Purebred Adults (1-6 years): $150-$300

Purebred Kittens (under 1 year): $175-$350

Mature (7+ years) and Special Needs: $50-$125

Mixed breed kittens (under 1 year): $50-$150

Mixed breed adults (1-7 years): $50-$125

Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, feline leukemia/FIV testing, distemper vaccination, microchipping, deworming, flea-free, grooming, temperament testing and often full dental cleanings. Older cats may have had blood panels to assure health.

This is a very active rescue and listings can change DAILY.

If a cat is listed on this website it is available for adoption (unless it has “application pending” listed on it, which means we are no longer taking applications on that cat).

2013 ADOPTIONS: 585

2014 ADOPTIONS: 644

2015 ADOPTIONS: 146

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4-4-15 INTRO pg



I went home to Milwaukee!

MIRA…. is a stunning SILVER AND WHITE MAINE COON. She is around 4 years old,  spayed and 4 paw declawed. She is a structurally big girl at over 13 pounds and has a gorgeous flowing silver and white coat (currently growing out of a lion cut) and bright greenish gold eyes. Mira was left at local shelter with just “owner doesn’t want” listed on her surrender form. She was badly matted and it was obvious she hadn’t been cared for properly in a while, so she immediately was taken in for a nice shave and she’s feeling a whole lot better! :)  Mira starts off as a shy cat…her foster mom thinks she has been through a lot in her short life…but once she settles in she is very sweet and just delightful. She is friendly and affectionate and will probably become even more so in a permanent situation. She is easily intimidated by other cats…especially bossy ones, so she could live fine with other felines providing they were easy-going and didn’t overwhelm her. Small kids and dogs would be way too much for her. This elegant beauty (she is only the second Silver MC we have ever seen in this rescue!) would thrive in a quiet, cat-experienced household with folks who would appreciate her easy elegance! Adoption Fee $250. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.



THOR… is a handsome BLUE LYNX POINT HIMALAYAN. He is around 4 years old, neutered and has his claws. Thor has a very cute, flat face with big blue eyes. He has a coat in shades of cream and steel – it is a bit uneven right now because he had some mats that were cut out, but fur grows back! Thor came to us along with several Persians when a breeder passed away. He was scared when he first came into foster care and hid for the first couple of days. After about three days, he relaxed and revealed a gentle, loving personality. He loves to be petted and rolls around with pleasure when you scratch his chin or the base of his tail. He is moderately playful and not talkative. He is fine with other cats. Dogs would probably be too much for him, as would loud kids. The ideal home would be a quiet home that would give him all the love and attention he deserves. Thor needs to have his eyes wiped a couple of times a day, and after his coat grows in he will need to be brushed daily. He is a very sweet kitty with years of love to give! Adoption Fee $250. FOSTERED IN RIVER FOREST, IL




I went home to Madison!

FROSTYis a friendly BLUE POINT SIAMESE. He is between 1 and 2 years old, neutered and has his claws. He is a petite fellow at between 6 and 7 pounds and has an easy, short coat and lively blue eyes. Frosty probably has the saddest story of 2015 so far. During one severe cold spell some water pipes broke in between some walls in a home in Indiana. A plumber was called and when he went into the wall to do the repair he discovered Frosty frozen to the wall. He had somehow gotten into the home and between the walls to try to escape the cold and wound up in freezing water instead. Frosty was pried off the wall, promptly whisked to a shelter and then on and up to SPCR. He is in surprisingly good shape…just a bit underweight and some frostbite on his back toes that are healing well. As you can see by his video, Frosty is a SWEEET BOY. He is VERY loving once he feels comfortable but does start off quite shy with new people and situations. Considering his background, this is quite understandable. He has been easy for his foster mom to handle, just being a gentle sweetheart with combing, nail trims and giving antibiotic pills. He is quiet and gets along well with other cats that will not bully or dominate. He’s not tried playing yet…his foster mom thinks he’s still enjoying the novelty of being in a safe, warm environment with plenty of food, but this lovely boy blossoms a bit more every day! :) The best home for Frosty would be quiet, adult and cat-experienced…folks willing and patient enough to give him his space and time to get used to things. Dogs and kids would not be appropriate. He will be WELL worth the time spent! :) Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.



caleb oliver (2)

Caleb Oliver hugging (2)


We went home together!

OLIVER AND CALEB… are delightful 4-month-old brothers. They are neutered and have their claws. Oliver is a sweet CHOCOLATE POINT BALINESE weighing in at just under 3 pounds. Caleb is an adorable black DSH with a tiny patch of white on his chest and weighs 3-1/2 pounds. Sick and malnourished, they were rescued with seven other Siamese and Balinese cats from a horrific hoarder situation. Now, after two months in foster care, these boys are ready to go home. Oh, but what sweet, loving kittens these babies are! They are quite bonded and where one goes, the other one always follows, so they need to go home together; they eat together, sleep together and most of all, play together! These fun-loving rascals are great with the scratching post and they love being held and snuggled. They would fit nicely into most households. Other cats are fine and they would likely do okay with a gentle dog. Respectful kids would be great. Adoption Fee for the pair $200. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL






We went home to Chicago!

TOBY (top) and TJ… are gorgeous father-and-son WHITE PERSIANS. They are neutered and have their claws. These boys are stunning works of art with snowy coats and cornflower blue eyes. Toby, who sports a snaggletooth, is 11 years old, CFA registered and weighs 16 pounds. TJ, Toby’s son, is 9 years old and weighs 12 pounds. These boys were loved and well cared for, but were being bullied by another resident cat, so their family wanted to give them a chance at a peaceful, happy life. They’ve been together for the past nine years, so they need to go home together. These sweethearts need regular grooming to stay mat-free and their eyes require regular cleaning. Both boys carry excess weight, probably as a result of living sedentary lives in small quarters for the past few years, so they will need to be on a calorie-controlled diet and given opportunities for exercise. These gentle souls need a quiet, adult home with lots of tender care. They are rather shy, but once they warm up, they are ever so loving and sweet. Can you give Toby and TJ a chance to live out their golden years together watching birds from a window they call their own? ADOPTION FEE FOR BOTH $100. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL



I went home to Easley, SC!

BUGSY…is a wonderfully charming FLAME POINT SIAMESE MIX. He’s 5-years-old, neutered, weighs 9 pounds and has his claws. His coat is a beautiful blend of cream and orange sherbet, topped with dazzling turquoise eyes. Like most red boys, Bugsy is a total lover. What an adorable, nice cattie he is!! He was found as an unaltered stray in Indiana before finding his way into rescue. Bugsy would fit nicely in most homes. He has his own foster room, but given proper introductions, his foster mom thinks he’d do fine with other cats or a gentle dog who would ignore him. Respectful kids who would shower him with attention and love would be Bugsy’s idea of heaven. Please come and take Bugsy home. He’s waiting for you! Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.



LOUISEis a gorgeous BLUE POINT SIAMESE. She is around 8 years old, spayed and has her claws. She weighs around 8 pounds has has a plush, short coat in gray and cream and luminous blue eyes. Louise came from a home where she was very loved and well cared for but family issues left her homeless. She adapted very quickly to foster care and has been a joy for her foster mom. Louise is a gentle, loving quiet cat who is social and affectionate and enjoys attention and watching birds on sunny windows. She would be an excellent companion for an older person or couple looking for a sweet lap cat. She is fine with other cats when properly introduced and would probably be ok with older, respectful kids. She is a healthy girl, and since Siamese typically live 20+ years she should have another decade of love to give! Mature Adoption Fee $80. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA. WI.



I went home to Fond du Lac, WI!

RYKA… is a loving SEAL POINT SNOWSHOE SIAMESE. She is around 2-3 yrs old, front declawed, spayed and weighs around 7 lbs. Ryka is a very affectionate and loving little girl who is moderately playful and loves lap time. She has a beautiful coat in shades of chocolate and cream with four white socks on her feet. Ryka came to us from a local animal control and was quite upset with her unfortunate circumstances. Once in foster care, Ryka was able to decompress and let her true sweet self come through. Ryka prefers people to other cats and would do best as an only in a quieter setting. She could adapt to a respectful dog and would be ok with older (14+ years), respectful children. Adoption Fee: $150. FOSTERED IN GREEN BAY, WI.



20150121 Georgianna

Georgianna on cat tree (2)

GEORGIANNA… is a beautiful four year-old TORTI-POINT BALINESE cat who is lovingly called, “Georgi,” by her foster family. Georgi has a gorgeous long-haired coat that is very easy to maintain. She also has breath-taking blue eyes, a known trait of her breed. Georgi’s favorite thing to do is play. While she doesn’t like loud toys, she loves to play with long, stringy ones. Georgi also enjoys climbing her cat tower and playing a game of Hide-and-Seek involving some treats with her foster Mom every day. Georgi loves looking out the window to watch the birds, too. In fact, she enjoys this pastime so much that she has two windows of her very own! Georgi enjoys being picked up and kissed as well and she rolls over every time her foster Mom enters the room.

We know a lot about Georgi’s past. Without getting into the exact details, we can tell you that her past included abuse and neglect which is why it took some time for Georgi to trust humans enough to accept affection from them. Georgi came into foster care ill. Initially, it was thought she had a chronic illness, but after learning more about her background, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and it was determined that she had been under extreme stress all of her life and never had a stable home life. Once Georgi was placed in a stable, safe and loving foster home, her health turned around. Georgi is currently on a raw diet, but she can easily be transitioned over to a diet consisting of a quality wet food. To help maintain Georgi’s health, Primal Pet has generously donated six free bags of the raw food Georgi currently eats which will be given to her forever family when she is adopted.

For unidentified reasons, Georgi doesn’t like other cats. So, she’ll need to be the only cat in her permanent home. Georgi has not had the opportunity to interact with dogs while she’s been in foster care so it is unknown how she will behave around them. Given her history of abuse, it is best for Georgi to be adopted by a family that has older children who are respectful of companion animals and familiar with how to handle them responsibly. Georgi, an absolutely beautiful girl, is waiting for you to fill out an application so contact us today! Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN MANITOWOC, WI



Wizard updated photo

Oz 2

WIZARD…is a super cute BROWN TABBY (coloration) MUNCHKIN. He is 4 years old, neutered and has his claws. Wizard was originally rescued from kitten mill and adopted by one of his rescuers. He came to us because he was not fitting well with the clan of special needs kitties with whom he shared his domain and his person felt he had a better chance of finding a new more suitable kingdom. While it is difficult to tell from his pictures because he refused to stand up when there was a chance that rolling around like a clown would earn him more head scratches, he stands very low to the ground. Wizard is quite agile for having such short front legs. He weighs around 9 lbs and has an amazingly soft silky coat and gorgeous green eyes. He is very shy around new people, but his previous person says that “once he trusts someone he will follow you around and jump in your lap when the mood strikes.” He will do alright with other mellow cats and could learn to adjust to a respectful dog. He would prefer a quiet adult household and needs someone who will give him all the time that he needs to adjust and get to know them. Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN MAZOMANIE, WI



blue (2)

Blue on lap (2)


BLUE…is an affectionate LYNX POINT SIAMESE MIX. She is 5 years old, spayed and has her claws.  She has light blue eyes and blue tabby stripes.  Blue was surrendered by her owners to a local Chicago shelter because her owners were moving and said that their new place did not allow pets.  She previously lived with other cats, dogs and kids.  She is good with all of them.  Blue is very sad because she misses her family.  As a sensitive Siamese, Blue is anxious and nervous in new situations, but she recovers quickly.  She is desperately looking for new family to love.  She wants to hang out with people all the time.  Blue is good with being held, but really she is a true lap cat.  She wants nothing more than to occupy a lap.  Unsurprisingly, Blue is on the sedentary side and a little plump.  If you are looking for a lover, then adopt Blue so that she will no longer be ‘blue’ on the inside.  Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN OAK PARK, IL. 



MOMOis a handsome RED AND WHITE NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT. He is 8 years old, neutered and front declawed. He is a big, solid boy at 13 pounds and has a full, fluffy red and white coat and bright green eyes. You have seen Momo here before and he was originally surrendered to SPCR when his owner passed away and there was nobody to care for him. He was adopted by a great family who loved him a lot but he and the other cats in the household did not get along so it was felt that another type of home would be better for this very unique feline. We RARELY see Norwegians and they are so special when we get a chance to foster them! :) Momo is a very sensitive, loving cat who has had a hard time with all the changes in his life. His foster mom reports that, “He is VERY affectionate and greets me at the door when I come into this room. He jumps on my lap as soon as I sit down.” He is good with gentle grooming, a true plus with a longhaired cat, and would be an excellent lap cat for a cat-experienced household. He is known to be good with respectful kids and snuggled with them in his previous home. Momo would do best as an only cat. He stresses greatly when put in with the wrong personalities so we would prefer that this time he be the One and Only doted on feline. A gentle, respectful dog would probably be ok. We want to be sure that this gorgeous boy goes to just the right place this time so if you fit the criteria and want to be owned by a loving rare breed, MOMO IS YOUR GUY! :) Mature Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN MAZOMANIE, WI.




I went home to Galena, IL!

PEANUT… is an adorable SHOW QUALITY CHOCOLATE PERSIAN. He is around 4 years old, neutered and has his claws. Peanut is a tiny guy with a small, smushed face but has a beautiful open nose and breathes fine. He has a silky coat in a rare chocolate color, and we believe that he was an award-winning show cat before he came to SPCR. Peanut came to us along with several other Persians when a breeder passed away. It’s clear that he was very loved and well-cared for in his old home, because he adores humans. Peanut is just about everything you’d want in a cat – a lap cat, loves to play, loves to be brushed, just a very happy little guy in general. He always runs to meet his foster mom at the door of the foster room and cries softly when she leaves. He is fine with other cats, but he’s like a needy younger brother – if you’re trying to pet another cat he’ll always be right there, wanting attention too. So he would do well either with other cats who don’t demand much attention, or as an only cat. We don’t think he’s lived with dogs before so applicants with dogs will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Peanut needs to have his eyes wiped a couple of times a day, and he needs to be brushed daily. He would be fine with kids. Persian experience will be preferred. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to adopt a loving and beautiful chocolate Persian – please apply now if interested! Adoption Fee $250. FOSTERED IN RIVER FOREST, IL



BOSSOMOE…is a gorgeous BROWN TABBY AND WHITE (coloration) MAINE COON.  He is 8 years old, neutered and front declawed.   As is typical of the breed, he is a BIG BOY, weighing in at 24 pounds, and is a large armful of love! :) Boss was originally adopted from SPCR 5 years ago to someone we thought would be a loving home, but we were recently called by a local shelter where he had been dropped off without even his name. Thank heavens we microchip all of our cats and always take them back because he was soon in foster care and is now working on taking off the excess pounds that even as a big guy he shouldn’t have (he should be more like 18 pounds). His foster mom reports that Boss is gentle, affectionate and enjoys attention. He is good with gentle grooming, which is certainly a plus given that his medium-length coat is full and thick.  Like his name, Boss is a dominant cat. He can live with other easy-going ones who will let him be the top guy, but he would bully shy or timid ones. He does NOT LIKE DOGS. Boss would do best in a quiet, low-stress home dedicated to a continued weight loss plan. He has a mild heart murmur that the vet is not concerned about as long as he keeps shedding the weight and remains active. He would be fine with a respectful older child who would respect his space and not be pushy with him. Mature Adoption Fee $80. FOSTERED IN MAZOMANIE, WI.

Sadie (2)

SADIE… is a loving SEAL POINT SIAMESE. She is around 9 yrs old, front declawed, spayed and weighs 10 lbs. She just had a full dental, including blood screening, and she is very healthy. Sadie is a very affectionate and loving little girl who is moderately playful and loves lap time. She has a beautiful coat in shades of chocolate and cream with 2 white toes on her back foot. Sadie came to us from a shelter where she was surrendered by second attempt at a forever home. Sadie was originally re-homed due to allergies. At her second home, she didn’t get along with the resident cats. Sadie does not wish to share her humans with other cats and needs to be an only kitty. Her previous owners reported that she is very good with children. She could adapt to a respectful dog. Siamese are typically very long-lived so she could easily have another decade of love to give! Mature Adoption Fee $75. FOSTERED IN MAZOMANIE, WI



Prince Albert

PRINCE ALBERT… is a stunning BLACK PERSIAN. He is around 5 years old, neutered and front declawed. He has a thick black coat and a lovely doll face with big yellow eyes. Prince Albert originally came to SPCR last fall when he was found outside in a neighborhood in the Chicago suburbs. He was in great shape and clearly just escaped from someone’s house. He was adopted out to a good home but then returned when it was determined that family members were allergic to him. So now the Prince is back with SPCR and looking for his forever home! He is a friendly, easy going cat who would do well in most homes. Like most Persians, his favorite past-times are lounging on the couch or in a sunny spot, and small amounts of play with a wand toy. He is more talkative than your average Persian. His prior home said that he is very social and they think he would do well with kids. When a transporter went to pick him up from the person who found him last fall, he was letting a young child walk him on a leash! Prince Albert tolerates other cats but would be great as an only cat as well. We don’t know if he’s been around dogs, but he would probably be okay with a dog who would ignore him. He has a thick coat and will either need to be combed frequently or groomed by a professional – he will develop mats otherwise. If you’re looking for a friendly, social Persian, Prince Albert is your guy!  Adoption Fee $200. FOSTERED IN RIVER FOREST, IL



SHEBA is a sweet SIAMESE MIX. She is 2 to 3 years old, spayed and has her claws. She has a very unusual multi-colored short coat (see her video below) and aquamarine eyes. Sheba was adopted out from SPCR as a kitten and returned as an adult due to her owners’ financial problems. She came back to us on the chunky side, but has been losing weight with a better diet and exercise and now weighs around 9 pounds. She has a bit more to go but is doing very well! Sheba is a SWEET girl as you can tell from her video. She does start off shy with new people but is quite the attention seeker once she feels comfortable. She is a quiet, low-maintenance kitty who would be great for a home with older people or as a companion for another easy-going cat that would not dominate her. She is currently being fostered with several other mild-mannered kitty roommates and gets along very well with them. She is moderately playful and would probably be an excellent lap cat. A dog that would ignore her would probably be ok. Small kids would be way too much for her. Mixed Breed Adoption Fee $50. FOSTERED IN SPRING GREEN, WI. AT THE SPRING GREEN ANIMAL HOSPITAL WHICH GENEROUSLY DONATES SPACE FOR OUR CATS. SHE IS AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING DURING ANY OPEN HOURS.



BART (top) and SHEBA… are two sweet SNOWSHOE SIAMESE MIXES. Both are around 1 year old, spayed and neutered and have their claws. Bart is a handsome Blue Point who weighs around 8 pounds and has a nice gray and white coat and blue eyes. Sheba is a Calico Point with very pretty multi-colored markings on a white coat also with bright blue eyes! This pair each came from a hoarding situation where they were two of too many in pretty awful conditions. But they have settled nicely into foster care and are looking to go home. Both kitties are gentle, quiet, sweet natured, playful and very loving once they settle in and feel comfortable. They play with their foster mom and actively engage in petting and snuggling. However both are shy with new people and new situations so their new families would have to be patient, cat experienced and give them the time they need to get used to things. Once they do they will have pals for life! Bart and Sheba are excellent with other cats, though Bart can be a bit dominant, so another timid cat would probably not be a good idea. They have not been around dogs and small children would not be appropriate. They are NOT bonded and DO NOT have to go home together, but would be a nice pair if someone is looking for two. Mixed Breed Adoption Fees: $50 each or the pair for $75. FOSTERED IN RACINE, WI




Simon (2)

Simon relaxin (2)


I went home to Bloomington, IL!

SIMONis a lovely BLUE LYNXPOINT BALINESE. He is 6 years old, neutered and has his claws. This gorgeous boy is a retired show cat who lucked out finding his way to SPCR rather than to a shelter. He is a petite little guy at only 7 slim pounds and has the easy, silky, medium hair coat of this beautiful breed. His foster mom reports that, “He will need a quieter home and is good with other cats that do not jump on him. He is a bit shy around his head but LOVES to be held and pet. This guy just keeps rolling over on his back and making happy feet in the air!  He comes running to me the minute I go in the room.”  Simon is very people oriented and intelligent but also sensitive and bonds closely with his people. A Siamese/Oriental experienced home will be preferred. No dogs or small kids please. Adoption Fee $200. FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.


Soliel (2)


SOLIEL… is a beautiful TORTOISESHELL AND WHITE PERSIAN.  She is around three years old, 7-8 pounds, spayed and has all her claws. She has a beautiful multi-colored coat with a pretty white bib. She takes care of her soft coat very well and needs minimal brushing. She was surrendered by a breeder when she was no longer of use. At first she was a bit shy when she came in her foster home, but is coming around wonderfully!  Soliel is getting more confident, inquisitive and curious every day.  She comes for her twice daily feedings and can be picked up, petted and purrs. She loves to play with sparkly balls and when she runs, her lovely full tail and fur coat make it look like she is running in an evening gown with a train.  She is discovering that playing with a string on a stick is fun too. She is not fearful of other cats, mostly curious.  No dogs please.  The best home would be quiet and adult.  Adoption Fee $200. FOSTERED IN MADISON, WI. 



(for more information see

Tangle (2)

TANGLE… is a 4-year-old classic BLUE TABBY (coloration) with captivating green eyes and classic brick nose leather. She is spayed, has her claws and is a petite seven pounds. Tangle’s coat is variegated shades of charcoal with the most amazing stripe pattern. She is mama to Brillo and Pepper.



BRILLO… is a 2-year-old BLUE TICKED MALE. He is neutered, has his claws and weighs ten pounds. Brillo wears a gorgeous wiry ticked coat reminiscent of steel wool, except that it’s super soft. His eyes are gold and he wears a classic tabby ‘M’ on his forehead.


PEPPER… is a 2-year-old female BLUE AND WHITE BICOLOR. She is spayed, has her claws and weighs seven pounds. The stripes in her photo are from the window shade, but Pepper does have a subtle tabby pattern with green eyes and an adorable pink nose!

The trio was surrendered to rescue by a retiring breeder. Pepper and Brillo are outgoing, friendly cats who love to be petted and given attention. Pepper spends her days lying on a soft chair, gazing out the window and watching with interest as spring arrives. Brillo greets his foster family at the door, ready for a session of petting and neck scratches. Tangle is a bit shyer than her offspring, but once she warms up, she is quite sweet and loving. These cats would fit well into most homes.  Pepper would be great with respectful children who would shower her with attention, but Tangle and Brillo, who sleep together, would prefer a quieter adult home. They DO NOT have to go together, but if you’re looking for a special, ready-made couple or trio who gets along well. . . here they are!

Adoption Fees $225 each/ $425 for a pair/ $600 for the trio. FOSTERED IN PEORIA, IL.




MAC…is a fun-loving BLUEPOINT SNOWSHOE SIAMESE. He is a little over 1 year old, neutered and has his claws.  He has handsome markings of gray and white, 4 white mittens and bright blue eyes.  WHAT A CUTIE!  Mac came to us from a local shelter with no story.  However his foster mom says, “He has a wonderful personality! Friendly and outgoing with people.  Loves to snuggle and play.  Truly people-oriented and loving!”  Mac prefers people to other cats and would do best as an only kitty.  A dog would probably be fine and he would be excellent with kids… a great family cat! Adoption Fee $150. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI. 




BOBis a darling SEAL POINT SNOWSHOE SIAMESE. He is 7 to 8 years old, neutered and front declawed. He is around 8 pounds and has an easy chocolate and white coat and and bright blue eyes. Bob came from a home of an elderly person who loved him dearly  but became disabled and was no longer able to care for a pet. A family friend contacted SPCR and Bob soon found himself in foster care and is doing very well. Bob’s foster mom adores him. He is just a “kind soul”, she says, who is just looking for a loving lap and a loving home. Though he starts off shy with new people and new situations (which is typical for cats who have lived their whole lives in a quiet home with one person and few visitors), Bob warms quickly and as you can see by his video below he is just a sweet, sweet boy. He is moderately active, not talkative and gets along fine with other cats who do not dominate or bother him. His eyes just light up when his foster mom comes into the room and he is one of her favorites for obvious reasons! :) Bob needs a quiet, adult home similar to the one he had before. Small kids and/or loud dogs would not be appropriate, though a cat-experienced gentle older child that would respect Bob would probably be fine.  Mature Adoption Fee $80. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.





I went home to Milwaukee, WI!

BOOTS… is a handsome BLUE BI-COLOR RAGDOLL.. He is 8 years old, neutered and has his claws. He has a beautiful long coat in shades of mocha and cream. His eyes are deep blue and he has a cute white socks on his feet. Boots came into rescue with Sabrina, who is also listed for adoption – they came from a loving family that was going through some changes and could no longer keep them. The two cats would make a great pair for someone who is looking for twice the love, but they are not pair-bonded so it is okay to adopt them out separately. Boots is a wonderful cat who would bring years of love to any home. He was a bit shy when he first came into rescue, but he warmed up after a couple of days and now he’s ready for his forever home. He is loving and enjoys being around people. His prior owner said that he was a lap cat. He would be fine with other cats. He has not lived with dogs before – he would maybe be okay with a gentle dog who would ignore him. His coat will need to be brushed to keep him looking his best and to prevent hairballs. Come get Boots before he’s gone! Mature Adoption Fee $100. FOSTERED IN RIVER FOREST, IL




PAPAYA… is an amazing SEAL POINT SIAMESE KITTEN. She is 6 months old, spayed and has her claws. She has a beautiful white and chocolate coat that will deepen in color as she matures, and lively blue eyes. Papaya came to us from a hoarding situation and has done well in foster care. She has a patch of hair on her side growing back from a reaction to a spider bite several weeks ago. She’s fine but she lost all the fur in that area! She tends to be shy at first with new people and environments, but she is intelligent and curious and once she gets over herself she is friendly, sweet and playful. She is a very active kitten but is not talkative. She would be a good companion kitty for another young active cat and would probably be fine with respectful dogs as well. She is great with her litter box and scratching post and is looking forward to a home of her own! Respectful older kids would be fine. Kitten Adoption Fee $200. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI.


A Place for “Regular” Cats to Find Good Homes Too!


This part of the website is for domestics that have come into our program because they are part of a pair (one of which was a purebred) or some other reason having to do with our admission process.  Please DO NOT ASK US TO TAKE YOUR DOMESTIC BECAUSE WE CANNOT.  We have very limited space even for purebred cats and have to keep those spaces open for them.



DAISY….is a darling BLUE DOMESTIC MEDIUM HAIR KITTEN. She is 6 months old, spayed and has her claws. She is a petite little girl at around 5 pounds, with a sleek, easy coat and bright gold eyes. Daisy found herself in an Indiana shelter after she was surrendered due to a hoarding situation in the home of an elderly person. She is an extremely friendly, happy kitten who is well socialized and very healthy. But she is listed as Special Needs because she is completely blind, probably born that way. SPCR has placed many blind cats over the years and found that they do extremely well in loving homes. Her foster mom reports, “She is a great kitten. Well socialized. She climbs my cat trees to the top and is very efficient at being blind. It i is not new to her. She is great with cats and was only here 12 hrs and was already sleeping with another foster kitty. She loves to play with crinkle balls and toys she can find and hear. She LOVES other cats that will play with her but not be aggressive towards her. She loves being held and is very affectionate.”  Daisy is great with respectful older kids and would be a super companion kitty for another young cat. NO DOGS please. Special Needs Adoption Fee $50. FOSTERED IN GURNEE, IL.


These are cats that WILL be available for adoption shortly and may or may not already be in foster care. You are welcome to inquire or put in an application on them.



  1. CALICO SCOTTISH FOLD…5 year old spayed female, has her claws. Needs quiet adult home. Very sweet. FOSTERED IN WAUSAU, WI.
  2. BROWN TABBY AND WHITE (coloration) NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT…4 year old neutered male, declawed. BIG BOY (20+ pounds), GORGEOUS.  More information pending. FOSTERED IN KENOSHA, WI. APPLICATION PENDING



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