Purebred Adults (1-6 years): $150-$300

Purebred Kittens (under 1 year): $175-$350

Mature (7+ years) and Special Needs: $50-$125

Mixed breed kittens (under 1 year): $50-$150

Mixed breed adults (1-7 years): $50-$125

Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, feline leukemia/FIV testing, distemper vaccination, microchipping, deworming, flea-free, grooming, temperament testing and often full dental cleanings. Older cats may have had blood panels to assure health.

This is a very active rescue and listings can change DAILY.

If a cat is listed on this website it is available for adoption (unless it has “application pending” listed on it, which means we are no longer taking applications on that cat).

2013 ADOPTIONS: 585

2014 ADOPTIONS: 644

2015 ADOPTIONS: 235

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CHEERS…is a darling RED AND WHITE BICOLOR PERSIAN.  He is around 8 years old, neutered and has his claws. He’s a petite guy, at MAYBE 6 pounds (probably 5) and is currently sporting a neat lion cut of his bright red and white medium-care coat. Cheers has a lovely doll face which requires no cleaning or care. This kitty came from a home where he was extremely well cared for and loved but his owner had to move in with a relative and he was very upset by the other pets in the household. In foster care Cheers has been sad, because he’s used to a lot of one-on-one attention from someone who loved him a lot, so we are looking for another person who would filled that void and make this sad little man happy again! Cheers is indeed a cheerful kitty who, though a bit shy at first in new environments, settles in and is loving and sweet. He is calm, friendly and will certainly be the apple of someone’s Persian-loving eye! Cheers really needs to be the only cat in the household. He was raised that way and is not comfortable with other cats around him. He might be ok with a gentle, easy-going dog that would ignore him and older, respectful kids would be fine. Mature Adoption Fee $80. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.



ANNIE… is a spunky, RUDDY ABYSSINIAN.  She is spayed, front-declawed and just had a dental.  Annie has beautiful red over black ticking coat, sassy green eyes, weighs about 7 pounds and is 6 years old.  She came to us from a shelter who understood that cages are no place for an active aby!  Annie is intense and feisty.  She loves hard, plays hard, is a shoulder rider, a bit talkative, very smart and all those things that make abyssinians something very special.  Annie is confident and adjusts pretty readily.  She would be fine with kids and probably okay with a respectful dog.  She is a bit reactive to cats and would do fabulous as an “only”.  With appropriate introductions and patience, she might be okay with one other cat who was laid back and confident, who would let her be “large and in charge” but who would not be pushed around.  It’s been quite awhile since we have had an aby!  Don’t miss out on Annie the little red-head!  Adoption fee $200.  FOSTERED IN OSHKOSH, WI.


Sassy2 (3)

Mia2 (4)

SASSY (top) and MIA… are two year old sweet “sisters” who were surrendered to an Indiana shelter because their family could no longer care for them. Both girls are spayed and have their claws. SASSY is a gorgeous petite SEAL POINT RAGDOLL weighing in at six pounds. Her classic coat is a silky blend of mocha and cream. She has blue eyes and an easy doll face. MIA is a beautiful SNOWSHOE wearing a sable and white coat with the cutest black markings on her face. She was being camera shy, so you can’t tell from her picture, but Mia has gorgeous turquoise eyes. Mia is the bigger of the two at 7-1/2 pounds. These sweet lam bs are on the shy side, but are total purr bugs once they warm up. They have been through so much change and as far as we can tell, they’ve always been together, so we’d like for them to go home together. Sassy’s coat, although on the silky side, will still need maintenance. Given proper introductions, another cat who would ignore them would likely be fine. Dogs or small children would be too much for these gentle souls. They need a patient family who is willing to give them the time it will take for them to blossom. Once they open up and learn they can trust again, these girls will reward you with a lifetime of sweet love. Adoption Fee for the pair $300. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.





DUSTYis a sweet RAGDOLL. He is about a year old, neutered, has his claws, and weighs about 8 ½ pounds. He has blue eyes, and a cute jet black nose. Dusty enjoys being brushed, and his coat is extremely silky and easy to care for. We don’t have any information on Dusty because he came to us from a shelter where he was not adjusting very well. However, since he has been in foster care he has adjusted quickly and extremely well. He likes to play with his toys: mice, balls, and feathers. He likes to be held and will start purring the minute you pick him up. And while you are holding him you will probably be given kitty kisses.  He also likes to be petted and scratched – even on his tummy. He loves to sleep in bed with you at night. This sweet boy is up-to-date on all his shots. He has been with one other cat in his foster home. The best home for him would be quiet and adult with no small kids or dogs. He would probably be fine with other cats that would leave him alone and not bully or dominate him. Adoption Fee $200. FOSTERED IN MUKWONAGO, WI.


Angel2 (3)

ANGEL… is a darling SEAL POINT SIAMESE.  She is a 6 years old, spayed and has her claws.  Angel was surrendered to a local shelter in a sad mental state.  She was being tormented by kids in the house where she was living and she was terrified.  The shelter could not get near her and they decided that a quiet environment was best for her if she had any chance of rehabilitation.  Fortunately SPCR was there to help! Her foster mom says, “When she came into my home she was petrified.  I couldn’t get too close to her without a warning from her.  It took 2 weeks before I could pet her and at that time it was very limited and only on the top of her head.  As she learned that I was not going to hurt her, she started to trust me more and more every week.  She has come miles from where she was entering my home.  Angel now crawls in my lap and rubs on me for even more affection.  She enjoys being pet all over her body and not just on the top of her head.  She has been exposed to other people, adults AND kids, and has shown the same comfort level with them.  She did have a feline companion and I saw her not being as comfortable and confident.  So I have made sure she is by herself since.  I do believe that she would do better as an only cat.  I do NOT think that kids are out of the question as long as they are calm and respectful.  The lucky person (people) to take Angel home need to be patient and calm, allowing her to come to you.  After you have gained her trust she will seek you out for love.  I think she is trying to make up for lost time.  But she is more than happy to crawl on someone’s lap and sit for hours.”  This little girl will make some calm, adult home very happy! Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN DEPERE, WI.




AMIE… is a sweet RED PERSIAN MIX. She’s 1 year old, spayed, has her claws and wears a beautiful red coat with the most amazing copper eyes. Amie was surrendered due to divorce. She’s a wee one weighing in at just five pounds. Amie is a sweet, confident girl who loves playing with string toys and getting chin rubs. She hasn’t lived with other cats, and would prefer being an only baby, but her foster mom thinks with slow, proper introductions she could get along with another cat who would ignore her. A gentle dog would be okay and respectful kids would be great. Amie requires regular grooming to stay mat free, but she loves to be combed and is very good with a bath. Her foster mom thinks that with proper nutrition and care, her coat will continue to grow to be quite luxurious. True to her Persian heritage, Amie requires daily eye care to stay looking her best. What a sweet doll! She’s waiting for her furever family. Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL. 



Mochi 1 (2)

MOCHI…is a lovely BLUE LYNXPOINT SNOWSHOE SIAMESE. He is around 3 years old, neutered and has his claws. He weighs about 10 pounds. His points are a creamy gray with slightly darker stripes.  He has bright blue eyes and white mittens on all four feet.  Mochi was brought in to a local shelter by someone who supposedly found him.  He was terrified and overwhelmed by the shelter environment.  In foster, he started out scared, but once he warms up, he is very friendly and vocal.  He loves to be pet and to play.  He begs for attention and thoroughly enjoys interactive play.   He is nervous around other cats and would do best as an only kitty in a stable household.  The best home for him would be quiet, adult and cat experienced. Dogs and kids would be too much for him.  He would be a faithful loving companion for anyone willing to give him time to settle in.  Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN MAZOMANIE, WI.


Tails (2)

TAILS… is a sweet 5 year old SCOTTISH FOLD MIX. She has a short, multi-colored coat and bright gold eyes. She is a shy girl and would enjoy a quieter home where she could be the only pet or possibly another cat or dog that would leave her alone. She was originally adopted through SPCR as a kitten but was returned to us because the home she was in was too active for her. Since being in foster care she has been very happy and uses her box 100%. Tails likes to snuggle and loves to bury herself under blankets. She is a talkative girl and will respond when spoken to. A quiet adult home with no children or dogs would be best. If you are looking for a furry companion that will sleep with you and keep you company, look no further. Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN WAUSAU, WI.




MARSHMALLOW and PEANUT… are a 6 year old “brother” and “sister” pair. They were born 1 day apart from 2 different litters, but have lived together since they were young kittens. They came into rescue when their owner developed health issues and could no longer care for them. Both have their claws and are fixed. MARSHMALLOW is a darling doll-faced WHITE PERSIAN. She is currently sporting a lion cut, but hair grows back! Her coat is full, dense, and quite lovely. She is a petite girl of only about 6 pounds. PEANUT is a hunky FLAME POINT HIMALAYAN who also has a doll face. He has a soft, silky coat that is medium in length, and he weighs just shy of 8 pounds.

Marshmallow and Peanut are a pure delight! They both love to play with the Cat Charmer wand and LOVE any and all things catnip. Both are very affectionate and relish attention. Marshmallow loves to curl up on a warm lap, and Peanut purrs nonstop from the moment anyone walks into the room. They are very sweet together and take turns grooming each other.

Both are 100% with the litter box and use the scratching post without issue. They don’t have much fondness for other cats, but did live with a small, respectful dog, and would likely be fine with the same. They also seem like they would be great with respectful children. The best home for Marshmallow and Peanut would be with people familiar with Persian and Himalayan breeds, as they both require regular brushing, and Marshmallow needs her eyes wiped occasionally. This pair is very loving and will bring joy to their new home for many years to come!  Adoption Fee for the pair $300. FOSTERED IN CHICAGO, IL.


Gigi2 (2)


GIGI…is a lively SEAL POINT SIAMESE.  She is 10 years old, spayed and front declawed. She has a lovely chocolate coat, huge marbled blue eyes, and a typical Siamese voice. She needs a home that will appreciate her and can laugh at her occasional curmudgeonly antics. While she is friendly and enjoys lap sitting, head scritches, and snuggling (even sometimes under the covers), she definitely has her limits, and will give you a scolding if you annoy her! :) She is not fond of being picked up, but if you sit down and pat your lap, she is likely to come crawl up on to you, considering it her rightful place. If you hold out your hand to her she will sniff it, and if you pass inspection she will offer her head to be scritched.   She has had a dental, and her mouth is now in good shape. She is listed as special needs because her blood work indicated she may develop kidney disease if she is not kept on a low protein diet, but the diet should take care of the issue. Gigi is otherwise in good health. She needs to go to a cat experienced home, no little kids, best without dogs though she might tolerate one that would ignore her. Special Needs Adoption Fee $50. FOSTERED IN WAUKESHA, WI.

UPDATE!  Gigi’s foster mom: “It turns out Gigi just needed more time to trust us, because she is much friendlier now. She allows me to pet her, not just scritching her face. She comes to visit as soon as we come to the foster room, and she stretches up to my knee to politely ask for food. She even enjoys playing with a laser pointer.”




IMG_1936 (2)


SIMBA… is a handsome CREAM AND WHITE PERSIAN. He’s 13 years young, neutered, front paw declawed and weighs about 8 pounds. Simba is currently growing out of a lion cut. He has a thick cottony coat that will require regular maintenance by an experienced Persian person. His eyes are a beautiful harvest gold and are not very drippy at all, but will need some attention. Simba just had a complete blood panel and a dental and he is in excellent health. The vet did pick up on a mild heart murmur, but he probably always had this and it is not a concern. Nothing needs to be done about it. Simba and Sophie came from the same home and were very loved, but their mom fell on hard times and wanted the best for her babies so she turned to SPCR to find them wonderful new homes. Simba is so easy to love and have around. He is a sweet and mellow guy who loves a sunny window or a warm lap, but don’t let that fool you — he’s still very active and can jump to high places no problem! He loves his canned turkey Wellness food two times a day and is a perfect user of the litter box. Simba accepted Sophie and another young kitten in his life, so he would probably be fine with another gentle kitty in his life that would not pick on him. Older, respectful kids would be ok too. Dogs and young children would be too much for him. Simba and Sophie DO NOT have to go home together, but if you are looking for a ready made pair, these two get along nicely and would fight for your lap! Mature Adoption Fee: $50. FOSTERED IN GREEN BAY, WI.


IMG_1933 (2)

SOPHIE… is a gorgeous BLUE POINT RAGDOLL. She is a little over 1 year old, spayed, has her claws and weighs a petite 7 pounds. She is rather compact for a Ragdoll. Her fur is super silky soft and of medium length. Her silky coat is easy to maintain with a steel comb. Sophie and Simba came from the same home and were very loved, but their mom fell on hard times and wanted the best for her babies so she turned to SPCR to find them wonderful new homes. Sophie is a cautious and shy girl. This change in life was tough on her. In foster care, she prefers to stay under cover during the daytime hours, but she turns into a complete love bug in the evening! Once she trusts you, she is very affectionate and loves to climb all over you, nudges your hand for pets, gives kisses and snuggles in your lap. She is just starting to play like a silly kitten again. She would probably even enjoy another young, gentle cat to play with as long as she was not bullied. Her foster mom is VERY fond of Sophie and Simba. They are both such sweet cats. Sophie would do best in a quieter home. Her new family will need to be patient with Sophie and let her know that she will be okay in her new home. Older, gentle kids would probably be ok. Dogs and young children would be too much for her. Sophie and Simba do not have to go home together, but if you are looking for a ready made pair, these two get along nicely and would fight for your lap! Adoption Fee: $200. FOSTERED IN GREEN BAY, WI.



PHOEBE…is a gorgeous LYNXPOINT MITTED RAGDOLL.  She is around 4 years old, spayed and front declawed.  She weighs around 7 pounds and has a thick coat (currently growing out of a lion cut) in multi-colors, 4 white feet and lively blue eyes. Phoebe is no doubt the luckiest cat on this page right now. She and her brother (an equally gorgeous ragdoll who was adopted some time ago) were left at a local vet clinic to be euthanized. The owner said Phoebe was “unfriendly”, “wild” and “untouchable” and she saw no point in keeping her alive. Fortunately one phone call let to another and Phoebe and her brother wound up in the care of SPCR very quickly. Phoebe was very matted when she came in…just a mass of tangled, uncomfortable lumps of coat, indicating that she hadn’t been combed in a very long time. There was nothing but complete fear in her eyes and she had no interest whatsoever in interacting with her first foster mom. So after a nice shave (and the vet said she was perfectly good during the whole process), she was moved on to another foster home where she could get individual attention so we could see what kind of personality was behind those baby blues. A few weeks later and WOW WHAT A TRANSFORMATION!! When the first foster mom came to see Phoebe at her second foster home she couldn’t believe it was the same cat! The light had come back in her eyes, she was playing with toys and oh, did we mention that she absolutely LOVES BEING COMBED? She lay on her side purring as she was combed and just soaked up the attention.  :)  Phoebe IS a naturally shy cat, and will take some time getting used to new people and new environments, but she comes around beautifully and if there is combing involved she will bond quickly to her new person! She adores wand toys, loves people who will give her treats and is an absolutely GORGEOUS cat. Cute as a button! Phoebe enjoys interacting and being by her people but is not a lap cat (though that may change with time in a patient household).  She is fine with other cats that will not bully or dominate her and would do best in an adult, cat-experience home with no dogs or small kids. She is an absolute little GEM of a cat and we are so proud to have been able to save this little treasure for her future “FurrEver” people! Adoption Fee $200. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.



SONNY…   is a gentle SEAL POINT SIAMESE. He is neutered, has his claws,weighs about 8 pounds and is just 2 years old. He has summer blue sky eyes and a lighter torso with nice deep points. Sonny was found out in the country on someone’s property likely dumped by a passing motorist.  He was trembling and cornered in a culvert by a couple of dogs.  The home owner took him in and posted a “found” ad on Craig’s List.  His foster mom saw the ad and alerted the finder to SPCR.  When no owner was forthcoming, he came to us.  Sonny is so sweet, so gentle and such a love.  He is a bit shy and skittish to start, likely with the not-too-distant memories of the dumping and the chase.  With a quiet environment and a little time, he is a “snuggle magnet”.  Sonny loves to sprawl across his foster mom’s body and then curl up tight under her arm.  He is becoming a talker and getting a bit more comfy every day.  Loud noises and unexpected movements scare him some but he continues to improve.  For his gentle demeanor, a home with no children and definitely no dogs is required.  He probably would be okay with a cat who would love him and not bully him.  He would be perfect in an apartment, with a single person, a retired couple or somewhere that is generally peaceful and calm.  This lover will absolutely steal your heart.  Adoption fee $150.  FOSTERED IN OSHKOSH, WI. 


KOKO…is a stunning SEAL POINT SNOWSHOE SIAMESE.  She is around 8 years old, spayed and has her claws. She weighs about 9 pounds and has a gorgeous  chocolate and caramel coat, 4 white feet and lovely blue eyes! Koko’s foster mom says it is hard to believe this girl is anywhere near her real age because she is so playful! (See video below).  Not only that, but she’s laid back, super friendly and would be an excellent family cat! Koko LOVES to be brushed and will roll around to make sure every part has been done, including her belly. :)  Nobody is a stranger to her and she adapts quickly to new people and environments. She uses her litterbox and her scratching posts 100% and is excellent with both cats and dogs.  Did we mention Koko would be a PURRFECT FAMILY CAT! :)  She would do wonderfully just about anywhere, and since Siamese live a LONG time, she’s still a youngster! Mature Adoption Fee $80. FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.



CHEETO… is a loving FLAME POINT SIAMESE. He is a bit over 1 year old, neutered and has his claws. He is a tall, rangy 9 pounds with a beautiful gold and white coat and arresting pale blue eyes. Cheeto came to us from a local animal shelter after his owner was hospitalized and could not care for him any more. He was very scared and thin when he came to SPCR and for some strange reason had pieces of fur cut off all over his body like a bad haircut that didn’t make any sense. But good food in a kind foster home has made Cheeto feel a whole lot more happy and he’s doing well and looking for his FurrEver home. Cheeto starts off very shy with new people and situations, probably because of his past.  Once he feels safe in a stable home he thrives. Once he was used to his foster mom he adored her attention and would even like to ride her shoulder if she’d let him! :) She writes, “Once he’s comfortable with you he will sit near you and always want to have some part of him touching you. Many times I’m petting one of the other foster cats and he will sit next to me and put one paw on my leg, just to make sure I’m still there.” He is a happy lap cat but is insecure being carried around.  He is very playful and has been having a wonderful time with his kitty roommates! :) He loves being brushed and petted and is great with the litterbox and scratching post. WHAT A GREAT KITTY!! :) The best home for Cheeto would be cat experienced, quiet and have another cat for him to play with (though he would be ok as an only if someone is home a lot).  Small kids would be too much for him but respectful older ones would be fine. Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.



BRUNO, BONITA, LISI, LUCKY & CONNOR are a group of the most loving kitties we have ever seen. The entire group is spayed/neutered and has their claws.  

Bruno (2)


I went home to Madison, Wi.!

BRUNO… is a 2 year CHAMPAGNE MINK TONKINESE who weighs about 8.5 lbs.

Bonita 1 (2)


I went home to Madison, Wi.!

BONITA… is a 3 yr old BLUE MINK TONKINESE who weighs around 8 lbs. 

Lisi1 (2)


LISI… is a 1 yr old DILUTE TORBI SIAMESE MIX  who weighs about 8.5 lbs.

Lucky1 (2)


LUCKY… Lisi’s brother, is a 1 yr old LYNXPOINT SIAMESE MIX who weighs around 10 lbs.

Connor (2)


CONNOR… is a 6 yr old LYNXPOINT SIAMESE who weighs around 11 lbs. 

BRUNO, BONITA & LISI are very friendly, confident, outgoing kitties who adapt well to new situations. Bruno & Bonita, the Tonks, have a super short satiny coat and tight compact muscular bodies.  Bruno has a rich cream colored body with dark brown points. Bonita has dark blue points with a lighter colored body.  LISI has a slightly longer very soft coat with an amazing mix of colors and patterns.  These guys are great with other cats, love adults and children and would do well with a respectful dog.

LUCKY AND CONNOR are a little shyer.  LUCKY is very outgoing and affectionate with other cats, but is very shy around new people.  He takes some time to warm up to strangers, which does not stop him from enjoying interactive play and treats.  Once he warms up, he also enjoys laptime and pets.  CONNOR takes time warming up to new environments.  He tends to hide until he feels comfortable.  Once he settles in, he is very people friendly and head scratches and full body snuggling.  Both of these guys have similar colors.  Connor is longer in the body and his coat pattern along the body is more spots than stripes.  He is very striking.  Lucky’s eyes are a deeper blue and slightly crossed.  He also has darker markings than Connor.  These guys are good with other cats, respectful children and could adapt to a respectful dog.

All of these kitties love other cats and can be placed in a home with feline companions.  They all enjoy interactive play and throw themselves into it with great abandon.  Lisi, Lucky and Connor are also great fans of treats, while Burno and Bonita don’t understand what all the fuss is about.  If you are looking for an addition to your feline family or were hoping to adopt a ready-made family, these cats may be just what you need.

BRUNO and BONITA – Adoption Fee $225 each.
CONNOR – Adoption Fee $150.
LISI and LUCKY – Adoption Fee $100 each.


Theo or Shaw (2)

Shaw or Theo (2)


THEO and SHAW… are stunning BLUE POINT HIMALAYAN brothers. They weigh eight and nine pounds respectively, are neutered and have their claws. The boys have classic blue point markings with creamy coats, pale grey points, slate nose leather and mesmerizing blue eyes. These boys are as nice as they come! They were surrendered by a family who loved them, but just couldn’t give the boys adequate time and attention. Shaw is a bit more timid than Theo, but warms up quickly. They absolutely adore being petted and beg for belly rubs. This is a fun-loving, hard playing duo who will entertain their new family for hours with tricks and antics. Their coats are on the silky side, but still needs regular care to stay mat free. They have easy-care doll faces with no eye drainage and would be perfect for someone new to the breed. In foster care, they have not quickly taken to roommates, but their foster mom thinks with proper, slow introductions they would be fine with other cats or a gentle dog who would ignore them.  Older, respectful kids would be great! These litter mates sleep together snuggled in a heap of sweetness and play together endlessly, so we’d prefer to see them go home together. What love bugs! Apply for them today. Adoption Fee for the pair $400. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.



FullSizeRender (2)

IMG_0925 (2)


SNOWFLAKE… is a darling pure WHITE PERSIAN who is around 5 years old. She is spayed and has her claws. She came into rescue from a home where she was loved but was somewhat neglected. Snowflake benefitted greatly from a dental surgery removing malformed and unhealthy teeth, and a laser nasal surgery that has increased her ability to breathe by 2-3 times! She is feeling just wonderful and doing great! Snowflake is a very social cat and wants to be with her person as much as possible. She also gets along well with other cats and dogs. Because of her extreme flat face and cottony coat, she is a high maintenance kitty and will require daily grooming which she tolerates quite well. We would prefer a Persian-experienced home.  This little girl is sure hard to part with and will make someone very happy! Adoption Fee $200. FOSTERED IN WAUSAU, WI.


BONNIE AND CLYDE… are gorgeous flat-faced LILAC POINT HIMALAYANS. They are four years old, spayed and neutered and have their claws. Each sports a bunny soft cream coat with delicate pinkish grey points, adorable pink noses and sweet cornflower eyes. Clyde is a good sized boy at nearly 10 pounds, and Bonnie is a petite six pounds. What a rare find these two are! The pair was surrendered by a family who loved and cared for them very much but found themselves in a position where it was best for Bonnie and Clyde to find a new loving furever home. This brother-and-sister duo has lived together since birth, and they are bonded so they need to go home together. They are very shy at first and require a quiet home. No dogs or small tikes, please. One or two other cats who would not pick on them would likely be okay given slow, proper introductions. A patient, Persian experienced home is preferred for these sweethearts who will need time to adjust to new surroundings. They have been kept in lion cuts most of their lives and will need regular coat maintenance or professional grooming and daily eye care to look and feel their best. These two will be a joy to their new family! Adoption Fee for the Pair $375. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.




CHASE… is a frisky BROWN MACKERAL TABBY (coloration) MAINE COON MIX.  He is 6 months old, neutered and has his claws.  He already weighs 8 pounds and will be a big boy when he is fully developed in 3 years.  He has a beautiful brown coat with shades of grey and black striping.  Chase came in with Carley (SEE BELOW) because their family could no longer take care of them.  They love to play together and like each other very much.  Chase is very friendly and outgoing.  He is also very energetic and loves to play.  Anything with catnip is his favorite.  Chase is on the dominant side and will need to be properly introduced to other cats.  Chase is not particularly fond of dogs, but could get used to a nice gentle one with a proper introduction.  Chase is good with children and is quite gentle.  Chase does not have to go home with Carley, but if you are interested in two cats who get along great, please consider them together. Kitten Adoption Fee $150 (Carley does NOT have to go home with Chase but if someone is looking for a ready pair she would be NO CHARGE when adopted with Chase). FOSTERED IN OAK PARK, IL.





A Place for “Regular” Cats to Find Good Homes Too!


This part of the website is for domestics that have come into our program because they are part of a pair (one of which was a purebred) or some other reason having to do with our admission process.  Please DO NOT ASK US TO TAKE YOUR DOMESTIC BECAUSE WE CANNOT.  We have very limited space even for purebred cats and have to keep those spaces open for them.


REDMONDis a gorgeous RED TABBY DOMESTIC LONGHAIR. He is around 5 years old, neutered and has his claws. He weighs around 9 solid pounds and has a stunning red and white silky coat and bright greenish gold eyes. Redmond came into rescue because his owner thought he was a Ragdoll. Obviously he is not, but he is such a gorgeous, friendly boy in need that we knew SPCR was the only place he had to turn. He came from a home where he was very loved and cared for but the family could not afford to provide him with the presciption diet that he needs to stay healthy. He is on Hill’s S/O, which is no more expensive than a quality premium diet, and needs to be on it to make sure he doesn’t have any crystals in his urine. He likes it, has been doing well on it, and is perfectly healthy and uses the litterbox 100%. Redmond is a SUPER friendly, happy boy as you can see by his video below. He was raised with kids and loves attention and snuggling. He’s a bit more unsure with other cats because he was by himself, but his foster mom has found he will be ok if he is introduced slowly and the other cat is easy-going and not timid or dominant (Redmond tends to be more dominant). He is very self-confident and happy and his foster mom thinks he’s literally the “Cat’s Meow”! Come get this wonderful guy! Special Needs Adoption Fee $25. FOSTERED IN SPRING GREEN, WI AT THE SPRING GREEN ANIMAL HOSPITAL WHICH GENEROUSLY DONATES SPACE FOR US TO SHOW OUR CATS. HE WILL BE AVAILABLE TO BE SEEN DURING OPEN HOURS.




CARLEY… is a pretty CALICO DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR.  She is 2 years old, spayed and has her claws.  Carley came in to rescue with Chase (SEE ABOVE) because their family could no longer take care of them. They love to play together and Carley is very tolerant of Chase’s kitten antics.  Carley starts off shy, but is friendly and affectionate once she has had a chance to familiarize herself.  She is cautious and intimidated by loud noises.  A large, barking dog would not be appropriate for her.  She is very gentle and easy-going with kids and other cats.  Carley enjoys playing and loves catnip.  Carley does not have to go home with Chase, but if you are interested in two cats who get along great, please consider them together. Adoption Fee $50  (Carley does NOT have to go home with Chase but if someone is looking for a ready pair she would be NO CHARGE when adopted with Chase). FOSTERED IN OAK PARK, IL.




ELLA…is a simply gorgeous BROWN TABBY AND WHITE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR.  She is 5 yrs old, spayed and has her claws. She has very unusual coloration…the beautiful ticked coat that we see with some tabbies combined with the striking white and then bright PALE BLUE EYES! Highly unexpected! Ella came in with another purebred cat when their owner lost their home and she is now looking for her FurrEver home where this will never happen again! Ella is a bit shy in new situations and new circumstances but warms quickly and is now very outgoing in her foster home. She is fine with other cats with a proper introduction. Ella is a big girl at probably around 14 pounds (and she is structurally big as well) but is healthy and active and will certainly slim down a bit in a caring home.  She is loving, sweet natured and friendly. Would be a good lap cat for someone looking for a quiet companion. Older respectful kids would probably be ok as would a dog that would ignore her. Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $50 (NO CHARGE IF ADOPTED WITH MAX, ABOVE). FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.




I went home to Port Washington, Wi.!

SHEBA…is a lovely DILUTE CALICO AND WHITE DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR.  She is around 2 years old, spayed and has her claws. She weighs around 7 pounds. Sheba came to us from a shelter as an “add on” with other cats coming from the same place. They thought she might be a Siamese mix because of her bright blue eyes, but she is not. She’s a gorgeous cat though and needs a home every bit as much as our breeds….maybe moreso! Sheba has been in foster care for over 7 months and desperately needs to go home. There’s nothing wrong with her…she’s perfectly healthy and has no special needs. She gets along well with other cats that are welcoming and calm and are properly introduced. She just starts off very very shy. That’s not her fault…we don’t know what happened to her before she came here and maybe she’s just an introvert by nature, but as you can see by the video below, once she feels comfortable with her new people, she’s really a nice little girl! She loves her back and butt scratched, falls over on her side for lovins and is really a very sweet little girl! Sheba is non-demanding and quiet, and just needs a quiet, adult, cat experienced home where she will be allowed to come out of her shell at her own time and pace. Kids and dogs would be way too much for her…but a sunny window, nice perch and some pats would certainly be welcome! :) Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $25. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.





ZAK…is a very loving BROWN TABBY DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR. He is around 8 years old, neutered and has his claws. He is a big boy at around 15 pounds and has a dense, easy short coat and bright gold eyes. Zak came to us from a local shelter. He and several dogs had been rounded up by animal control when their owner abandoned them in an empty house when she had been evicted. Zak caught the attention of an SPCR volunteer at this shelter when she came to pick up another cat. Despite his large size stuffed into a tiny cage in a strange and stressful environment, Zak stood out with his friendliness and easy-going attitude. He also stood out because his eyes were a mass of scars and sores and he was functionally blind…maybe seeing shadows. After being whisked away to our wonderful Gurnee foster mom, Zak recovered his eyesight and his health with TLC and eye medication. He can now see 100% and gets along just fine in every way. He is great with both cats and dogs and would probably be a great family cat with respectful kids. Zak is listed as Special Needs because he does need an application of eye medication once every day to stay normal. He will need that for the rest of his life. He has gotten used to this routine and it is really not any kind of big deal. But it is important for him. Zak is a gentle, sweet, loving boy who is not particularly active and gets along well in new situations with new people. He would do well in most homes. Special Needs Adoption Fee $25.  FOSTERED IN MADISON, WI. AT EAST TOWNE PET CLINIC, WHICH GENEROUSLY DONATES SPACE TO SHOW OUR CATS. ZAK IS AVAILABLE TO TO BE SEEN ANY TIME DURING OPEN HOURS.




These are cats that WILL be available for adoption shortly and may or may not already be in foster care. You are welcome to inquire or put in an application on them.


1). SEAL POINT SIAMESE…5 year old spayed female, 4 paw declawed, very friendly, good with other calm pets. FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.

2)  SEAL POINT RAGDOLL…4 year old spayed female, front declawed. GORGEOUS.  She lived with a dog in the past, but would require slow introductions to other cats. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.





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