not like dominant cats. Her foster mom thinks she would do okay with another non-dominant cat that would ignore her, but it would require patience and commitment to a long, slow introduction process. An active family with kids would be fantastic for this little doll who loves attention.  Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.



EVIE..  is a super nice  SEAL POINT SIAMESE.  She is  around 6 years old, spayed and 4 paw declawed. She weighs around 7 pounds and has a sleek chocolate and cream coat and bright blue eyes. Evie came to us from an Illinois shelter with no history. She was found as a stray but obviously had been well cared for and not abused. Her foster mom reports that she purrs ALL the time and is a SUPER nice little kitty! She is quiet, not talkative and enjoys calm activities such as bird watching from windows. Evie gets along fine with other cats that don’t get in her space. She would probably be ok with older kids and maybe a dog that would ignore her. Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.




JOSIE …is a beautiful SEAL POINT SIAMESE KITTEN.  She is 9 months old, spayed and has her claws.  She is a tiny, delicate thing, weighing approximately 5 lbs.  She has stunning blue eyes set in a narrow, pointed face.  She is lean, sleek and muscular.  When she sits, Josie can look just like a statue of the Egyptian Goddess Bast.  Josie was found as a stray and ended up in a shelter in Indiana, very thin and pregnant.  However, due to a medical mishap, Josie lost her babies.  Josie is a very traditional Siamese: sensitive, active and a bit of a Diva.  She is not a full-blown, card carrying Diva because she is a little shy in new situations and good with other cats, but Josie has no problem letting you know when she Is Not Pleased.  Josie will do well with other confident kitties and children who respect her wishesJosie enjoys being pet, admired and having her whims satisfied.  She does not enjoy being picked up and hugged, because it is undignified :)  Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN OAK PARK, IL.




VIOLET… is a gorgeous BLUE POINT SIAMESE. She is 3 years, spayed and has her claws.  She has a beautiful pale gray and cream coat and bright blue eyes and weighs around 7 pounds.  Her foster mom reports, “When she came she was so frightened she hid in a closet constantly.  However, now that she has a room to herself she really has come into her own.  She is always out and about, begging for attention.  She sits behind the glass door and meows when she sees me.  She is happy if I come in to take care of business but even more so when I hold her and treat her like the queen she is.  Violet is quite crossed eyed and I think that makes her even more endearing.  She definitely is a talker and lets you know when she thinks she needs something.  Violet has been exposed to other cats and she was quite frightened.  She does much better now that she is alone.  However, I do feel that she could learn to adapt to having a calm, non confrontational feline friend.  Young kids would NOT be appropriate for Violet.  However, older children who are not going to scare her with quick movements but will love her would be very appreciated by this girl. This is a dear girl who will accept any amount of love offered.”  Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN DEPERE, WI.







LOBO (top) and TIGRE…are a handsome pair of SIAMESE HALF BROTHERS. Lobo is gorgeous SEAL POINT SIAMESE and Tigre is his RED TABBY SIAMESE MIX HALF BROTHER. They are both around 2 years old, neutered and have their claws. They are structurally big cats and each weighs around 10 pounds. These boys came from an excellent home where they were well cared for and loved but their person could no longer care for them. Lobo has a rich chocolate coat with bright blue eyes and Tigre is every inch the handsome cream tiger with bright gold eyes. The shape of their heads and bodies mirror each other so you can really tell they are related! :) These boys are just a joy to have around. They are quiet, very affectionate and moderately active. Lobo loves to be carried around and doted on and both will be splendid lap cats. These boys were adopted out when they first came in but the adoption only lasted two weeks when the people decided that taking care of cats was too difficult. Therefore these poor kitties need to go to a home or homes where they will STAY with folks who will truly love them. They do not have to be adopted together, but they get along very well and would be an excellent pair for someone looking for 2 cats that already know each other. Adoption Fees: $150 for Lobo, $100 for Tigre or $200 for the pair. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.





FINN2 a handsome FLAME POINT BALINESE.  He is around 3 years old,  neutered, has his claws and has a long and lean build. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes and a very soft coat in shades of red and cream. Finn ended up in an Illinois shelter after a backyard breeder dumped him (along with Olive) and skipped town. He was shy and afraid (but not hissy or mean) when he arrived in foster care, but now that he is comfortable it’s clear that he’s a very affectionate, gentle cat. He still does prefer the security of hanging out in a cat condo, but he loves to roll around and make happy feet when you reach in to pet him. His foster mom is sure that given more time in a quiet home, he will blossom into a truly wonderful cat. Finn is great with other cats. A dog might be too much for him unless it was a dog that would truly ignore him. Older kids would be fine as long as they are somewhat quiet. This sweet guy has been through a lot so a quiet home in general would be best.  Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN RIVER FOREST, IL.



 a lovely TORTI POINT BALINESE..  She is about 3 yrs old, spayed, and has her claws.  She has beautiful blue eyes and a smooth, soft, silky coat. Georgi came into rescue because her previous owner had to travel for work & didn’t have any time to spend with her. Georgianna is a very loving affectionate kitty. She loves to be pet and scritched and even likes gentle belly rubs. She is moderately playful and curious. She would  do best as an only kitty.  She could learn to live with a gentle dog. She would be fine with respectful children.  Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN MANITOWOC, WI.

 an animated SEAL POINT SIAMESE.  She is spayed and front declawed with deep colored points and light blue eyes.  She is 4 years old and with a pretty plus figure weighing in at 13 pounds. Say it with me now…”Gimme a D; gimme an I; gimme a V and gimme an A”.  What’s that spell?  DIVA…yes, Molly is a first class Diva.  There’s no mistaking that for this girl, it’s her way or the highway. :)   Talk about laugh…she makes her foster mom laugh all the time with her tough girl attitude. But it’s mostly smoke and mirrors for Molly.  She’ll hiss at just about anything (including her own tail) while at the same time looking for some petting and some lovin’.  Ignore her and she’ll stomp off in a huff only to come back and twirl around your legs.  You just can’t take her or yourself too seriously!  As a full-fledged, card-bearing Diva, Molly must be an only child-no other cats, dogs or kids.  (What did  you expect??)  :) Adoption fee $150.  FOSTERED IN OSHKOSH, WI.



ANDERSON…is a friendly  SEAL POINT SIAMESE. He is around 3 years old, neutered and has his claws. He weighs around 8 pounds and has a light chocolate and cream coat and nice blue eyes.  Anderson came in from a local shelter with no history but BOY IS HE A NICE GUY! His foster mom says, “This cat is SUPER AFFECTIONATE and loves to be held! He wants to help you with everything you are doing and loves to be pet and rubs on you. He is a bit shy with new people and situations but once he feel comfortable he is going to make someone very happy! ” Anderson is great with other cats, probably a respectful dog and older respectful kids. He is not talkative and moderately active and playful.  Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.

FUKIis a cute SEAL POINT SIAMESE KITTEN.  He is are 4 months old,  spayed and has his claws.  He is currently a brilliant white with chocolate and bright blue eyes, but his colors will deepen as he ages and he will be a handsome boy! Fuki and his siblings came into rescue from a shelter where they had been left as unsocialized kittens from a hoarding situation. Fortunately they were young enough that they could be socialized correctly and our best kitten foster home did great work with them! She describes him, “Fuki is very good with us and other cats and my German shepherds. He sleeps on us at night and follows me around the house.  He’s not interested in being held for too long but I can hold him in my arms on his back and scratch his ears for a little while. He needs a quiet home where he can learn to trust you, and in a couple of wks he will be in bed with you. A sweet loving boy who just needs a family who will give him some time!”  He is a busy, playful boy as you would expect for a young kitten. No small kids please. Kitten Adoption Fee $200. FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.




PHIBBS…is a friendly LILAC POINT SIAMESE. He is around 8 years YOUNG,  neutered and has his claws. His silky short coat is in shades of gray and white and he has bright blue eyes. He is a solid 12 pounds and is a structurally big boy. He came to us from a family where he was not getting along with another cat in the household. In foster care he is by himself and seems to be doing fine and it is possible he would be ok with another easy-going cat that would ignore him. In foster care, his foster mom reports, “When I come into his room he immediately crawls on my lap and starts purring. He loves to rub on me and is just the most loving cat.”   Phibbs was taken to the vet and they decided that he would do well with a glucosamine supplement because of the probability of arthritis starting in.  However, this does not stop him from getting around as well as any other younger cat. He is in wonderful health otherwise and since Siamese typically live decades, he has a lot more love to give!  Phibbs is a beautiful, sweet boy who needs a family who has time to give him love.  He craves and thrives on it.  Respectful kids would be fine….just more people to dote on him! Mature Adoption Fee $80. FOSTERED IN DEPERE, WI.




KATIE (top) and ANNIE are are two irresistible BROWN TABBY PERSIANS.  Katie and Annie are 3 years old, recently spayed, have their claws and are about 7 lbs. They were dropped off in an Indiana shelter through a night depository, so we don’t know their story. Though they were skinny, it was apparent they were once loved by someone because they are friendly and such a sweetheart. Their soft green eyes lock in with yours and they very much enjoy the attention, yet they are not needy and do well by themselves.  They don’t mind being combed which is a plus since they have medium length hair, and their fur is silky and soft. They are playful (Annie likes carrying around pom poms and fetches toys, while Katie goes nuts over a laser pointer). Annie usually lounges up high while Katie prefers to be close by you and loves it whenever someone’s singing to her. They enjoy respectful kids and are not too shy of strangers, so they’d make great family pets. Because Katie is so dominant towards cats other than her sister, these girls need to go into a NO OTHER CAT HOME.. A home with active dogs may be too much for them (they’re not too thrilled about the puppy next door). Katie and Annie likely came from the same litter since they pretty much look alike, they groom each other and are comfortable in each other’s presence – so it is preferred they go home together. They would be an absolute joy to have in their new home!  Adoption Fees $300 for the pair.   FOSTERED IN MISHAWAKA, IN





A Place for “Regular” Cats to Find Good Homes Too!

VERY IMPORT PLEASE NOTE: This part of the website is for domestics that have come into our program because they are part of a pair (one of which was a purebred) or some other reason having to do with our admission process. Please DO NOT ASK US TO TAKE YOUR DOMESTIC BECAUSE WE CANNOT. We have very limited space even for purebred cats and have to keep those spaces open for them.

SYLVIA…is a playful RED AND WHITE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR. She is 1 year old, spayed and has her claws. She has very pretty markings in orange and white and bright gold eyes. Sylvia came from a Chicago shelter where she was left behind when her half-siamese sibling was taken and she was left behind.  Ginger is a typical busy 1 year old cat. She is very playful and happy, uses her scratching post and litter box 100% and is very energetic! She affectionate and sweet natured and gets along will with other easy-going cats. She can be a bit dominant so no timid or scared kitties please! :)  She would probably be a fine cat for a family and certainly could learn to live with a dog. Come get a GREAT CAT! :) Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $50. FOSTERED IN MADISON, WI. AT EAST TOWNE PET CLINIC, WHICH GENEROUSLY DONATES SPACE FOR US TO SHOW OUR CATS. SYLVIA CAN BE SEE THERE DURING ANY OPEN HOURS.




MAGNUM…is an utterly adorable BLACK AND WHITE DOMESTIC MEDIUM HAIR TUXEDO. He is 14 weeks old, neutered and has his claws. He has some of the CUTEST markings of any of the kittens we’ve seen, along with a magnificent rack of white whiskers and a white half-mustache!  His fur is very silky and soft and he will be a SUPER handsome cat when he grows up. Magnum came in with several other siamese kittens from a local shelter and has grown up with lots of socializing, running and playing. He is super sweet and affectionate, excellent with other cats and loves people! He would probably do fine in any home with respectful kids and a gentle dog would be fine as well.  His new people must be prepared for the antics of a busy young kitty tho cause he’s all that and more! :)  Mixed Breed Kitten Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN MILWAUKEE, WI.



MOLLY… is a friendly BROWN TABBY AND WHITE  DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR . She’s about 1 year old, spayed and has her claws. She has a gorgeous coat in vivid brown stripes contrasting with white and bright greenish/gold eyes. Molly is extremely lucky to be alive because she shouldn’t be.  When a local Chicago hoarder was raided by animal control, Molly was one of a large number of cats that found themselves in an overcrowded shelter in the worst part of summer with no chance whatsoever.  On top of it all, Molly is missing part of one of her back legs from the knee down, probably a birth defect, that made her even more unlikely to find a good home. Fortunately her loving personality caught the eye of someone in the shelter and then the call went out to see if anyone had room. Of course nobody did…this is the worst possible time of the year for all shelters and rescues…but somehow we were able to shuffle a few cats around to make room for her.  Boy are we glad she did! She is a DARLING KITTY and she gets around just fine with only 3 working legs! The other just seems to be there for balance and she seems perfectly used to it. Our vet said nothing needs to be done, she’s just a kitty with 3 1/2 legs! Molly is excellent with other cats and just a true JOY of a little girl. She is super friendly, adapts quickly to new situations and is intelligent and playful. She can go up and down stairs and uses the litter box 100%. Nothing slows her down! Small kids and dogs that would chase her would be way too much, but respectful older kids would be fine. Take a look at her video…Molly is a keeper! :)   Special Needs Adoption Fee $50. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.




These are cats that WILL be available for adoption shortly and may or may not already be in foster care. You are welcome to inquire or put in an application on them. BE SURE TO CHECK OUR OUR FACEBOOK PAGE WHERE WE PREVIEW MANY CATS AS WELL!)

1). GREY SMOKE PERSIAN… 5 year old spayed female, 4 paw declawed.  TINY, doll face, ADORABLE.  More information pending.  FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.

2).  CREAM AND WHITE SPHYNX.8 year old neutered male.  Has his claws. VERY loving, excellent with other animals. SPECIAL NEEDS DUE TO SPECIFIC FOOD REQUIREMENTS. Just had a dental, very healthy. WONDERFUL KITTY. FOSTERED IN OSHKOSH, WI. APPLICATION PENDING

3). BLUE PERSIAN.9 year old spayed female. Nice girl, good with other cats and has lived with kids, very fluffy and beautiful! FOSTERED IN RIVER FOREST, IL. APPLICATION PENDING






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